ThirstyAffiliates Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons – worth it?

Affiliate marketing is the go-to solution for outsmarting Ads-blockers, an unfortunate Program that limits the general Advertising revenue.

If you're a content creator who relies on Ezoic, Monetags or other Advertising Platform for steady income flow, it's high time to integrate Affiliate Marketing.

Here are the main reasons: According to Statista — In 2017, 15.7% of web visitors utilized Ad blocking software to tailor their internet experience. As of today, this population has skyrocketed to a hefty 24.8%! Now, this percentage is huge as we have more than 5 billion internet users.

To narrow it down, let's perform an instant calculation — 24.8% of 5 billion users = 1,240,000,000 [of People]! Huh, this is kinda enormous.

That means that a staggering number of over 1.2 Billion internet users make use of Ads blockers every day.

Now, suppose a Publisher is receiving a worth of 100k views per day. Only 75.2% of the traffic is being monetized by advertisement.

The remaining 24.8% would be going abyss. This lost traffic could amount to something substantial if optimized correctly.

There are several ways to reclaim full monetization, one of which is by using Monetag, the second of which is by Affiliate Marketing, being the most common.

You might be puzzled – how could one monetize whole traffic with Monetag?

Well, Moneytag offers unique property called Anti-Adblocker.

This is a set of rules that counteracts the power of Ad-blocking software. You can easily set it up on your website site.

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Now, regarding Affiliate marketing as one of the ways to recollect earnings. You can further enhance the outcome by using ThirstyAffiliates, an Affiliate Link Plugin.

What's ThirstyAffiliates, an overview?

ThirstyAffiliates, is it the best ink cloaker?

ThirtyAffiliates, as its name implies might sound like sth gibberish, deceptive, or even stereotypical.

But believe me, this definition is on the contrary.

ThirstyAffiliates is simply a Link Management Software that facilitates the ease with which Affiliate marketers manage Affiliate links. It performs double roles such as:

  1. Time-saving and work minimization
  2. And a Boost in Affiliate Revenue

Just think of being in a relaxed state while a robot adds the links throughout your content. This is hyper wonderful

There's no need to be scrolling up and down finding keywords to insert Affiliate Links, this is precisely the work of ThirstyAffiliates.

What of Geotargeting, Link scheduler, and vast majority of them that increases Partnership efficiency? In fact, ThirstyAffiliates is a recipe for any successful Affiliate partnership.

Exposed: Now if you're new to the blogosphere of Affiliate Marketing, ThirstyAffiliates is one of the hidden secrets.

When used alongside a convenient CTA Affiliate Plugin, the results are always great!

ThirstyAffiliates Review: Features

The ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin comes with a plethora of wonderful features which are deemed to get the work done.

From Link cloaking to AutoLinker feature and to Geotargeting and many more, are what the Plugin has got to offer

That being said, here is a brief ThirstyAffiliates Review pertaining to its features: Let's dive right into it!

1. Link Cloaking and Uncloaking

Link Cloaking and Uncloaking sample, ThirstyAffiliates

As you might already know, Link cloaking is simply the process of disguising raw Affiliate links from threateners and potential audiences. You can implement this so as to prevent hackers or malware from taking advantage of your own links.

Truth be told, ethical hackers have come up with sophisticated stealing habits. One of which is their nefarious commission snatching technique.

If you don't wise up, you may one day fall victim of this scam. They can easily change your Affiliate id and subsequently input theirs, thereby claiming what belongs to you.

Now, outside of hacking or malware-related schemes, the general user experience is another thing to look at for.

With cloaked URLs on your site, the existence of a guaranteed trust, simplicity, and professionality prevails.

Instead of muddling your audience with unknown links, you can easily tweak sth familiar. Also, cloaked URLs help in informing end-users about the kind of relationship you have with the product or service in question.

Thankfully there are loads of Prefixes to go with. Now going with “recommend” portrays your passion for the product in question. This is also applicable with “get” and other add-on Prefixes.

Worst-case scenario, if you wouldn't want to use any of the available options, you could always tweak sth personalized. Yep, they offer access to custom Prefixes.

That being said, Link Cloaking serves an umpteen number of purposes, from shortening long hyperlinks into something memorable to adding more weight to the value of your site and to the maximum protection from commission hijacking.

2. The AutoLinker Feature

People often underestimate the power of proper time management. When you're managing your time accurately, then great productivity is what ensues.

Just think of saving 2 hours each day for 365 days. The total time to be accumulated in the long run is highly immense.

If you're one of the hundreds if not thousands of people who are interested in making a huge difference in their business models, then don't disregard this exact power of ThirstyAffiliates, the AutoLinker Feature.

It works this way – suppose you have loads of Affiliate keywords in your content that are not yet monetized, gone are the days when you need to hover from one page to another making them a hyperlink.

This is one of the flexibility that the Plugin has to offer, it lets you find and monetize existing Affiliate keywords with their respective Affiliate IDs.

You just need to click 2 buttons to get the job done. It's pretty easy.

3. The Link scheduler Feature

The Link scheduler is used to redirect users to an exact screen when the time configured has been reached. You can utilize this feature during a Promo, Anniversary, and such kinds of stuff.

With it, you no longer need to be conscious of time, it does it automatically. You just need to set the “Start date” & “End date” and viola you're all set.

4. Geolocation and Azon Add-on

One of the costly mistakes new Affiliate makes is being ignorant of certain gimmicks. Failing to set up Geotargeting or Geolocation is the most egregious one.

Now, if you're affiliated with Amazon or any other platform that demands Local redirection, Geotargeting is the only way to fully monetize your leads.

Note: Geotargeting or Geolocation is the process by which leads are totally monetized by sending customers to their Local stores. Rather than sending them somewhere, that's not convenient, you could now send them to their nearest stores where they can be monetized as well.

Ironically, the feature in question will only be consequential if you're promoting Amazon, hosting platforms, or any other vendor that demands it.

5. Link Appearance settings

Whilst cloaking your long Affiliate URLs, you have several Prefixes to select from.

For Example:,, and much more.

The Prefixes are the characters after the Domain name. You have got lots of options to choose from. Also if non of them is right in your alley, you can easily come up with a personalized one of your choice.

Now, Affiliate links ought to be in Link rel'= Nofollow according to John Muller, a Google-based entrepreneur. Preferably it should be set to “sponsored” as suggested by a recent update on Google.

Thankfully, the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin comes with the Nofollow tag set by default. Also, it provides an option to change it if you feel like it.

Another thing worth mentioning is the “redirection type”. ThirstyAffiliates have got you absolutely covered on this. You can either select the 307 redirect type (being the default), the 302 redirect type, or even the 301 redirect code.

Also setting up Link categories would help in oversimplifying the course of action. For instance, if you have some hosting solutions that you promote alongside different vendors such as WordPress Plugins, you might want to put them in categories.

This will help obviously in getting in touch with desired links rather than wasting loads of time looking up for a particular URL.

To cut the story short, there are still loads of functionalities we couldn't cover. Just to make the content look brief and concise, you can always explore all the features by giving the Plugin a try, it's worth it!

6. Google Event Tracking

Dear aficionados of Google Analytics, it's certainly Click tracking integrated into the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin.

If you're looking for performance Analytics full of details and accuracy, the pioneers of ThirstyAffiliates have already made that possible.

With full statistical information, one can now obviate from improvising into targeting sth that's real and convertible.

Wow, that's nice of ThirstyAffiliates!

7. CSV Import and Export Feature

If you have been managing your Affiliate links with other management tools, ThirstyAffiliates can help you import the existing URLs with ease. On the contrary, if you're leaving the Plugin in question for sth else if not legacy, you can make the best use of the Export feature.

All things are done at the click of a button. And it won't take much time anyways.

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin Pricing

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing

The ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin is priced in 3 categories

  • The Basic Plan (best for single site owners) — $199.50
  • The Plus Plan (best for 5 or least site owners) — $129.50
  • And ultimately, the Advanced Plan (best for empire builders) — $79.50

You could probably find the perfect match for yourself. During the selection, don't go for higher plans if you don't have more sites. The reason is that you get the same feature at all levels.

Does ThirstyAffiliates have a free trial?

Nope, they don't offer any free trial. It has a free version that will help you kickstart your marketing goals.

ThirstyAffiliates Coupon code

As of now, it doesn't seem like there's an active Promo going on. You can use the referral link underneath to do the cross-checking.

ThirstyAffiliates Support Ratings

One of the cool characteristics to look out for in a Product or Service is the way they attend to customers. After carrying out some sort of proper vetting, we could clearly rate their support service 4.8 out of 5 stars!

They do attend to potential audiences as sooner as possible. If you're a Premium user, as you might already know – they will attend to you in a higher way than that of the Free user.

Free users mostly get replies to their suggestions after 72 hours or even a weeklong period of time. This is not only occurring in ThirstyAffiliates obviously.

Free things translate to free support, it's just like spending time on something that doesn't pay.

Now, whether you're using the Free plan or Paid version, there are a handful of tutorials, walkthroughs, and FAQs that are available to get you going.

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin and its Alternatives

Even if a particular Product or Service is top-notch, there might be times when you'll need something alternate.

Though, ThirstyAffiliates is deemed as the best Link cloaking plugin, here are top alternatives that are worth the try:

  1. PrettyLinks, the most popular ThirstyAffiliates alternative
  2. Lasso, an All-in-one Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress
  3. Affiliatable, an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin
  4. AAWP, the best Amazon WordPress Plugin

Looking for Reviews, here are consummate ones:

  1. PrettyLinks Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, worth it?
  2. Lasso Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, worth it?
  3. Affiliatable App Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, worth it?
  4. AAWP Plugin Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons, worth it?

FAQS about ThirstyAffiliates?

This space had successfully solved some confusion, misconception and probably some frequently asked questions regarding the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin.

Who should use ThirstyAffiliates Pro?

Generally speaking, ThirstyAffiliates is specifically made for Publishers who use WordPress as their Content Management System.

Now, if your Affiliate site is hosted by WordPress, ThirstyAffiliates is probably for you.

Can I use ThirstyAffiliates to run an Affiliate Program for my business?

The answer to this question is “Absolutely not”. If you're looking forward to creating an Affiliate Program for your online business, what you need is an Affiliate Marketing Network such as ShareAsale, Post Affiliate Pro, and whatnot.

Does ThirstyAffiliates offer a free trial?

Oh no!!! As of the time of submitting this Review, there are no such terms like Free trial as far as ThirstyAffiliates Pro is concerned.

They have a free version in case you haven't made up your mind.

Does ThirstyAffiliates work with Non-WordPress sites?

Not at all. ThirstyAffiliates don't support any other Content Management System outside of WordPress. If you're looking for one that supports all CMS, I recommend giving Affiliatable a try, an all-in-one CTA Affiliate Marketing Software.

Here's an in-depth review of Affiliatable incase you need it!

Is coding knowledge required to use ThirstyAffiliates?

No, you don't have to acquire any coding skill or dexterity before using ThirstyAffiliates. It's just a plain plugin that works at the click of a button.

Is ThirstyAffiliates compatible with WordPress Multi-site?

Yep, you can use a single ThirstyAffiliates license to access up to 10 sites provided that you opted for the relevant plan during sign-up.

Will the Plugin stop working if my license expires?

The Plugin will remain intact even if you cancel your plan. Cancellation doesn't destroy any of your past activity at all.

Mind you, you just need to keep the Plugin installed for this to work.

ThirstyAffiliates Review: Pros and Cons

The general rule of thumb is that whatever that have Pros must also have its own downside.

Here are the major Importances versus the Cons of using ThirstyAffiliates!

Is the ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin worth it?

Good question!!! The ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin is more than worth it because it's packed with lots of features that make marketing a gold mine.

Ironically, you must get a higher Return on Investment that's incomparable with the price of the Plugin.

In a nutshell, the Plugin in question saves more of your time. Also, it helps in monetizing keywords that would've gone astray. Not only that, it adds meaning to your site!

You'll thank me later…

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