10 Best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs [Highest paying]

Are you toying with the idea of the best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs or networks that could exponentially increase the amount of revenue earned in general? Good news, we've got you covered.

The entertainment world is ironically a multi-billion dollar sector in digital marketing. With over $10 billion USD in overall net worth, this sector is becoming a reliable source of online revenue to webmasters. No wonder the so-called niche has experienced a massive hike in the number of promoting publishers. To not exaggerate, you could earn 7 figures whilst concentrating on this sector in a limited period of time.

But there's an exception – only if you're partnering with the best Adult Affiliate Programs. It's so obvious… Yah, speaking with full potential.

Now, this Adult Affiliate Programs and networks in question ain't ordinary. They could easily earn you a fortune. We've compiled many offers ranging from Subscription-based models, Single-Optin or even Double-Optin based offers.

You can opt for the one's that best suffice your area of interest. And additionally, the adult affiliate programs underneath are for both Advertisers and Publishers.

Therefore, whether you're on the hunt to target traffics or joining the best adult affiliate programs. This very blog is highly sufficient.

Read on to discover the top programs that will get your business to the next level.

Now let's get into the list: The top 10 best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs or Networks for striking results includes:

10. Mobidea

Mobidea Adult Affiliate Marketing Network

Commission rate: 5%

Commission type: CPA Advertising

Payment Threshold: $50 or €50

Payment method: PayPal, FirstChoice Pay, Paxum, Payza, ePayments and Wire Transfer

Payment frequency: Weekly mainly on Wednesdays

The last Network we have in our list is called Mobidea, a well-known Adult Affiliate Network with incredible offers. Mobidea as the name implies is specifically based on mobile application and devices. You can either opt-in as an Advertiser or as an Affiliate.

CPA Advertising incorporates mobile subscriptions, sweepstakes, pin-submit and as well the – regular App install offers. Advertiser's can avail this ample opportunity to target seasoned Affiliate marketers who are always up and ready to make the big difference.

Thankfully, their customer service is topnotch for both Advertiser's and Publisher's. Whether you're jammed on a particular stuff, your overall experience is prioritized. You can solve the problem with their predefined tutorials and YouTube videos. Also, they have got a responsive live support chat on board.

Additionally, their support service comes in different languages, making it such so fantabulous.

According to them, their tracking tool come with all-in-all features and functionalities. As a result, they are regarded as the first Affiliate Network to integrate all requisite solutions into their tracking System.

Now, as a content creator – You do not need to venture into one Affiliation just like that on the network. Their ranking system is based on the most convertible offers. So that you'll have the best product to hype up

Regarding their promotional offers, they have got over 2k offers in Pin Submits, Sweeps, Dating, Mobile content, Games, Coupon and vouchers, Health, Music, Fitness and video.

9. MaxBounty

MaxBounty homepage at a glance

Commission rate: Up to 50%

Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS and CPI

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment method: PayPal, eCheck, ACH, Intercash, Bitcoin, Check or Wire Transfer

Payment frequency: Weekly basis

Tracking software: Inbuilt

MaxBounty is another option to add to the plan list. Whether you're looking for traffic or incentives, MaxBounty have got you on their back

Ranked among the best CPA offers in Canada, the platform in question is radically different from others.

Uniquenesses such as a responsive Affiliate manager, an easy-to-use Admin interface, a naive Advertiser dashboard and whatnots are the top qualities a good Adult Affiliate Network should possess.

Another notable feature here is their Payment methods. They supports PayPal, Intercash, ACH wire transfers and among others. Also the option to withdraw via Bitcoin is worth mentioning here.

Regarding the commission structure, they gives out up to 50% to keep Affiliates on the track. They have also tailored their Commission type inorder to suit your preferences. Here we have: Pay Per Lead (PPL), Pay Per Action (PPA) and other Campaigns.

In terms of offers, they have got over 20k+ Campaigns from varieties of Advertisers all over the world. Yah, the offers are international.

In brevity, MaxBounty had earned a badge among the best Adult Affiliate Programs owing to their long-lasting experience in Advertising. They started weigh back in 2004 which might probably translate to a high-level of expertise and dexterity.

8. Peerfly

Commission rate: 5% Lifetime

Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS

Payment Threshold: $50

Payment method: PayPal, Payeer, Direct deposit, Check, Wire

Payment frequency: Daily, Weekly, Net-30

Tracking Software: Inbuilt

As can be inferred from the shot above, Peerfly is literally one of the fastest growing Adult Affiliate Marketing Network around Advertisers and Commission-based Publishers. They are primarily based on Cost Per Action Advertisement which is known to perform best in all sectors.

What interest me the most about the platform is the ease with which commission are shared between striking publishers. Once the sale has being initiated, the Payout follows immediately.

It's really worth the try. Let's give it a shot!

7. Leadbit

Leadbit Adult Affiliate Marketing Platform

Commission rate: Variable

Commission type: CPA

Payment Threshold: $25

Payment method: PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney

Payment frequency: per request

Tracking Software: Inbuilt

Leadbit is the go-to solution center in terms of Payout models. Their commission structure is so generous and they offers one of the lowest payout threshold in the market.

Regarding features and other tags overall, partnering with Leadbit is one of the cool stuffs to admire in the marketing space.

Pertaining to their Affiliations – Real-time metric system and other requisite add-ons is there to level-up your marketing goal.

Their customer support service is also gold mine. You'll have them anytime and non of your messages will go abyss.

6. AdCombo

Commission rate: 15% for regular

Commission type: CPO, CPA, CPI, CPL & CPS

Payment Threshold: $50

Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Paxum, and WebMoney

Payment frequency: Weekly

AdCombo is one of the world's leading agent in the area of Adult dating and Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs. They are always at the top of the page with their groundbreaking offers – here we have: the Adult dating verticals, the e-commerce one and all the rest of them.

In offers, they gives out pretty high revenue share in each qualifying sales. And the good news is that, their conversion rate is on the standard level.

This is so thanks to its localized landing funnels which grabs the attention of landing user's like magic. It is actually not an incidence, AdCombo had equipped their landing pages with support to almost all languages in the market. And also by utilizing the best sale approach possible.

5. Cpamatica

Cpamatica Adult Affiliate Networks

Referral commission: 2%

Commission type: CPI, CPA, CPS, CPL

Payment Threshold: $50

Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayments.

Payment frequency: Weekly basis

Cpamatica is an Adult Affiliate Network specialized in core verticals such as: dating, games, sweepstakes and streaming services. Their industry-leading marketing solution garners Advertisers more sales and Content Creators more rebates.

Just in a rolling period of 3 years, the platform in question catapulted itself to tenfolds of growth and better position. Infact, the platform is still striving for more and more improvements.

In the course of Advertisement, Cpamatica is primarily focused on CPA marketing, CPS, and CPI networks. Regardless to say, they are known to perform the very best in this field.

Relating to their Referral Program, they offers sth appealing by giving out a measly 2% on average for striking actions. This is undoubtedly below the standard commission rate for Publishers.

Anyways, Cpamatica still offer more chances for ambitious Affiliates to get going of their good works through their Loyalty Affiliate Network which are known to give out relevant prizes. With it, Affiliates especially the best performing group could easily earn a fortune

4. AdxXx

AdxXx Adult Affiliate Programs

Commission type: CPC, CPM

Payment Threshold: $50

Payment method: Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Wire and Webmoney

Payment frequency: Weekly basis

In the midst of the best Adult Affiliate networks comes AdxXx, an old adult advertising platform with remarkable features.

In terms of compatibility, the platform in question is highly ingenuous, making it very simple for both newcomers and existing customers to navigate. The same thing applies to the rate at which they carry out their moderations for Advertiser's, it's highly blazing too.

Regarding what the platform have got to offer, we have Multiple Ad formats, Dedicated Account manager, Anti-AdBlock solution, Impeccable Traffic targeting and among others.

Now out of all these features, the most astonishing is the Anti-AdBlock solution which is integrated into codes directly. This snippet of codes does more than wonders.

As you might arleady know, over 20% of internet user's makes use of Ad-Blocking softwares which is bad. This is detrimental to both publishers and Advertiser's as well… because they will be loosing out on well-targeted traffics.

Problem-solved, the Anti-AdBlock solution for AdxXx does disguises a piece of code which are discerned by the blockers naturally.

To roll it up, if you are after more Revenue as a publisher, we recommend giving AdxXx a shot. You'll surely like it!

3. ClickDealer

ClickDealer Adult Affiliate Marketing Networks

Ads serving: International

Commission type: CPL, CPI, CPA, CPC, CPS

Payment Threshold: $500

Payment method: Payoneer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Check & WebMoney

Payment frequency: Net 7, Net 30, Bi-weekly

ClickDealer is one of the award-winning CPA networks where Vendors and Publishers exchanges Traffic with Real cashes. Their area of specialization is literally in the Adult Advertising Marketing sector, it has core verticals such as: E-commerce and Retail, Dating and Social Networking, Mobile subscription, Gaming and Social Casino, and Software and Utilities.

Having over 10k publishers and more than 1k active Advertiser's bidding on convertible traffics, this network is said to be a gold mine.

Pertaining to their Referral Program, they gives out 2% revenue share per striking actions.

2. Paysale

PaySale Entertainment Affiliate Program/Network

Ad serving: International

Commission type: CPC, CPS, CPL, CPI, CPA

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment method: PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney and Wire

Payment frequency: 3× per month

PaySale is one the best Adult Affiliate Networks to Promote for more cashing outs. In the other way round, it's a partaker among the best dating Advertising networks for success-minded businesses.

That being said, let's take a look on how much Impact you could expect whilst promoting this amazing Adult Affiliate Network.

At first, Publishers have got unlimited offers to promote plus a real-time tracking system to get them on the track. The offers can be filtered to feature the one's with the highest payout in the market.

What a mileage, their customer support service is reliable and they have arleady dedicated numerous Account mangers to keep you cranking. Publishers can also see success by following their insightful blog post full of tips and marketing tactics.

Best of all, the platform let's you get rid of disgusting links with their inbuilt smartlink feature. With it, you can easily brand and shorten link in the same dashboard. So there's literally no point in using Link Management Softwares merely for it alone.

PaySale seems to be among the top Adult Affiliate marketing programs with sub-affiliate network. The sub-affiliate network makes it damn possible for Publishers to recruit their fellow dudes in exchange with mesmerizing rebates.

Now pertaining to the Advertiser's side, PaySale is pre-enriched with a great system of protocol called the Anti-fraud system. This helps in getting rid of fraudulent transactions. Also, active brands is prolly unlimited when it comes to the weight of traffic sources to target.

Moreover, the platform won't disregard any of your opinion, suggestion or call-of-help messages. This is so thanks to their Responsive Account Managers that maketh the magic happen.

1. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue homepage

Commission type: CPA, CPS, CPL, Adult

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment method: Payoneer, Check, Wire, Paxum

Payment frequency: Net 15 and Net 30

Wrapping it up… Among the 10 best Adult Affiliate Networks is the CrakRevenue industry, a prestigious marketing solution for the Adult Advertising sector.

For your information – the Platform is tagged as the highest income generator in its baseline, offering more than 40M in commission and up to 50B Ad impressions per year. There's really no bones about CrakRevenue being the most paying here.

As always, the award-winning industry have got lots of offers that are deemed to covert well. They have it in hundreds and the Application involved is always responsive. Whether it's on mobile, desktop or tablet, CrakRevenue has the most beautiful experience.

Their tracking and reporting system is also above the standard performance expectancy. Therefore, you won't be leaving some bucks on the table.

Furthermore, they provides the ability to engage in self-service likewise CJ Affiliate, a leading brand in Affiliate Marketing. Publishers can tweak Postbacks and Trackers to achieve the utmost performance.

For more income streams, performing Publishers is allowed to promote the platform directly using their Referral Program, which offers a hefty 5% per qualifying actions. The 5% Revenue share is paramount when compared with the other networks in this list.

Best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs – Our Final Verdict

To sum it up, both success-minded businesses and that of content creators could easily leverage the industries above for more cashing outs. Truth be told, one can't be using all the Platforms at once. As a result, we recommend looking at some parameters such as the supported Payment methods, the commission structure and whatnots before joining or getting started with the industry[s].

And that's finally wrapped it up for the topic: The best Adult Affiliate Marketing Networks or Programs for more cashing outs…

Until then, feel free to browse around the site. We've got many offers on board.

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