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LinkBoss Internal Linking App: Best Link Whisper Alternative?

Link Whisper has been the tiger head for internal link building tools. Many Plugins has been released and they are trying to beat one another.

Having used Link Whisper and cos let's say for a lifetime, we'll reveal whether this new app called LinkBoss makes a good tool for internal linking.

You can always visit the best Internal linking WordPress Plugins. Should be helpful in guaging how much LinkBoss fares against the competition.

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We believe we have the highest coverage when it comes to tools that streamline internal linking. We have also tested a good number of these Plugins. Therefore, you're always safe when you go with our advice.

You just need to ensure that you read our Pros and Cons section before taking the leap.

And to make it clearer, we don't push products. We just drop our honest review and opinion. You're to decide whether the Product makes a good fit for your use case.

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What's LinkBoss and What does it do?

LinkBoss Homepage

LinkBoss is an internal linking app for WordPress. The tool makes it possible to feel the other side of internal linking.

It can spot internal linking opportunities for you. It can take advantage of the possibilities. And it can create Interlinks at scale without the help of a human.

LinkBoss is not perfect in its dealings. This is sth we must confess.

But we was bowled over testing some stuff that isn't possible with Link Whisper.

Let's keep this Review of LinkBoss going.

LinkBoss Review: Features and Practical Application on Internal Linking

LinkBoss is jam-packed with lots of features that could supercharge the process of internal linking.

We had presented the functions in a list. In the next few lines, we'll discuss how they matter to internal linking.

  1. Inbound Internal Link Suggestion
  2. Outbound Internal Link Suggestion
  3. Healthy Silo Building
  4. Bulk Internal linking
  5. Links Report

1. Inbound Internal Link Suggestion

Inbound Internal Link Suggestion from LinkBoss
Inbound Internal Link Suggestion from LinkBoss

Just like Link Whisper, the #1 internal linking tool, LinkBoss offers internal link opportunity suggestions as its core feature.

LinkBoss uses AI (NLP) and Machine Learning to analyze your website's semantics so that it can provide even more meaningful recommendations.

The internal link suggestions interface takes the exact shape of Link Whisper. It intentionally hunts for Orphan Content and reports hidden opportunities.

This is how the internal link suggestion works – LinkBoss retrieves sections from your Pages that contain opportunities (Anchors) along with targeted URLs/Pages.

You're then provided with the ability to review the suggested opportunities and subsequently apply them or not.

You can also edit the elements of the Link suggestions such as the selected section, selected Anchor Texts, or the Target URL/Page.

In our review of the LinkBoss internal linking app, we noticed a peculiar feature.

LinkBoss's Smart Link Generator
LinkBoss's Smart Link Generator

Called the “Smart Internal Link Generator”, it allows you to resolve the absence of relevant opportunities in a particular page.

You can take advantage of that function to fast create opportunities in Pages. Just click on the banner and come up with a good Headline and paragraph.

The paragraph should have the opportunity (i.e. the desired Anchor).

LinkBoss comes with lots of flexibility here. You're given the ability to insert the created opportunity in the desired section of your Page.

The Headlines of the Page concerned are pulled and you're allowed to place the opportunity (now a live URL) in the right place.

Just so you know, LinkBoss also reports the internal linking profile. This goes to the exact Page on which you're trying to build Inbound links to.

2. Outbound Internal Link Suggestion

LinkBoss Review - Outbound Internal Link Suggestion

In our review of LinkBoss, we were intrigued that the App offers both variations of the internal link suggestions present in Link Whisper.

The first one which is the Inbound Link suggestion – This shows opportunities from other Pages that can be leveraged for successful internal connection.

The second one (ie., the outbound) reveals potential places on the current page.

The Links built as a result of Inbound link suggestions are called Inbound internal links. As usual, Links built from Outbound Link suggestions are called Outbound internal links.

There's actually nothing different in the mode of operation here. The Outbound Link suggestions follows the same approach of the other one (i.e. the Inbound one).

3. Healthy Silo Building

LinkBoss Review - Silo Builder

Ever miscarried your Silo system? You're not going to mess up again with LinkBoss.

This is also a proprietary feature which means that only the App offers it in our top collection of internal link building tools.

Miscarriages with Silo systems can come out when you missed to link just one cluster page to the pillar. With LinkBoss, you can easily notice any omission and fix it right away.

To start, you just have to provide your pillar page. Then write down all your cluster pages that you want to point to the pillar.

Thankfully, you don't have to write them down manually. LinkBoss can fetch posts from your categories, making it so much easy to enter a good number of clusters for your project.

After you're done presenting your pillar page and clusters, LinkBoss will help you attach them together.

If you have linked a particular cluster already, the app will give it a blue tick. If you haven't, LinkBoss will follow its regular way of revealing internal linking opportunities.

With that, you can achieve an impeccable silo network.

4. Bulk Auto Internal Linking

LinkBoss Review - Bulk Auto Internal Linking

LinkBoss's Auto Internal Linking is a highly experimental feature that can save you tons of time especially if you're working on AI content websites.

The tool forces the ability to achieve internal linking even when there exists no opportunity in your content. It works let's say the same task a human would do when trying to craft an opportunity (i.e., an Anchor Text).

With AI, LinkBoss easily generates content that are Not-So-Good (maybe for now) and ensures that Opportunities/Anchors are created.

These generated content are then attached to your Pages by LinkBoss. The Opportunities are also converted to Hyperlinks in the same process, creating not just Possibilities but Live connections (inbound links) to the target Pages.

The Bulk Interlinking function can be handy when it comes to AI-content based websites particularly.

It will let them easily stitch their AI-assisted Pages together without having to spoil the AI game. That is to say that they don't have to visit their Pages one by one, creating internal linking opportunities and making the connections themselves.

Don't mind us, website owners who are allergic to AI content and don't have them on their board can also find this tool useful.

The fact that it generates the opportunity by itself and completes the task on autopilot makes it a big time-saver.

It's the only tool we have seen that can create Internal link opportunities.

Just like we have been saying, if you want to do more with your AI-assisted website/content, give this plugin a go and feel the calming breeze.

5. Links Report

LinkBoss Links Report

LinkBoss's internal link suggestions interface natively comes with core reports such as Outbound internal links, Inbound internal links and External Links. And you can find this information for each page.

In this section of the LinkBoss WordPress Plugin titled the “Link Reports”, you can see even more.

Orphan Posts are reported separately and the option to correct them via internal link suggestions are right at their sides.

Linked-To Domains Report is also present. This shows the external sites that you have linked to and the number of their links on your site.

You can visualize and export this data.

LinkBoss Pricing – is it worth the money

LinkBoss uses a Credit Pricing System. Each link you build with the App costs 1 credit.

Let's check out the two pricing levels it comes with.

Monthly Plan

LinkBoss Price: Monthly Plan
  1. $11 for Starter (200 Credits)
  2. $49 for Growth (1000 Credits)
  3. $149 for Enterprise (4000 Credita)

Pay As You Go

LinkBoss Price: Pay As You Go
  1. $69 for Pro (1000 Credits)
  2. $247 for Plus (4000 Credits)

Your Credit doesn't expire at all with Pay As You Go. As long as you have it, it will keep waiting for you.

We recommend the Starter plan in Monthly for an average website. Don't mind the “3 sites usage access” tag in this plan because the Credit is too low for it. But for just one site, on average, they will do between 150 – 200 credits per month.

So I recommend the Starter plan in Monthly for a regular website.

However, if you're new to LinkBoss and plan to make full use of the app's features, the Starter plan may not be adequate. First-time users often require more credits to capitalize on existing opportunities within their pages and to explore the app's functionalities fully.

In such cases, the Starter Plan in the Monthly subscription may not be the ideal choice.

LinkBoss Lifetime deal, Free Trial, Free Version, Discount, Coupon & Promo codes?

LinkBoss once offered a Lifetime license. But it's now closed. Bummer!

Chances are likely, they may roll it out for the very last time.

Nonetheless, the App gives 100 credits for free trial.

So you can always try the Plugin free before deciding to spend any dime.

LinkBoss Review: Customer Satisfaction score, CSAT?

It's not all about running to grab a LinkBoss license. Will there be anyone to help you understand and navigate the App?

You've asked well!

While I was testing the App, I encountered an error, and it was something beyond my ability to fix.

I used the chat functionality of the App and heard from them 2 hours later.

They have responsive Customer support agents. As a result, I was able to fix the issue right away.

They have also published useful resources that will let you understand every angle.

LinkBoss Review: Alternatives and Competitors (Free and Paid)

LinkBoss is relatively new to the industry; there are Plugins that have existed before its inception. And there are ones that came after it.

Here are the best LinkBoss Alternatives to consider before making the final decision

  1. Link Whisper: Regarded as the #1 Internal Linking Tool because of its Superiority
  2. Linkilo WordPress Plugin: Regarded as the best Link Whisper Alternative
  3. Linksy AI-Powered link-builder: A complete copy of Link Whisper with some unique features
  4. Interlinks Manager: Liked for its internal link Optimization Assistant
  5. Internal Link Juicer: Good for automating keyword-to-link conversion.
  6. Autolinks Manager: Good for automating keyword-to-link conversion.

Ps. Their performance score decreases down the list.

LinkBoss Distinct Features: What sets it apart from the competition?

While the main objective is to streamline internal linking, all internal linking tools come with unique abilities.

Here are the distinct features of LinkBoss that are not yet seen in the competition.

  1. Generates Internal Link Opportunities
  2. Silo Building Assistant

1. Generates Internal Link Opportunities

The likes of Link Whisper, Linkilo and Linksy are just plugins that let you make use of the opportunities lying in your Pages.

LinkBoss can create opportunities and can make use of existing ones at the same time.

Through the power of AI, LinkBoss makes it possible to inject opportunities into your Pages right from its interface.

You can write the opportunity yourself or let LinkBoss generate an AI content for you.

You'll then need to select the portion of your page to insert the created opportunity. LinkBoss prefers adding this within the last few Headings before the last Heading (think within the FAQ Pages).

Note: This feature is called the Smart Link Generator in LinkBoss.

2. Silo Building Assistant

LinkBoss Silo Interlinking Network

In our review of LinkBoss, we found an interesting feature that facilitates the process of siloing.

The feature is limited to the Plugin alone and is a boasting area for the teams at LinkBoss.

How does it even work?

Just provide the App with what it needs (your pillar page and clusters), then relax back for it to examine the connection.

It will check if your cluster pages are all pointing to the Pillar.

Suppose it discerned some clusters that aren't linking to the Pillar, it will use its Link suggestions to dig for hidden opportunities, finding and also creating them if there exists none.

The Silo Building Assistant is dope. It's also easy to configure. That means, you won't have to specify your cluster Pages one by one; It can fetch the Posts from categories.

LinkBoss Review: Pros and Cons

We have now come to the interesting part.

In our review of LinkBoss, we compared it with the competition, finding both loopholes and winning sides of the Plugin.

We have also noted down all the inconveniences we faced using the Plugin. We won't hide anything.

LinkBoss Pros

1. Saved Time and Effort
2. Used internal link opportunity

LinkBoss Cons

1. Internal Link Suggestions can be irrelevant at times
2. The Bulk Auto Internal Linking Tool outputs AI garbages sometimes and there's no option yet to edit it right from the App.
3. There's delay in synchronization between WordPress site and LinkBoss App.

FAQs and rich Answers

Some FAQs and Useful Answers

Will it improve Search ranking?

LinkBoss will not directly affect your SERP ranking. But internal linking which is its base can be the reason you're elevated on the Search Engine Result Page.

Countless SEOs have tested the impact of internal links on search ranking and this has returned positive results.

Does LinkBoss work in my Language?

As of the time of updating this LinkBoss Review, English is the only language that has been completely rolled out. Others are in beta and should be used with caution.

What Page builders are compatible?

LinkBoss is compatible with WordPress websites, be it Classic or Gutenberg Editor. It's designed to work smoothly with Themes that support Gutenberg, such as GeneratePress, Kadence, Astra, etc.

However, it currently doesn't support page builders like WPBakery that are not Gutenberg-compatible.

What happens (to all my links) if I uninstall the plugin or cancel LinkBoss?

Generated links remain forever. It doesn't matter whether you canceled your license or even uninstalled the Plugin.

The approach is a kind of manual link-building process. There's no additional tag to the Link's HTML.

Everything is okay just like with most internal linking tools.

Does it work for e-commerce sites like Shopify or other CMS that isn't WordPress?

As of this time, LinkBoss is only available to WordPress users.

If you're looking for an Internal linking Plugin that also works for Shopify, check out Link Whisper for Shopify.

Is there a learning curve associated with LinkBoss?

Getting acclimated to a new tool can be overwhelming at times. Especially if the Product in question requires ages to understand.

This is not a case with LinkBoss.

You can probably get used to the App in just one day. There's nothing to learn. You only need to understand the interface.

Are there any free trial of LinkBoss?

Ohhh Yes! LinkBoss offers a free trial and is 1 good Month of free acess.

You can start your LinkBoss 30 day trial using a Creator's Link. Can't thank you enough 🙂

LinkBoss worth it? Question their claims?

LinkBoss is advertised as the smartest ever internal linking tool, but is it one?

It is of a truth that it has a feature called the Smart Internal Link Generator that edges out other internal linking tools. But does that make it the smartest?

The Smart Link Generator of LinkBoss is a feature that can let you create internal linking opportunities when there exists none in your post.

I think that the Smart Internal Link Generator tool is one of the features that bring about this name, the smartest ever internal linking tool. That function is good, and it is unfortunately not seen in Link Whisper, which we consider as the #1 internal linking tool.

LinkBoss also offers the two variations of the Internal Link Opportunity Suggestions by Link Whisper. It uses natural language processing likewise LW.

To better rate the quality of their link suggestions, we tested one of our pages for intelligent recommendations for internal links.

LinkBoss gave us the same exact number of relevant suggestions that Link Whisper gave us. This shows that the quality is almost equal.

It is just that Link Whisper's interface is easy to use, and it offers additional functions that fine-tune the link suggestion quality. Called target keywords. Link Whisper brings cool results with this approach.

The targeted keywords can be set by the user. It can be collected from SEO WordPress plugins, and it can be retrieved from Google Search Console.

Having understood that the link suggestions from Link Whisper and LinkBoss are almost equal, we can say that both make a good internal link suggestion tool. But LinkBoss comes with another approach, which we have mentioned earlier, the smart internal link generator.

The smart internal link generator lets you create opportunities for internal links, if you don't already have it. Therefore, LinkBoss can be faster, if you don't have an opportunity at all. And it can help you automate the internal link opportunity creation process at scale.

LinkBoss is indeed a smart plugin, especially when it comes to internal link suggestion. When compared with Link Whisper, it lacks many features. Although it comes with its own proprietary functions, which are missing in LinkWhisper also. But Link Whisper has more feature sets.

For instance, LinkWhisper lets you audit your internal links. From the internal link report dashboard, you can see data like inbound internal link, outbound internal link, and the external links that are going out of a page. From that same screen, you can edit the links and you can delete them.

Also, LinkWhisper comes with broken links reports and a Search and Replace feature.

We do not want to continue listing all the features.

In conclusion, while LinkBoss is not the smartest internal link tool, it makes a great app for internal link opportunity suggestion. It can help you take advantage of the opportunities in your content. And it can also help you create the opportunities itself.

The silo building ability of the plugin is one of our most used features. It can help you come up with a perfect silo network.

Thankfully, the app is still doing a free trial and you can avail yourself of that.

Ps. We plead that you go with our Creator Link anytime you're ready for this. It means a lot to us. Credit Card not required.

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