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Link Whisper vs LinkBoss: Best Internal Linking Tool?

Internal linking has been revolutionized since the invention of Link Whisper & cos.

The LinkBoss Internal Linking Tool is relatively new and it packs some features that are not yet seen in Link Whisper.

We consider Link Whisper as the best overall Internal Linking Tool. However, LinkBoss comes with clever features.

In this review of Link Whisper vs LinkBoss, we will compare the plugins side-by-side. And finally, we will help you make the right decision.

You can always check our Review of Link Whisper and our LinkBoss Review.

Link Whisper vs LinkBoss: Common Features Comparison

These plugins have several common features. In this section, we will compare their different versions against one another. This will let us find the best one in every field.

1. Inbound Internal link suggestion

LinkBoss and Link Whisper use natural language processing, semantics, and other technologies to deliver you internal linking opportunities.

Inbound internal link suggestion means the recommendations for opportunities in existing pages that can be used to point to a specific page.

Links that are created through that are inbound internal links.

This exact feature is especially useful when fixing orphaned content and pages with few internal links pointing to them.

Both plugins come with the necessary settings that you need to customize the link suggestion output. You have utter flexibility, you can only approve the suggestions that are right. You can also edit the anchor text opportunity as well as the targeted page.

1.1. Link Whisper's Version

Link Whisper's Inbound Link Suggestions

The Inbound link suggestion of Link Whisper is just like a page that reveals hidden internal linking opportunities in your content on behalf of a specific page.

Link Whisper will run a specific Page to find possibilities for internal links that will point to that Page.

The Plugin uses Natural Language Processing along with Target Keywords and GSC integrations to fetch results that are relevant.

You can think of Target Keywords as the same phrases you set up in SEO WordPress Plugins. Here, Link Whisper leverages that as it integrates with SEO Plugins.

The connection to Google Search Console is another clever way of harvesting further target keywords.

The Inbound link suggestion tool of Link Whisper will let you customize the result to reach the best the plugin can offer.

You can instruct Link Whisper to use Target Keywords from your favorite SEO Plugin and GSC (which we recommend). This will better the suggested opportunities.

Along with AI (specifically Natural Language Processing), Link Whisper churns out Anchor opportunities that are on point with your target page.

1.1. LinkBoss Version

LinkBoss' Inbound Link Suggestions

The LinkBoss approach is similar to that of Link Whisper.

The tool uses natural language processing to analyze the context of your pages and then suggest opportunities for internal links.

LinkBoss will first fetch the pages of your site that it considers to pack opportunities for internal linking.

Then, it collapses the opportunities under the pages they appear on. When you click on the expand button, you find the opportunities that are lying on those pages.

The version from LinkBoss also comes with utter flexibility.

You can edit the anchor text opportunity, as well as the target page.

The plugin displays the suggestions based on relevance using percentage markings.

The cons of the inbound internal link suggestion feature of LinkBoss is that it lacks further refinement like Target keywords and Google Search Console keywords, which Link Whisper is beautified with.

In essence, the link suggestion quality from Link Whisper is always better.

All things being equal, LinkBoss also comes with a groundbreaking function.

It is called the Smart Internal Link Generator (more on this later). It does not matter whether there is an opportunity or not. This is one of LinkBoss' great features.

You can create opportunities for internal linking when there is none in your content. You have complete flexibility with the tool as well.

2. Outbound Internal link suggestion

As opposed to inbound link suggestions, Outbound is the recommendation for internal link opportunities from the same content.

Instead of digging for possibilities on other pages, the content of the current page is examined for good matches and relevant keyword opportunities.

Links built with this feature are called outbound Internal links.

Note: The process for suggesting inbound and outbound links is the same, with the only difference being the location of the links.

2.1. Link Whisper's version

Link Whisper's Outbound Link Suggestions

Needless to say, the Link Whisper's Outbound internal link suggestion follows the same approach as that of the Inbound version.

And it comes with all the settings and flexibilities as we stated in the beginning.

Link Whisper gives you outbound link suggestions as you write on WordPress. The tool uses natural language processing, as usual, to determine the phrases that are worthy of being converted into hyperlinks.

The feature is just like a box and it appears as you write on WordPress. It consist of two parts.

The left part contains all the keyword possibilities in your content. The right one shows the Pages of your site that are eligible to marry the keyword opportunities.

You can tick the suggestions you think are on point with your internal linking strategy. You can filter the result by categories, published date and even keywords.

You have complete flexibility!

2.2. LinkBoss' version

LinkBoss' Outbound Link Suggestions

The same similarity goes with LinkBoss Outbound link suggestions. All the stuff available with the Inbound version are here.

LinkBoss makes use of NLP and Machine learning to understand context and to improve overtime.

The Plugin uncovers hyperlinking opportunities within a specific page. The opportunities are arranged in the order of their relevance using percentage markings.

When you are good with the suggestion, you can activate it and it will be applied to your site.

If you want to build links to a specific post other than following LinkBoss global suggestions for internal linking. You can use the box underneath and the Plugin will try to search for hyperlinking places in your current page.

The tool also gives you the list of pages with little to no Outbound links in this section. They are called Dead-ends and they are the opposite of Orphan content.

You can use the Outbound internal link suggestion to build more authority links in your content.

When we compare the quality of the Outbound link suggestions of Link Whisper and LinkBoss, Link Whisper's version is always ahead. This is because the Plugin is making use of further refinement other than Machine Learning and NLP.

To the positive side of LinkBoss, the tool also comes with a feature called “Smart Internal Link Generator”. The feature lets you generate Anchor opportunities in your content by adding further sections (either written by AI or human).

The Smart Internal Link Generator is especially useful when there is no Anchor opportunity for internal linking in your content. You can build keyword opportunities using this function without having to navigate to the Edit screen.

3. Internal Links Structure Analysis & Reporting

The Internal link state Report is one of their common features.

The two will show you the total number of internal and external links on your site/page. And they will help you detect and fix Orphan content using their Internal link suggestion ability.

The internal link report from the Plugins contain the following information:

  1. Total number of Internal links on your site
  2. Total number of External links on your site
  3. The total number of Inbound internal links in every Pages
  4. The total number of Outbound Internal links in every Pages
  5. Orphaned Content Pages

3.1. Link Whisper's version

Link Whisper Internal Links Reports

In addition to showing you the number of internal and external links on your site/pages, Link Whisper also shows you their location (i.e., Anchor Texts) and an option to add/delete links from the same screen.

You can sort your pages on the number of inbound Internal links, outbound Internal links and that of External links.

The internal link report section of Link Whisper is a part we swear by. It is also where Link Whisper edges most in the competition.

3.2. LinkBoss Version

Most of the flexibility and option found in the Link Whisper's Report section are yet to be rolled out in LinkBoss.

LinkBoss just shows you the number of links present in your pages.

Therefore, it doesn't report link's anchors and there's no option to remove the links.

4. Automatic Linking

Automatic Linking is the process of building hyperlinks on autopilot.

Along with the link-building ability of their internal link suggestion tools, these Plugins also come with the option to automate the whole process.

Link Whisper can automate both internal and external links while LinkBoss can only take internal links.

The Automatic Linking approach of both Plugins differs. We'll distinguish them below.

4.1. Link Whisper's Version

Link Whisper: Advanced Automatic Linking

The Auto-linking feature of Link Whisper is just one of the ways of speeding up internal linking.

The meaningful internal link opportunity suggestion is the best. But, it does requires a human assistance.

Let's introduce Link Whisper's Auto linking feature. It is relevant especially if you're on the hunt for a fully automated system.

The feature simply merge Keywords to Links. You're to specify the target keyword and the target link. Then, wait back to see Link Whisper do the heavy-lifting for you.

Outstandingly, the system works with intelligent filters and settings that regulate the placement of automatic links.

In addition, Link Whisper beats the industry by allowing user's to select the Automatic links they need before they are applied on their website.

When you build a link with this feature, you can always undo it, giving you maximum control.

Note: Link Whisper's Autolinker works for both Internal and External links.

4.2. LinkBoss' Version

Link Whisper vs LinkBoss' Automatic Linking Tool

The LinkBoss' version is called Bulk Auto internal linking.

It's not based on keywords. So it ain't the usual process of converting keywords to links.

Let's us briefly explain the case of LinkBoss.

The feature in question randomly connects a given set of Pages together using an AI-driven approach.

LinkBoss won't convert an existing opportunity to hyperlink in this one. Instead, it will try to add a little piece of AI-generated content that contains a link-able Anchor. And then convert that Anchor into a Link which will point to one of the Pages you specified in the beginning.

The feature is a clever way of attaching pages together. Anchor opportunity is not a problem here because LinkBoss will always create them.

The cons of this feature is that, it is fully automated.

Unlike seen in Link Whisper, you do not have the option to review the automated links. Therefore, this is a destructive feature at the same time.

5. Linked-To Domain Report

“Linked-To Domain Report” opens information about external URLs on your site.

Both Plugins have this report. But Link Whisper is at the top spot here.

5.1. Link Whisper's Version

Link Whisper Linked-To Domains vs LinkBoss

Link Whisper is the #1 internal linking tool. Seems like we'll keep saying that.

Link Whisper came before LinkBoss and most Interlinking WordPress Plugins. As a result, it started all these features that streamlines internal linking.

New Plugins are just replicating the architecture of LW.

Back to business – The Link Whisper's version of Linked-To Domains!

LW will first identify all the root Domains that exist on your site. Then links of the same Domain are classified using their actual Domain name.

Furthermore, Link Whisper let's you see all the Pages of your site where the Domains and their offspring pages appeared.

Plus, you get to see the live links and also the Anchors in use.

Right from the Reports screen, you can be able to check off any external link that you no longer want from your site.

You can do way more than viewing Reports.

The same Linked-To Domains section let's you configure global link attribute and Behavior for each of the external domains.

This is critical as it will help you overcome link attribute inconsistency on WordPress.

5.2. LinkBoss' Version

The LinkBoss' own Linked-To Domain Report is still being developed.

As of now, you can only see Domain information and you can't change or even set attributes/behaviors which will get applied to Domains on global basis.

Link Whisper’s Unique Features: What sets it apart from LinkBoss?

Link Whisper as the #1 internal linking tool comes with a range of powerful features.

In this section, we will see what distinguished the Plugin from LinkBoss in terms of feature set.

1. Target Keywords

Link Whisper Review: Target keywords for refined Link suggestions

In combination with Natural Language Processing and other techniques used to refine the quality of the Link suggestions, Link Whisper comes up with an intelligent idea.

Called Target keywords. These are phrases that are set for every post and are used to increase the matching chances of Opportunities by the Link suggestions tool.

Link Whisper doesn't just introduce a clever approach. But also, it has oversimplified everything.

Suppose you have published hundreds of thousands of Pages before discovering Link Whisper, going back to each Page for the sake of setting Target Keywords will be time-consuming and almost impossible.

Link Whisper has got us!

It integrates with SEO WordPress Plugins in order to extract your focus keywords, making the process easy and seamless.

2. GSC integration

Link Whisper integrates with GSC in order to extract more Target keywords.

When Google Search Console is connected with the tool, you will likely see improved Link recommendations quality.

3. Link Click Tracking

 Track the clicks on Internal Links with Link Whisper

Ever wanted to track Link clicks on your site? Link Whisper has also got us.

It can help you monitor the user click behavior and this covers both Internal and External Links.

4. Search and Replace Existing Link

Link Whisper: Existing URL Replacement Feature

“Search and Replace Existing Links” of Link Whisper might be the reason you escaped the 10 hrs of work.

It is a simple and straightforward process.

You merely have to specify the Old URL along with the new URL, then leave the rest for the Plugin.

5. Detect Broken Links

As far as Link Whisper is concerned, you don't necessarily need another Broken Link Plugin, for it comes with one.

The Plugin detects broken and 404 URLs from your pages right away.

6. Related Posts

As the name sounds, LW comes with Related Posts widget.

You can add it to your site if you don't have one or you don't like your current style.

LinkBoss’ Unique Features: What sets it apart from Link Whisper?

Let's now check out where LinkBoss edges out Link Whisper in the pursuit of better internal linking.

1. Smart Internal Link Generator

LinkBoss's Smart Link Generator
LinkBoss's Smart Link Generator

To better understand what the Smart Internal Link Generator does.

Let's consider this case —

Assuming you are using the Link suggestion ability of Link Whisper to connect your internal Pages.

You made use of the tool to connect your semantically related Posts and everything went successfully.

It was so because it's easier for the tool to deliver more opportunities when you have many posts targeting the same subject.

Let's consider another case —

Here, you have written a few other Articles that are standing by themselves.

When we say by themselves, we mean, there's little to no Page on your site that references the topic of the other Articles.

The Internal link suggestion tool of both Plugins ain't effective here, as they will likely not find any opportunity to suggest.

This is where LinkBoss Smart Internal Link Generator comes into play.

The tool gives you the ability to create an opportunity yourself or with AI.

After you have created the opportunity, it is mostly let's say a FAQ-like content. You will then be given the option to add it to the desired section of your post.

The smart internal link generator can be a lifesaver when there exists no link-able opportunity in a post.

To learn more on how this works. You can check our Review of LinkBoss.

2. Silo Interlinking Network

LinkBoss Review - Silo Builder

Maintaining a good Silo structure is vital for a healthy SEO.

With LinkBoss, you can easily point all of your cluster pages to the pillar. You can also cross-link your clusters in bulk using the tool.

Guide to choosing b/w Link Whisper and LinkBoss internal linking tool?

Now that we have rated Link Whisper against LinkBoss outrightly, it is time to come up with a decisive guide that will help you make a clever decision.

Here's a brief yet strong guide to choosing between Link Whisper and LinkBoss.

1. Internal link suggestion: Link Whisper

2. Internal Link Report: Link Whisper

3. Automatic Linking: LinkBoss

4. Time-efficient page connection: LinkBoss

5. Features: Link Whisper

6. Performance: Link Whisper

7. AI-assisted content websites: LinkBoss

8. Large Publications and Big websites: Link Whisper

9. Multi-site Link suggestions: Link Whisper

10. Best Overall: Link Whisper

In all, we prefer Link Whisper to LinkBoss. From every perspective of judgement, LW wins out the other contestant.

We only recommend LinkBoss if you want to build internal links at scale without minding the quality of the generated links.

Link Whisper has been existing since time past and it has shuffled its approach a whole lot, making it come up to a state where we are safe to call it a reliable Plugin for internal linking.

Nevermind, whether you're going with Link Whisper or LinkBoss. Please ensure you go using our Creator links below. It means a lot to us. A kind of Hard work paid off! Please support this content.

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