Affiliatable Plugin Review: Price, Features, Pros/cons – worth it?

Maybe you have or haven't heard of CTA Affiliate Plugins, a surefire gimmicks used in skyrocketing affiliate commission. If you fall positively, then you're slightly on a good track. Then, if you fall on the latter, you're literally hurting your scores in Affiliate Marketing.

Knowing about it, i.e ‘CTA Affiliate Plugins' is not where it ends. What matters is “do you have one” or “are you currently utilizing one alongside your marketing goals”?

Virtually, CTA Affiliate Plugins tends to add more revenue in the box through certain strategies such as an eye-catching Product templates, a short but compelling description, and a sassy clickable Button. Infact, the impart is making lots of noise in the marketing world.

Now, the Affiliatable Plugin is no exception in this field. A game-changer in Conversion rate optimization (CRO). Mind you, Affiliatable is not only a WordPress Plugin, though it can be found in the WordPress.plugins directory.

Here's a clear definition regarding Affiliatable, what is it, and how to use it. Let's dive right into it.

What's Affiliatable, an overview?

Affiliatable is a cloud-base app that helps in increasing customers hope and confidence which is necessary in driving more conversions.

The application let's you create attention-grabbing Product Tables and Boxes at the click of a button. Ironically, it enables Affiliates to cut through the clutter of bulky things and technical programs.

Affiliatable Review: Product Box Demo

For example: the above Product box is created, you guessed it… using Affiliatable (though the one here is a screenshot).

Now, instead of utilizing two or dozens of Affiliate Marketing toolkits, one is prolly enabled to access and run the stuff in one place. Also, rather than waisting your time familiarizing sth technical, you can easily improvise your way. Affiliatable has made it easy peasy.

The bottom line — the so-called plugin boast of its ability to increase conversion rate to at least 12%. This is on-average obviously. You can further add-up to the Conversion Rate by targeting the very right audience.

The flexibility that Affiliatable offers can be traced to its outstanding lead-generation funnel which will subsequently results to a high level of conversion.

An umpteen number of functionalities works together to accomplish this mission. Such core features includes

  • CTA widgets, which are the building blocks to drive more sales
  • Geotargeting, which handles foreign visitors
  • Schema optimization, which boost your search rankings
  • And vast majorities of them

We gonna explore them in full. Just read on, this is just an overview 🙂

Affiliatable Demos and templates

Here are sneak previews of some Affiliatable supported templates. You can explore all of them by taking a quick hop to their site ===> View site

  • Affiliatable Review: Product Box
  • Affiliatable Comparison Table
  • Affiliatable Review: Top 3 boxes
  • Affiliatable Versus Box
  • Affiliatable Pros and cons table
  • Affiliatable Ratings Box

Affiliatable Pricing

The Affiliatable Pricing plans have got what you've been looking for. From the free mode, to the annual plans, and finally to the Forever (Lifetime) deals.

You can use the free plan as a last resort, the annual plan as a casual user, and lastly the Lifetime plans if you want to stay immortal.

The Annual Plan have got 3 plans such as the Pro Single plan (for 1 site) which cost about $49, the Pro Plus plan (for 5 sites) which cost about $149 and the Pro Infinite plan (for unlimited sites) which cost a bitty $249

Regarding the Lifetime plans (best for long time use), the price tags are $299 for the Pro Single plan, $599 for the Pro Plus plan, and a bitty $899 for the Pro Infinite plan.

The payment here is one-time, meaning that you don't have to renew your license unlike in the Annual subscription. It's a perfect go for niche content creators, so if your income stream is based ultimately in Affiliate Marketing. You've to consider the Lifetime plans, preferably the Pro Infinite plan which supports an unlimited number of sites.

Affiliatable widgets types

Currently, Affiliatable offers 6 widgets types, viz:

  • Product Box
  • Comparison Table
  • Pros and cons boxes
  • Top 3 boxes
  • Versus box
  • Rating box
  • And more coming soon…

All the widgets can be easily configured, duplicated and embedded in your sidebar or any other area just by using a shortcode.

You can set some visibility rules, for instance: hiding it on a particular screen ratio such as mobile, desktop, and vice versa.

1. Affiliatable Review: Product Box

Affiliatable Review: Product Box Demo

Product Boxes are the integral part of call-to-action widgets. They are mostly used and convert most often than the other variations.

Reason is because they specifies a particular product entirely. So there's nothing like bewilderment when it comes to the choice of selection.

What is required is just the click of a button, and viola, the conversion stage has been initiated.

Thankfully, Affiliatable have already compiled lots of templates for this. There are 7 premade layouts to choose from. You can also start from scratch if you feel like it.

2. Affiliatable Review: Comparison Table

Affiliatable Comparison Table Demo

Comparison Table is pratically effective when it comes in contrasting two or more products together. It allows your audience to make an informed decision, regarding which product to opt for.

Thankfully, Affiliatable has created some templates to choose from which makes finalizing the table very much easy peasy.

3. Affiliatable Review: Pros and cons Table

Affiliatable Pros and cons table Demo

When you hear of Pros and cons, what bubbles in your mind are some imperfections and flexibility of the product concerned. Instead of writing a long thread, you can easily use this to showcase the weak-point alongside the strong-point of a particular product.

Good news, the table in question is SEO optimized, resulting in a great assurance to rank on SERPs.

The bottomline, one downside regarding this widget type is that you're unable to add clickable buttons. Though, you can input it using Powr, Elfsight or other CTA softwares, it's really a snag.

4. Review: Top 3 boxes

Affiliatable Review: Top 3 boxes Demo

The Top 3 boxes are basically Affiliatable most exceptional resource. It's where the platform stacks up against its competitors.

The boxes are pioneered for the first time in life by the Affiliatable teammates, making it such a unique style that's worth starting with.

Now, it's great for listing the top 3 best performing products in a series, hassle free. You don't have to compile three boxes altogether or even start from scratch because it's a one-click process. There's no time to waste!

5. Affiliatable Application Review: Versus Box

Affiliatable WordPress Plugin - Versus Table Demo

This is slightly similar to the Pros/Cons table afore-enumerated above. But the fun fact is that they're utterly different.

The Versus Box is used in taking a quick grasp regarding the difference between two or more items, whereas the pros/cons table is used for one product.

Now, instead of writing a long Difference, one can brief them in a box with one click. Briefing something like this is so important because it gives a conclusive idea rather than an overwhelming piece content.

The Affiliatable Versus widget has a plethora of wonderful layouts to choose from. Luckily, you can find the best one that resonates perfectly with your topic.

6. Affiliatable Plugin Review: Rating Box

Affiliatable Ratings Box Demo

Drawing a total rating of a product is another strategy that builds trust, and interest. It is like a data which governs the subsequent interaction of end-users.

Providing a good rating will make a big difference. It plays an important role as to whether a product is worth it, worth the try or worthwhile.

Using of Rating boxes are pratically effective when it comes to a Review article. Internauts no longer seek recommendation from a friend or family, rather they turn out to the internet, precisely a Review article to draw out their final conclusion

Now highlighting the overall score such as in pricing, features and all-encompasing could be the actual reason while a product is considered or not. You have to use it wisely, we recommend being authentic, and don't hype up products without cause.

Affiliatable core features & functionalities

Affiliatable comes with an umpteen number of features and functionalities which are rarely seen in its competitors. Three of such gold mines are: Schema optimization, Affiliate id replacement and Geo-targeting.

1. Affiliatable Features: Amazon API integration

If you an Amazon Affiliate? Relax for the Affiliatable application has got you covered. Time to synchronize all created boxes, tables and charts with the actual data on Amazon.

You no longer have to make certain updates in price, description and other relevant tags per a Change in the Amazon store. It is all done automatically, no human assistance needed!

2. Affiliatable Functionalities: Click Analytics

This shows the general performance activities regarding clicks, interactions or actions carried out on your site.

Though it's a basic glimpse. Relying on it can help ditch the guesswork.

For the basic usage, the Analytics looks super great. Incase you need something thorough, and professional. Then it's time to look up for Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates, they are the best link management softwares in the market.

<a href=”″><img src=”×60.gif” width=”468″ height=”60″ /></a>

3. Features: Highly compatible

Affiliatable is not a WordPress Plugin or a toolkit for any other CMS, rather it's a cloud-base application. Though, it's connected to WP via a plugin, it doesn't translate to a stand-alone plugin for WordPress.

Meanwhile, it's built for all Content Management System in the planet earth. So if you need a single plugin to use in all CMS, the Affiliatable software is the go-to solution.

4. Features: Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a monetizable opportunity to avail of. Now, instead of losing foreign clicks, you can monetize them to the fullest by redirecting them to their nearest Amazon stores.

This is made possible thanks to their high-end Amazon API integration which puts more energy to the default one-click feature (on Amazon).

The Amazon one-click feature alias — Geotargeting performs really well in its own way. But it currently supports a few number of countries.

Now with Affiliatable, one can extend this support to all supported countries. That's pretty good right? A shrewd reason to start using Affiliatable.

5. Affiliatable Plugin Functionalities: External link settings

According to John muller, a Google-based entrepreneur — Affiliate links are supposed to be set to the link rel= “sponsored” for a better engine understanding.

The “Nofollow” attribute is used to deny the transfer of link juice to the referring domain. It can also be used for Affiliate links, but the latter (the link rel= “sponsored”) is generally recommended. Now, you should avoid the do-follow attribute like your own avoidance. Using it will hurt your scores in rankings.

Pro tip: You ought to use only one link attribute for a particular URL on your site, be it Affiliate link, internal link or external link.

6. Affiliatable Application Functionalities: WordPress Plugin

As a WordPress user, getting started with Affiliatable is no-brainer. You just need to install the Affiliatable-based plugin, and you're all set!

The Plugin shows an oversimplified summary of all your data, click Analytics, and an option to copy the content you have already created.

Other activities such as adding a new box, creating a new table and all-encompasing can only be carried out on the web version.

Incase you're not a WordPress user, you'll need to add the provided code in your site header. We have completed these steps under the Settings section in this article – read along, you're almost there.

7. Affiliatable App Features: Schema optimization

Schema mark-up is the go-to solution to outwit your competitors, and get more clicks to your page. It differentiates your page from others, giving it that comfy look it deserves.

Here's an example of a Rich schema-optimized product Review.

Affiliatable is schema-optimized
A marked-up Product Review

Outside of product reviews, structured data mark-up can also be implemented in Articles, Events, People, Organization, Local business, Recipes and Medical conditions

How to setup Affiliatable?

To finish setting up Affiliatable on your website, you'll need to follow at least any of these 2 ways:

For WordPress users

You just need to install the Affiliatable-based plugin, and you're good to go.

Now, to make it happen: You'll have to hop to Affiliatable via this link. On the next screen, scroll down until you reach the Pricing tab > select the plan that best fits your needs > then, smash on “Get started”. Next, you'll be prompted to create an account, enter your details and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Spoiler alert: Avoid making regular request to the site (I mean on Affiliatable) to obviate being blocked. The site utilizes a set of technologies to prevent spam and robotic attempts. In the rare event that a Block is initiated, feel free to try again later. It's a temporary limitation!

For Non-WordPress user's

You merely need to add the Affiliatable-base code in your site Header.php. That's pretty simple.

Incase this is your first time – follow this guide here…

How Affiliatable stack up among its competitors?

Affiliatable is a great Affiliate Marketing Plugin made prolly for ambitious Affiliates marketers, presumably for me and you for the sole aim of driving insane conversions.

If you need a surefire tool, Affiliatable can be the best option. It aced our test regarding the top-5 Amazon Affiliate Plugins, and our survey for the best compatible plugin in overall.

Like aforesaid, Affiliatable is the #1 go-to solution if you need something exclusive. Whether you're using WordPress, Drupal, Wix or any other CMS, the Affiliatable app have got you covered.

What are some alternatives to the Affiliatable Application?

While there's no bones about Affiliatable being the best Amazon Affiliate Plugin to use in ‘any where', it doesn't translate to the last-ditch option.

Here are the top 4 alternatives to it!

Does Affiliatable have an Affiliate Program?

Yeah, they have a lucrative Affiliate program that pays between 20% to 60% of the total revenue. This is dependent on your inputs. Basically, the more you send qualifying leads, the higher the commission rate.

The Referral Program in question is currently hosted on, a pocket-friendly ShareAsale alternative.

To sign up for the Affiliate Program, open GetReditus on another page using this link. Then on the next screen > choose as an Affiliate > fill in your details to complete the sign up process.

Then after that, refer to the marketplace section > look up for “Affiliatable” using the built-in search box > submit your application.

Why use Affiliatable – Is it worth it?

The main reason why you should give Affiliatable a try is its high return on investment — pay for itself. To not exaggerate, it increases the rate of commission to at least 20%.

FAQs about Affiliatable

Beneath are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Affiliatable cloud-base plugin:

Who is Affiliatable built for?

The Application is built for all Amazon Affiliate who desires to take a quick hike in the number of converting leads. If you in anyway fall into this category, then this plugin is probably built for you.

What makes Affiliatable different from other tools or plugins?

Affiliatable is certainly an app with uniqueness. By running in the cloud, it differs radically from other plugins which are in the same niche with it.

Why should I upgrade to Pro plan if the current Free plan already meets my needs?

As a general rule of thumb, free things would tend to be dull and full of imperfections. There is no exception here. The Affiliatable free version offers only a single template to choose from, which is even …you guessed it right— hideous and out-of-date.

Conversely, the premium version offers an exquisite solutions which will contribute greatly to the growth of your online business.

Does Affiliatable only work for Amazon affiliate websites?

Absolutely not. You can add your own custom Affiliate links when applicable.

Does Affiliatable work well with page builders?

Yeah, Affiliatable works perfectly well with any kinda page builder on the planet earth.

Does Affiliatable only work on websites built on WordPress CMS?

Like aforementioned in the beginning, Affiliatable is neither a standalone wordpress plugin nor any other official toolkit for other CMS.

It's basically a cloud-base plugin for all Content Management System and for all Affiliate programs.

Hence, you can utilize it on any other CMS other than WordPress!

Will Affiliatable slow down my website?

No, it won't impair your page load speed. Reason is because it's a cloud-base plugin which runs efficiently without relying on any other resource.

Do I need to change any code?

You don't have to change any code whilst using the plugin. You only need to add the base code on header.php if you're a Non-WordPress user.

What's your refund policy?

Affiliatable has a very strict refund policy. Meaning, they are always complying, and would reimburse you if that should be the case. They have a Weeklong Refund period of 7 days!!!

Now that you have seen it all, it's high time to start utilizing this app.

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