Linksy Internal Linking Plugin: Best Link Whisper Alternative Review

In this Review of Linksy WordPress Internal Linking Plugin, we'll take an all-around look at the so-called AI-powered internal Linking Tool, revealing nothing but the truth and whether it makes a good tool for internal linking.

Plus, we are going to examine the tool against top alternatives like Link Whisper, ranking it at a position that is deserved by it.

Don't worry; we have arranged benchmarks from which we judge
Internal Linking WordPress Plugins. We'll help you make the right decision.

What's Linksy WordPress Internal Linking Plugin, and How does it work?

The Linksy AI-Powered Internal Link Builder is a WordPress Plugin built to streamline and to take over Internal link-building, thereby freeing the SEO task from being overly stressful and time-consuming.

Developed with Link Whisper's mindset (the most-used Internal Linking Tool), Linksy tends to pack more enhancements and functions.

When you count on the features, it is undoubtedly that Linksy have almost all Link Whisper's functions with extras in many places.

The main motive of Internal link-building tools is to harness the hidden power of internal links to up organic performance.

In that regard, they often provide Internal Links opportunity suggestions as you write on WordPress. The Linksy WordPress Plugin is very good at this, and it delivers both variations (the Inbound and Outbound Internal Link suggestions).

Aside from enriching you with Internal Links possibility suggestions, Linksy also helps you know your current progress with Internal Linking.

The structural reporting for internal links is consequential. It lets you know the quantity of different link types on your pages.

With Linksy onboard, you no longer need to worry about Broken Links and Orphan Content too – The short story is that it helps everything that concerns internal linking.

The Linksy WordPress Plugin also provides Automated functions such as smart Automatic Linking, Intelligent Search and Replace Existing Links and/or Anchors.

The Automatic Linking function can be easily defined – It lets you build links automatically. You just need to provide the links and their target URLs; then the tool will help you build the links on all occurrences.

The Search and Replace function is also self-explanatory – the feature searches your website for Links and/or Anchor text occurrences and then helps you replace them with provided information.

Surprisingly, its Automatic Linking feature and that of Search and Replace aren't what you think they are – they output intelligent results owing to the option for the “Approve Links before inserting/replacing” and other filters.

We have just rounded up an overview in our full review of Linksy.

The Internal Linking Plugin is responsible, and it saves a lot of time and stress.

Linksy WordPress Plugin Review: Features and Practical Applications

Having said that, let's explore Linksy Features and their practical application to Internal link-building.

The Linksy WordPress Plugin comes with these features

  1. Internal Links Opportunity Suggestions
  2. Internal Links Reports and Analysis
  3. Automatic Linking
  4. Search and Replace Existing Links and Anchors
  5. Broken Links Report
  6. Anchors Cloud
  7. Focus keywords Ratings
  8. Playground Function

Taking them one after the other.

1. Internal Links Opportunity Suggestions

Linksy Review - Internal Links Opportunity Suggestions

Just like Link Whisper, Linksy showers you with internal links opportunities in your current article which you can use to build more authority and coverage from the sight of search engines.

While you write on WordPress, the Plugin analyzes your content using Natural Language Processing and focus Keywords from SEO WordPress Plugins, matching up relevant phrases (not just Keywords) to relevant Pages. You then are given the maximum option and flexibility to get the most from it.

From ignoring the Link suggestions to providing another Page (a custom URL) are one of the things you need to take general control.

From the same screen, you can remove and add focus Keywords to the Page. You can also restrict the suggestions to Categories and amongst other enhancements.

Note: The Focus keywords are truly the same as the ones you set on SEO WordPress Plugins and are used by Linksy to better the internal link suggestions

The Linksy WordPress Plugin also gives you another section to create outgoing internal links. This section is called the “Add Outbound Links”. And can be used to add links away from the post edit screen.

1.1. Add Outbound Links (Outbound Link Suggestions)

The Add Outbound Links feature of the Linksy WordPress Plugin is built with intelligence in mind. It hunts Pages of your site that have poor outgoing links, providing you solution by suggesting possibilities for internal linking.

From this section (we found it better and more naive than the Link suggestions box in the Post edit screen), one can easily add Outbound internal links without having to face the hard work of opening Pages one after the other. Thankfully, it shows us the sentence from where the matched Anchors appeared so that we always know what we're doing, just like in the edit screen.

One of the fabulous things found in the Link suggestions feature is the rating function. This rates all the internal links suggestions that Linksy have outputted, setting them in descending order, so that the best suggestions are shown above the fold, and are easily reached.

1.2. Add Inbound Links (Inbound Link Suggestions)

Linksy Review - Add Inbound Links (Inbound Link Suggestions)

The Inbound Link section lets you add links to poor pages that don't have enough Internal links pointing to them. It combats Orphan Content by delivering Intelligent opportunities in other Pages that can be converted into supporting links.

The infrastructure of the “Add Inbound Links feature” is user-friendly because it fetches these Pages, so you don't have to look for them by yourself.

The combination of the Outbound Link Suggestions and this one will allow you come up at an equilibrium point between the Outbound and Inbound Internal Links counts.

The Linksy WordPress Plugin is next for a good suggestion tool after Link Whisper.

Long story cut short, you no longer need to face the stress of locating potential opportunities for Internal Linking, the Linksy AI-Powered Internal Link Builder have utterly got you covered.

SEOs now have to put down the Domain + Keyword search operator when looking for related content for internal linking purposes.

2. Internal Links Reports & Analysis

2.1. The Dashboard

Linksy Internal links Plugin Review - Internal Links Reports & Analysis

After Linksy has crawled your site, it will display a generalized report in the Dashboard.

This shows your internal linking structure (you name them: Total Links found, Internal Links & External Links Counts, most Linked-To Domains), errors in your database (Orphaned Contents), and content optimization data (reports your Anchors and Focus Keywords strength)

Just like the nature of Dashboard, it is designed to give you a snapshot of your current Interlinking step. When you click on more information from the screen, it will lead you to a comprehensive Page that delves deeper into the Report.

If you're looking to count internal links, find internal linking opportunities, or monitor broken and orphan content on your website, the AI-powered Linksy Plugin can assist you.

2.2. The Links Report

linksy wordpress plugin review -  The Links Report

Linksy crawls your Pages individually, showing helpful information such as the Quantity of Inbound and Outbound Links, External Links with clever options to add Outbound and Inbound Links.

From there, you can easily detect and fix Orphaned Content. The huge filters and settings in place will let you find what you're looking for in a jiffy.

Each Page you publish on WordPress has its own Internal Links Analysis, and that enables you to do wonders with your internal linking strategy.

Just think of it – A Plugin that lets you view the types of links you have on your individual Pages (whether Outbound Internal Links, Inbound Internal Links, or External Links) with further abilities to build more links from or to the Pages.

In short, the Internal Links Report from Linksy provides all you need for the best optimization. You could ascertain the exact number of External links which you can compare with the Internal Links in order to achieve a balance.

3. Autolinking (Automatic Hyperlinking)

Linksy Review: Autolinking (Automatic Hyperlinking)

In our review of Linksy Internal Linking Tool, the Autolinking part is one with complete autopilot action. You just have to add your keywords against their target URLs, and then specify intelligent filters and settings for the Autolinks, then the system will do the conversion for you. This includes both future and past mentions of that Keywords.

The true potential of Autolinking systems is that, they have all taken a new shape. With the ability to review Autolinks before they are inserted in Pages, there's a guarantee that you won't have incontextual and chaotic link output.

Therefore, the next time you think about Autolinking, think of it as one that requires additional human review and is packed with filters and settings that ensure automatic links are built at the right place.

4. Search and Replace Existing Links and/or Anchors

Linksy Review - Search and Replace Existing Links and/or Anchors

The Search and Replace Existing Links and/or Anchor Texts offered by Linksy is one of those features that made it stand out from the competition.

Link Whisper, the #1 Internal Linking Tool only have the Replace Links option. Inorder words, it doesn't have the Replace Anchor option which can be handy when fixing wrongly done Anchor Texts.

The Linksy WordPress Plugin is built with Link Whisper's mindset with extra additions wherever possible.

That said, the Search and Replace function lets you change links or Anchors globally on your site. You can select from Exact Match, partially match or even self-referential links when initiating the Auto-Replacement.

The feature can't be more intelligent – instead of applying the Replacement generally on all URLs and/or Anchors Texts, it grants the option to review the matches in advance, letting you select the right links/anchors that will go for the Replacement.

This option the “Approve Links/Anchors before inserting” also appears in the Autolinking system” like we said above. Therefore, while you grab your Linksy license, expect beforehand that the Autopiloting does permit Human Review which means Contextual and meaningful output.

5. Broken Links Report

Linksy WordPress Plugin Review - Broken Links Report

As deadly as broken links are, they should not be found in your content if you actually want to reach your business goal.

The Linksy internal linking tool browses your site for dead links and brings them to notice so you can take actions to fix them.

The Plugin doesn't only give you information, it also provides solutions right from the Reports screen. From there, you can easily unlink or even replace the broken links with live URLs.

Now, you don't need a second plugin to track Broken Links, Linksy Plugin have taken over, constituting intelligent functions that help internal linking in one place.

6. Anchors Cloud

Review of Linksy -  Anchors Cloud

The Anchors Cloud crawls all Anchor Texts that we have used for links on our site, revealing the Pages where they appeared and their target Pages.

The Report also rates Anchors Texts against their Target URLs. This information is crucial as it lets you know if an Anchor is worthy or not.

From the Ratings function, we can be able to filter into effect our Pages with rich or poor Link Texts. The judgment on the value of Anchor Texts is made based on a percentage level, where 100% is Max and 30% is considered poor.

Overall, the ability of the Plugin to deliver you Anchor Texts Reports makes it a go-to area for optimizing the juice (Pageranks) that are flowing through links.

7. Focus Keywords Ratings

Linksy Review - Focus Keywords Ratings

In our Linksy Review, we discovered the Keywords Ratings function which is proprietary to it and is helpful when it comes to judging the keywords you're trying to rank for on SERPs.

SEO WordPress Plugins give you generalized data regarding your content optimization. Linksy deals with the focus Keywords directly and judges them using its benchmark, so that we're always arriving at that finest point.

Each Page on your site has its own Keywords Ratings Reports which examines the focus Keywords. Linksys accomplishes this by easily pairing with SEO WordPress Plugins; this way, it easily pulls focus Keywords, so you don't have to repeat them in its configuration.

The Focus keywords (in SEO WordPress Plugins) and those configured in Linksy settings are some of the information the Plugin makes use of in delivering better internal link suggestions.

Back to the Focus Keywords Rating Reports – You can do a lot of things thanks to the architecture of filters it comes with. Using that and the settings, you can locate any post in one click.

Moreover, you can always export this data for other references.

8. Playground Keyword search

Linksy Review - Playground Keyword search

The Playground feature, as found in this Linksy Review, is one among others that will let you fall in love with Internal Linking again.

Playground, as its name suggests, is something that should be played around with. However, we have found it also useful.

The function works with the help of Natural Language Processing to search for Pages and rate them against a given focus keyword.

For instance, we can enter our focus Keyword “Linksy Review” in the system to let it rate related Pages of our site for that keyword, allowing us to see in reality the Pages that are highly optimized for that.

Furthermore, the Linksy WordPress Plugin also gives us the option to run two keywords at a time, providing more sense to the game.

In brevity, the Playground function allows us to go on a date with the keywords we're trying to rank for on SERPs, assessing whether they are truly optimized for our primary Pages.

Linksy Internal Links Plugin Pricing – is it worth the money?

The Linksy internal link-building tool has the following Plan levels and Pricings.

Linksy Internal Links Plugin Pricing
Pricing as of 12/2023 – Click the image to reveal latest information

Annual Pricing

  1. 59$ for 1 site License
  2. $118 for 3 sites
  3. $219 for 10 sites
Linksy Internal Links Plugin Pricing
Pricing as of 12/2023 – Click the image to reveal latest information

Lifetime Pricing

  1. $99 for 1 site License
  2. $199 for 3 sites
  3. $499 for 10 sites

The Linksy WordPress Plugin for internal linking is offering an LTD Lifetime deal currently, and it will eventually go away just like the case of Link Whisper and Linkilo.

When exploring the Pricing information, we can confidently say that Linksy is worth every penny. Just think of the functions it offers coupled with the 10 hours of work it saves; the Plugin is highly underpriced as of now.

Coming out as one of the cheapest in our list of Internal Linking Tools, Linksy is yet to raise its pricing tags like that of Link Whisper.

Make the best use of the Lifetime deal before it expires against you.

Linksy Lifetime Deal, Free Trial, Free Version, Discount, Coupon & Promo codes?

As aforementioned, Linksy is still running Lifetime Deals although they just closed the one from Appsumo. You can find and use the Lifetime promotion on their website.

As for a free trial, sorry to disappoint you – Linksy doesn't offer anyone at the moment, and it doesn't offer a free version either. It's not a freemium product, so you can't find it on

For the Discount, Promo, or Coupon code – Yes sure! We've obtained one from them, and when you use it, you get 10% discount on top of the low Pricing.

The coupon code is “ZEALOFF” all in capital letters. To claim this, you just have to enter that code in the Discount code box during checkout to cut out part of the cost.

You can visit Linksy using our Link, then on the checkout Page, apply the promo code we mentioned. The discount comes live when done correctly.

Best of luck! We can't thank you enough when you use the code. It goes a long way!

Using Linksy AI-Powered Internal Link Builder: How to install and use?

Installing and running the Linksy WordPress Plugin on your site is a no-brainer. The same approach to installing a WordPress Plugin is what it takes.

First off, you have to head over to Linksy website using our link. Upon landing on the Page, select the plan of your choice -> Then enter your billing details (you can pay via Credit card or Cash App).

Next step is to enter our Creator code into the Coupon box for a discount – ZEALOFF

After you have entered it, then proceed to payment. If the transaction is successful, you'll receive an email that contains the zip file and the license key.

Download the zip file and upload it to WordPress. Then activate the Plugin and enter your license key. Voila, you're now on it.

Linksy will walk you through the setup process. You're all set!

Linksy Plugin Review: Customer Satisfaction score, CSAT?

Linksy is relatively new to the industry. As a result, they are yet to come up with a comprehensive knowledge base that can guide Users, unlike the case of Link Whisper and Internal Link Juicer, which have enough content on their board.

Nonetheless, their customer support isn't inactive. You get instant replies to your messages, and the teams are always happy to help you with one thing or the other.

When it comes to installing and using the Plugin's matter, Linksy provides generalized information from their home page, and they don't guide folks on how to make the most of their patronage. And while the installation and usage process isn't that complex, it would mean something to still provide one because it matters to some people.

That said, the customer support from Linksy isn't the best owing to the fact that it's new to the industry, but for the communication matter, the teams are always happy to have your messages. You drop them a message and hang tightly to see them drop their own opinion or suggestion; this is helpful as it defines whether you get a Problem solved or not.

Therefore, while you grab your Linksy license – You're not alone! If in case you get stuck somewhere or have a bug to report, there's always a Customer support agent to help you out, and not just getting hit by Autoresponders.

Linksy WordPress Plugin Review: Alternatives and Competitors (Free and Paid)

Unsurprisingly, the Linksy WordPress Plugin didn't come first in the industry of internal linking; there are a good number of Plugins that were around before it, and some of them are entirely better than the Plugin in terms of features and performance.

Best Linksy Alternatives

Here are the best Linksy WordPress Plugin alternatives and competitors.

  1. Link Whisper, the most-used Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress (#1 in the industry)
  2. Linkilo Internal Linking Plugin, a good tool that makes a perfect Linksy Replacement (#2 in the industry)
  3. Internal Link Juicer, a powerful tool with Automatic Page connection in mind (#4 in the internal linking industry)
  4. Interlinks Manager, one of the oldest Plugin for internal linking that makes the perfect replacement and is cheap (#5 in the industry)
  5. Autolinks Manager, one that is based on Automatic Linking alone and provides one of the best services in that field.

Poor Linksy Alternatives

By Poor Linksy Alternatives, we mean the Plugins that appear in this list aren't the best at replacing the subject Plugin. They aren't built in the same line of business, and offer one or two features of the Linksy WordPress Plugin. They are worth noticing.

Poor Linksy Alternatives include

  1. Pretty Links, the most popular Link Management Plugin with a good Automatic keyword-to-link conversion interface
  2. ThirstyAffiliate WordPress Plugin, built for Affiliate mindset for Link Management and Cloaking
  3. Lasso WP, an all-in-one Plugin for Affiliate Marketing for greater conversions

Linksy Plugin Distinct Features: What sets it apart from the competition?

In this section, we'll explore Linksy distinct features and what sets it apart from big brothers like Link Whisper, Linkilo, and Internal link Juicer.

Here are the features we only found in Linksy and where it stacks up against the competition:

  1. The Ability To Search And Replace Anchor Texts (not just Links)
  2. The Ability to “Approve Links Before Replacing” unlike seen in Link Whisper URL changer and others
  3. Anchor Texts Breakdown and Analysis
  4. The Focus Keywords Ratings function

Linksy link-building Plugin Review: Pros and Cons

If you're a good Product Reviewer, then this section is one of your main considerations. In our Linksy WordPress Plugin Review, we encountered Ups and Downs, and here are those areas we consider as the Pros and Cons.

Linksy WordPress Plugin Pros

  1. Time-saving and Stress Relief
  2. Leverage Internal Linking opportunities
  3. Internal Links Automation
  4. No room for Orphan Content and Broken Links

Linksy WordPress Plugin Cons

  1. It suggests irrelevant links most of the time
  2. The Plugin isn't yet stable, and it has a lot of Errors
  3. Big room for improvements
  4. It's not the best in the Industry

FAQs and rich Answers

As we went ahead with our Linksy Internal Linking Plugin Review, we came across repetitive questions People used to ask about the product, and we've plotted them down below, including relevant links and answers.

Will it slow down my website?

Before we state anything here, let's first review the impact it has on our website.

The screenshot below shows the Page speed data before and after Linksy installation

Before Linksy Installation

Linksy speed test: Before Installation

After Linksy Installation

As we can see from the screenshot, Linksy is lightweight and it doesn't contribute at all to Loading times. It seems like the Plugin has got a diet coke, hence the increased Load Times with the Plugin.

Will it improve Search ranking?

Uncountable SEOs have done Case studies on Internal Linking, and the effect on Search Rankings is true and positive! Meanwhile, as you build more internal links (i.e., more coverage from the sight of Google), you likely experience a boost in Organic Ranking.

The Linksy WordPress Plugin lets you covert possibilities for internal links, so that you're always pinging Search Engines about your topical authority.

What Languages does Linksy support?

For now, Linksy works impeccably with the English language alone. The support teams say they plan to support more languages in the future.

Whenever they add a new Language, this page should be updated.

What Page builders are compatible?

Linksy have been confirmed by the teams to work with Breakdance, Thrive Architect, Oxygen and Bricks builder.

It also supports Elementor, but the full features (On-page Link suggestions), as can be seen on, aren't available there.

What happens if my license expires?

To answer that question – we risked uninstalling Linksy from our primary site, and then reinstalled it again.

While the Plugin was uninstalled, we checked all our built links, and they were intact. Then, while we reactivate the Plugin again, it doesn't continue from where it stopped!

Unlike the #1 Internal Linking Tool (Link Whisper), Linksy currently doesn't continue from where we stopped – it doesn't re-fetch all the actions we've undertaken (think our built and replaced Links). We don't see the information, though it might not be not necessary.

Does it work with Shopify or other Online stores?

The Linksy AI-Powered Internal Link Builder currently supports WordPress only, therefore it won't work with Shopify or other Online Store Builders. But if you're using Woocommerce, yes sure!

Looking for an Internal Linking Tool for Shopify? Then you might want to consider Link Whisper Shopify App.

Is there a learning curve associated with using X?

There's absolutely nothing to learn before you begin making the most of the Plugin's suite of features. The interface is beginner-friendly, and it was built with simplicity in mind.

Who built X? Do they have other Products?

The Linksy WordPress Plugin was built by a brand called Plugli with the aim of addressing issues with internal linking and fastening the entire process.

Other than Linksy, Plugli is also developing one by the name – Rankly. That product is in the Coming soon status and is not ready to use.

Linksy worth an Internal Linking Plugin? Questioning their claims!

Is Linksy really “the First AI-Powered Link Building WordPress Plugin” as advertised on their homepage? The answer is NO in big letters.

We all know – It's Marketing!

The Link Whisper WordPress Plugin and some other ones uses Natural Language Processing (the AI that Linksy prides about), and of course, NLP is far away from perfection, hence it generates irrelevant piece most of the time.

The top 3 Internal linking WordPress Plugins use NLP to process the flow of languages and context in your site. This is one of the ways Internal links opportunity suggestions are made possible.

Linksy is no different. Although it's pretty new, it occupies the top 3 position in our rankings. You can check out the collection of the best Internal Linking Tools and their positions.

Back to the topic – Is Linksy worth it?

For me, Linksy is worth everything. When you calculate the time and stress it saves, you'll probably confess that it's underpriced at this time.

Although the Plugin is currently not the best, it has so many advantages over the best. Here are our points

  1. The Linksy WordPress Plugin is built with Link Whisper's mindset (the best) with extra Add-ons
  2. The Plugin is currently doing a Lifetime Deal and is worth the token

Bear in mind that Linksy isn't yet stable; we have encountered several errors with it, but it's not too troublesome. Therefore, you can use the Plugin and make the most of its features.

We contacted the team about the Errors, and it's just good to understand that they are constantly working on improvements. If i'm not mistaken, Updates are released almost weekly, and they will eventually reach there.

That said, the Linksy internal linking tool is worth it!

If you're really looking for a good Plugin for internal links management, you have found yourself a bargain price – Go and claim the Lifetime Deal before they close it!

Use our creator link altogether with code (ZEALOFF) on checkout to bag the biggest discount! Please don't forget that… It's a win-win.

Until then, keep building smart internal links!

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