Internal Link Juicer Review: best Automatic Linking Plugin for WordPress?

In this Internal Link Juicer Review, we will explore what the Plugin is and what it does. We will also review the Plugin in Pricing and other criteria. Get ready to ascertain how it performs, how it compares with the competition, and finally – whether it lives up to the name, “best Automatic Linking Plugin for WordPress“!

Internal Link Juicer is an Automatic Link building Plugin that connects relevant pages by leveraging the power of focused and targeted keywords in WordPress. It works for both External and Internal links, as a result, connection requires less time and human effort.

Likewise Link Whisper and Linkilo, it's built particularly for Link Automation. But there is a conspicuous difference!

In Link Whisper, the core element is the Link suggestion. Here, you have to filter through some noise even though there's a separate option for Automatic linking. The Autolinking part is also uncool because it consumes more time (as compared with Link Juicer), and also doesn't make a perfect workflow.

On the contrary, you find no Link suggestion let alone effing Noises in the subject Plugin. The best part of it is that the Automatic Linking took it to another level.

With it, you can store keywords and terms that get hyperlinked on autopilot. Nope, your mindset ain't doing it right! — there's a bitty chance for Irrelevancy thanks to the Advanced option for the linking job. You get to choose Pages to be linked, how often the linking happens, and where it shouldn't appear at all.

A quick hop to the site will help you understand what it has to offer. You can hop back to finish up the Review.

Internal Link Juicer is beautified with conveniences that help in Link Automation. From the Keyword editor screen which is the heartbeat to the Automatic hyperlinking feature and beneath are what the Plugin has to offer

  1. Manual and Derived Focus keywords
  2. Keyword Editor Functionality
  3. Automatic Internal Linking and settings
  4. Custom Links
  5. Link structure and statistics

Taking them one after the other

1. Manual and Derived Focus keywords

Before advancing to auto-linking, a focus or target keyword must be in place. In Link Juicer, there are two options for this:

1.1. Derived Focus keywords: Here, you can easily import Focus keywords from predefined Page titles or from your favorite SEO tool (I use Rank Math). This option is available to premium users' only.

1.2. Manual Focus keywords: Here, you set up focus keywords manually as you write on WordPress.

Whichever one you choose, you can configure blocks, frequency, and limit so that the right Automatic link only appears on your page.

This leads us to Functionality two,

2. Keyword Editor

The Keyword Editor feature is the heart of Internal Link Juicer. It is displayed beneath the right side of the editor screen. There you can construct the focus keywords of the current page which the Plugin will later use for Internal linking.

You can further adjust some settings such as keyword gaps, gap types, and surrounding settings.

For Keyword gaps, it's one of the conveniences that set the Plugin apart from the competition. With it, one can uncover the limit.

Here is the keyword gap in action: Supposed that I have “Link Whisper Review” as a configured keyphrase. Here, the Plugin interlinks the exact phrase anywhere it appears on my site.

What of “Link Whisper Plugin Review”, “Link Whisper Internal Linking Plugin Review” and other variations? At this point, the Internal Link Juicer interlinks matches of keyphrases as they appear in its database. This is the default settings.

However, with the Keyword gap option, we'll be able to cover up almost all variation of our configured keyphrases. We just need to add the amount of gaps within our seed phrases before they should convert into a link.

internal link juicer keyword editor functionality

In addition, we can use the 3 different gap types to make it more intelligent. Also, the mini-settings section is always there for us. We can define keywords that don't get linked in the current content. In fact, our flexibility is limitless.

3. Automatic Internal Linking and settings

This Review of Internal Link Juicer is futile without mentioning Automatic Linking which is like an integral part or function of the Plugin.

As it name suggest, it juices up your overall SEO in its entirety by building and connecting relevant links across your site.

Unlike the basic version of Automatic Linking offered by other Plugins, this very one is highly feature-rich and it lets you place the Autolinks intelligently and purposely.

All thanks to its intelligent filters. With them, we can not only set up links that appears automatically on our site, but also, we can specify the place and the manner in which they should be applied.

We can exclude or include parts of our site for the Automatic internal linking. We can set up Priorities, Limits and whatnot. The Priorities let's us value one Autolink more than the other.

The following filters of the Internal Link Juicer helps in applying Automatic Links accurately

1. Whitelist and Blacklist: The Whitelist filter enables us to specify explicitly the parts and sections of our Page that are eligible for the Auto-internal linking. The Blacklist filter on the other hand adds a little bit of functionality – it lets us exclude certain elements from the Whitelisted elements. With Whitelist, we make the Application of Autolinks possible. With blacklist, we exclude elements from the Automatic Links. With both, we create meaningful and purposely attached Pages.

For example: Assuming I want my Paragraphs to be set for Automatic linking alone, I can use the Whitelist filter to get the links applied and then the Blacklist filter to exclude other portions of my Page such as the Headlines, List items, e.t.c

2. Autolinks Prioritization: [First Configured links, Highest word count first, Lowest word count first, Highest Character Count, Lowest Character Count]

The priority rule is used to prioritize Autolinks over another. It let's you make the Automatic linking process wholly intentional.

By giving you the ability to rank one link higher than the other, you no longer need to worry about the Automation.

A good number of people are fond of making this complain. The irking issue is that, when you make use of Automatic linking, the value and prioritization of each link is not there.

Thankfully, it's just good to see Internal Link Juicer fixing up this mess. Whether, you would like to point to your Money page more or your Review Page, it's a piece of cake with the subject Plugin.

The Prioritization rules are of several kinds such as

  • First Configured links
  • Highest word count first
  • Lowest word count first
  • Highest Character Count
  • Lowest Character Count

As their respective name depicts, the Automatic linking will align itself, making sure a sense of priority is employed.

3. Autolinks Limit: [Same URL Limit, Fixed Limit per Page/Paragraph, Link as much as possible (Greedy Link Mode)]

Assuming the application of Automatic links isn't being controlled or regulated, the output would always be chaotic.

When there's an existence of several link opportunities in a page, the Automatic linking will probably register all of them as hyperlinks. This will be so ugly and excessive.

Fortunately, the Internal Link Juicer Plugin had come up with tactics to place limits. With it, gone are the days of excessively-linked Anchor Texts.

We the content creators, are now enabled to take decision pertaining to the number of Autolinks that appear on our site. We have many options to do this such as:

3.1. Same URL Limit: With this Limit, we can set the frequency at which a Page should get linked within another. This Limit rule becomes practical when you don't want a large number of links pointing to the same Page.
3.2. Fixed Limit per Page/Paragraph: These Limits are used in placing fixed numeric values which will govern the quantity of the Automatic links that Internal Link Juicer will build up on a site. It instructs the tool in this manner – hey, please only allow a certain amount of Autolinks on this Page/Paragraph
3.3. Geedy Link Mode: originally referred to as ‘Link as much as possible'. It is created for webmasters who do not want to miss out on any opportunity. When you toggle this mode ON, every occurrence of your target keywords get hyperlinked without limit.

3.4. Considering of Existing Links or Manually created links: (Do not link already manually built link targets)

3.5. Apply Autolinks within the same Taxonomy: This filter is only available to Pro users' and it lets you pigeonhole the application of Autolinks within categories or tags.

3.6. Link Exclusion: In our Review of the Internal Link Juicer, we liked the Link Exclusion Filter more than any other one. It lets us exclude certain HTML areas for instance, the Headlines and Strong text from the Automatic Linking. You can further exclude other areas such as Tables, Image Captions, Ordered and Unordered list, Block quotes, Italic text, Inline quotes, Sourcecode, e.t.c.

3.7. Custom fields of posts/terms that get used for linking

3.8. Others: (like the Option to No follow internal links should you need it (heavily not recommended)

3.9. Template for the Link output & Template for custom links: You can change how the links behave. You can also mask the links if you feel like it. This one is really an important setting (more on this here)

The support for Custom Links is another advantage that made the Plugin stands out among some Internal linking WordPress Plugins.

Now, instead of being limited to only Automatic internal links, one can as well configure outbound links to behave all automatically (which i think is the best suited for this)

Like seen in Auto-internal linking and its settings, we can off course perform all the stuff with our Custom URLs (think External and Affiliate links).

That said, the Internal Link Juicer Plugin isn't only an Interlinking Plugin but also an Exterlinking tool for WordPress for less work.

By our ability to perform all the stuff we discussed in the previous section with our Custom URLs, we can dub the software as “a nice coverage for all things Automatic hyperlinking”.

Metrics and statistical Information is crucial as they combat guess-working. Instead of approaching it blindly, you have full and enough information.

The Link statistics section shows the following

Internal Link Juicer Link Statistics
  • The Pages that are part of the Link index
  • Your configured focus keywords
  • Incoming and outgoing links.

For Anchor Text statistics, you get to see the following:

Internal Link Juicer Link Anchor Texts Statistics
  • All the configured keywords which Internal Link Juicer have used for Automatic Linking.
  • The frequency at which the configured keywords are used and their individual lengths.

You can filter and query the Information being delivered. It's also searchable by Post and Anchor Texts.

By hitting the pencil icon, you can edit a Page from the statistics dashboard. You can also preview the progress of your post from there.

Likewise Link Whisper and most Internal Linking Plugins, there's a free version of the Subject Plugin which can be installed and ran from It's a freemium product which means you don't necessarily need to pay for it.

For the basic usage, the free version will satiate. However, if you would like to enjoy all the features we have reviewed, then it's time to look up for the Premium version.

The Pro version is managed by Freemius, a business model where Plugins and Themes are sold. That means, all things Payment and Subscription are managed by them.

Now, unlike seen in other Interlinking tool, you can easily cancel your subscription from the Freemius dashboard. Never mind, Internal link Juicer doesn't support subscription, it's a one-time payment.

By one-time payment, we mean, they don't use subscription and the payment being made is one-time. If you want to continue using the Plugin, then you can pay when your current duration lapse.

Back to subject, Internal Link Juicer Pricings – is it worth the money?

Pricing as of 12/2023. Smash the Image to view latest Pricing information

Internal Link Juicer is priced as follows:

  • The single site license, $69.99/Yr
  • 5 sites License, $149.99/Yr
  • 10 sites License, $189.99/Yr
  • Unlimited sites, $1299/Yr

The general rule of them is that the total cost reduces with long commitment in perpetuity.

One noteworthy thing is that all Payments are backed up by a solid 14-day money-back guarantee.

Does the Internal Link Juicer Plugin has a free trial or even better — a free version? Are there any Discount, Coupon or Promo code that could get it at the best bargain? What about Lifetime deal? Are there any one?

You might have asked. Here are the most recent Answers

The Internal Link Juicer Plugin does have a free version which you can download from The free trial to premium is unavailable.

As for Promo codes and Lifetime deal, they are also unavailable. But we promise to provide them as sooner as they are activated.

Internal Link Juicer Pro VS Free version

As a user of Internal Link Juicer free version, the following functions will be deprived from you

  • Custom Links (for external and affiliate links)
  • Whitelist of taxonomies, options to blacklist child pages of Blacklisted Pages, Blacklist of Terms that shouldn't be used for Linking.
  • Limit links per Paragraph and Taxonomies
  • Consideration of existing or manually created links
  • Custom fields of posts and terms that get used for linking

Using the Internal Link Juicer Plugin is no-brainer. It's just the same way we use a regular Plugin.

First, you need to get the Plugin activated on your site. For this, you can use this link that leads to its portfolio on and get it downloaded. After then, you need to upload and activate it on your site from the Admin area.

Next, you decide if you need the Free or Premium version. For the Pro version, you can get it up and running from the same Admin area. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from their website.

After then, the need to customize the Plugin's settings would arise. To do this, head over to the ‘settings tab' from your admin area and tweak some changes there. You can do a lot of things. From deciding the manner and protocols Automatic hyperlinking should follow, to instructing the Plugin to reserve its data even after it's deleted and more, are wholly customizable.

After you have tinkered with some changes, then it's time to start the Automatic hyperlinking.

To do this, kindly open the desired page on the editor screen. Behold the section that the Plugin will add on the right side of the Page.

The Keyword Editor Function

From there, you can start entering “target keywords” for the current post. You can optionally use the Gap feature to cover keyword variations.

There are a lot to do from here. After you have constructed keywords for the Page. You can now hit the publish button.

The changes will happen instantly. That's it. You now know how to use the Internal Link Juicer Plugin at its best.

Internal Link Juicer Customer support

One of the vital things to put in consideration before deciding to go with a Product is the Customer Satisfaction score. It will let you know in advance if you will be satisfied to the fullest or not.

A good company should have good ratings. Thankfully, the ratings can't be manipulated with money, and with it, you have a prior knowledge or a shrewd guess of how you'll be treated if you decide to use a particular Product or Service.

Thankfully, Internal Link Juicer and their sayings are what they are. From their 14 days money-back guarantee to helpful documentations, and responsive email support to the jam-packed tutorials on YouTube and whatnot, are all realities.

You get a full refund if you request for it within the 14 days duration. But bear in mind, your purpose of cancelation must be valid enough for it to be possible. Be sure to review their Refund terms before initiating any purchase.

Back to topic, regarding Internal Link Juicer and its customer support service. It's highly helpful and responsive.

I reached out to them via Email and was blown away with the timeframe at which they replied. It was less than 3 hrs and of course, they did resolve my case. For the ratings, I would candidly give them 4.5 stars

Think their full Documentions on this page, or is it about their helpful YouTube tutorials and FAQs pages? Hope we didn't miss any thing.

It's just good to hear that the Internal Link Juicer Plugin didn't come alone in the aspect of Internal linking. Therefore, we have got a lot of options that make a perfect replacement.

Should the Plugin misbehave or not meet our needs, we can freely try this ones out. I think all of them are striving for the best position.

Internal Link Juicer best Alternatives include:

The Links on the list are pointing to their site's respectively, if you're more of a Review person, here are our intriguing discoveries

By poor alternatives, we mean, the Plugins being presented can't replace or aren't in the same line of business as the subject. They are slightly related to Internal Link Juicer and hence offer a poor function as compared with it.

The Plugins that fall under this category include:

  • Rank Math, a fully SEO Plugin that does well in its on sector
  • Lasso CTA tool, a multi-purpose Affiliate Plugin that has an option to do Automatic Linking
  • ThirstyAffiliates, a Link management tool that also does intelligent Automatic Linking thanks to its Architecture
  • PrettyLinks, the most used Link Management Plugin that makes Autolinking possible

Whatever have Pros must also have Cons.

Here are the benefits and advantages of using the Internal Link Juicer Plugin.

1. Saved Time and Energy

Link Automation should not be neglected. Because, we as content creators, are always running out of time, and an extra minute is always an advantage.

By using the Plugin in question, you automate part of the hyperlinking process.

2. Less missed opportunities for Internal Linking

Automatic linking alone will make sure you're not missing out on any Link opportunity.

You just have to do it once on the Editor screen, and it will be established on both past and future mentions of that keyword.

3. More Page views

Want more page views? Then attach links intelligently in your contents. When the linking is Automatic, then there's no doubt it will cover more keywords, which translates to more Page views.

4. More flexibility

When you embrace Autolinking in your site. Chances are and depending on the Plugin used, there would be more flexibility regarding what you can and can't do with Links.

The Automatic Linking from Internal Link Juicer lets you change stuff globally. Any time you decide not to link to a certain keyword or otherwise, you can simply achieve that by changing it from the parent page.

It will keep getting easier

Of course, we should also take a look at the reasons why we should give Internal Link Juicer a second eye before making the final decision. Here are what we found worthy to be called Disadvantages in our Review of Internal Link Juicer.

1.No Internal Links opportunity suggestions

Most People who look for Internal Linking Tools have the Link suggestions feature on mind. That ability to get helpful Link suggestions for internal links is on a high demand.

And while Internal Link Juicer lets us cover some of the opportunities using Keyword-to-link conversion, the result isn't always appealing and making that happen requires a big time.

Top Plugins like Link Whisper (reviewed here) and Linksy uses Natural Language Processing to analyze your content, giving you great Internal Links suggestions.

Internal Link Juicer is a kind of a Link Automation Tool, it doesn't cover more of internal linking just like the competition do.

The Internal link-building tools on top of our list offer them; you easily detect Pages that are Orphaned including Broken & faulty URLs.

3. Generally not the best in the industry

Link Juicer is one of the oldest Plugins that streamlines internal linking. It has really helped a lot of bloggers and affiliate marketers in the Link inserting job.

However, it's not the best and you could be losing a lot of features when you decide to go with the Plugin. You can check our best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins to discover its current ranking

FAQs and rich Answers

Absolutely not, the Internal Link Juicer makes use of its own Link index which means faster loading times for your pages.

Additionally, the Plugin is lightweight and doesn't contain features that are outside of its area of concentration. It's only based in Advanced Autolinking unlike others that pack several features.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, building more internal links does have a positive impact in Search position. Therefore when you build more links, your ranking should wax stronger.

Yes, the Plugin in question works well with WPML and Polylang. So you can easily translate the default English Language to the desired one.

What Page builders are compatible?

Giving that the builder supports WordPress and doesn't interfere with other Plugins, then Internal Link Juicer should work properly.

What happens if my license expires?

If your license duration lapse, you won't be able to get subsequent updates and as well, all links generated under the premium feature wil get deactivated.

Free functions will remain intact, for instance, your Autolinks will remain untouched, but as for Custom links (since it's a premium access) they will get deactivated.

Does it work with Woocommerce, Shopify, or another eCommerce platform?

Internal Link Juicer is only a WordPress Plugin, thus it doesn't work on Shopify or other e-commerce platform.

So it later transpired that we did come this far in this Internal Link Juicer Review. Now, we're about to make the final judgement.

To make this an exhaustive one, we ought to compare it heavily with that of its Alternatives.

Here's it — the Internal Link Juicer is worth it from all sectors. Reasons are as follows

  • It saves you time
  • It saves you energy
  • It makes sure you have little to no missed link opportunity
  • More Internal linking mean a positive outcome in SERP performance. But it ain't a magic and there's no guarantee that it will even do that.

It's time to compare Internal Link Juicer with other Plugins

This section compares Internal Link Juicer swiftly with Autolinks Manager, another well-known WordPress Plugin in the same line of business. Let's get cranking.

Common Features: Automatic Internal Linking, Automatic External Linking, Intelligent Filters and settings that betters the Automatic Link output, Export and Import of Autolinks and Settings

  • Has categories and Terms Group for Autolinks
  • Exhaustive Reporting Dashboard
  • Statistics Dashboard shows click-tracking data about Autolinks built
  • Perfect workflow
  • Has its own Link index

This page compares the Internal Link Juicer Plugin with Interlinks Manager, a unique Interlinkinng tool by DAEXT.

Common Features: Automatic Internal Linking, Intelligent Filters and settings that betters the Automatic Link output, Export and Import of Autolinks and Settings

  • Provides an exhaustive Reporting Dashboard
  • Shows Click-tracking data on Internal Links
  • Link suggestion
  • Internal Links Analysis and Optimization
  • Autolinks categorization and grouping
  • Support External URLs for Automatic Linking
  • Makes a perfect work-flow
  • Has its own Link index
  • Generally an Internal Linking Tool (not confined in Autolinking)

Here, we drew up a succinct comparison with Linkilo, a superior Link Whisper Alternative allegedly.

Common Features: Automatic Linking for both Internal and External URLs, Autolinks filters that betters the output,

  • Offers Related Posts and Internal Link opportunity suggestions
  • Extra Features such as Anchor Text Analysis, Keyword and Link cannibalization
  • Deeper Autolinks statistics
  • Generally an Internal Linking Tool (not confined in Autolinking)
  • Export and Import of Autolinks and Settings are crucial
  • Perfect workflow
  • Doesn't offer Link suggestion let alone the effing Noises that come along with it
  • Has its own Link index
  • Has a free version
  • Perfect workflow

In brevity, here is how Link Whisper, the #1 Internal Linking Plugin performs in comparison with Internal link Juicer.

Common Features: Automatic Linking, Intelligent Autolinks filters, Export and Import of Autolinks and settings

  • Link suggestion
  • URL changer
  • Broken Link Report
  • More Reporting and statistical information
  • Generally the #1 Internal Linking Plugin
  • Perfect workflow
  • Has its own Link index
  • Has an Advantage in the area of Automatic Linking

Overall, Internal Link Juicer is a very good Plugin with benefits. Especially if you're in the market for Automatic Linking alone which won't mess your site up. For the competing Alternatives, you can check their Reviews out and then compare it to Internal Link Juicer and see what option you need.

As for Linkilo and Link Whisper, they are actually the leading ones' right now. Maybe it's time to check out our decisive review around Internal Linking Plugins – Internal Link Juicer vs Link Whisper vs Linkilo vs Interlinks Manager vs Autolinks Manager.

For now, let's continue with Internal Link Juicer, you searched for it. So try it out!

We might have rendered you indecisive. No worries, you can use the Comment section. We will be listening all day long.

Until then, happy solid Internal Linking!

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