How to find Internal Linking Opportunities (Automatically)

If you have done Internal Linking before, we assume you know all the effort to put in.

Finding opportunities in your content for internal links isn't something easy. This is especially common if you're not the only one submitting blog posts to that site.

Discovering Articles that are related to your piece of content is the starting point of Internal Linking.

And you can find relevant Pages manually or even automatically with Internal Link suggestion tools.

Finding Internal Linking Opportunities Manually

The same way you used to approach each before now, internal linking possibilities can be uncovered.

However, here is our input regarding how to find internal link opportunities the right way.

1. Keyword + Domain Search Operator

Finding keyword opportunities for Internal Linking

The Keyword + Domain Search Operator ( + keyword/topic) has long been a clever way for SEOs to uncover Pages of a website that are related to a certain topic.

When you perform this search on Google, the Search Engine will deliver you relevant Pages that are present in its index.

The drawback of using this technique in discovering internal linking opportunities is that the output shows only Pages that have been crawled. Those that are yet to be discovered by Google aren't revealed, leading to missed opportunities.

2. Through the Search functionality of a website

Search function of a site: Discovering Internal Linking Opportunities

In order to exhume buried Pages that aren't revealed from the previous technique, SEOs run it together with the Search function of their website.

You just plug your main topic in the search bar and then wait a sec to see the other Pages that are related.

Although this technique also comes with Cons or Exceptions, it's still a convenient way to make the most from the Keyword + Domain Search Operator.

Finding Internal Linking Opportunities Automatically with Link Suggestions Tools

Linksy Internal Linking Opportunities

It's the New Era of Internal Link building, and certain tools that save time and stress have emerged.

Among them is the Internal Link Suggestions Tools. Using them, you can nearly automate Internal Linking.

From building links automatically on WordPress to crawling the structure of your website, it's clear that Tools that deliver opportunities for internal links are performing beyond their scope.

They are under the classification of Internal Link Automation Tools, and there are way greater things they cover.

Internal Link Opportunity Suggestions Tools

Internal Link suggestion tools are Plugins that relieve the stress of discovering places for internal linking.

They are mostly powered by Natural Language Processing, a part of Artificial Intelligence that studies the flow of human-written text.

If you activate any of these tools on your site, you no longer have to face the hard work of combing through your content. It's Done-For-You, and you only have to check some buttons.

The idea of investing in a Link suggestion tool is cool. The simple trade-off is your time vs. money.

That said, let's round up the list of the best tools for internal link suggestions.

1. Link Whisper

Link Whisper

Link Whisper is arguably the best tool for finding opportunities for internal links. With the tool, you hand over all things concerning internal linking to an AI (specifically NLP and some other technologies).

Next time, and as you write on WordPress. The beast will study your content and match keyword opportunities to relevant Pages.

The flexibility of the Link suggestions tool by Link Whisper is endless. You can control almost every aspect of it.

You can learn more about this Plugin in our full Review of Link Whisper.

2. Linkilo

Link Whisper Best Alternatives - Linkilo WordPress Plugin

The next Plugin in our list of the best Internal Link suggestion tools is the Linkilo WordPress Plugin.

Just like Link Whisper, the Plugin delivers you internal link opportunities as you write on WordPress.

As opposed to Link Whisper, the Plugin is not yet making use of Natural Language Processing and is lacking behind in almost everything.

You can also learn more in our trusted Review of the Linkilo WordPress Plugin.

3. Linksy

Best Link Whisper Alternatives - Linksy AI-POWERED Link builder

Linksy AI-Powered Internal Link Builder is a relatively new tool in the industry and it's super good at delivering opportunities for internal links.

The Plugin rivals Orphaned Content through its Inbound and Outbound Internal link suggestions.

Just like others, the Plugin does more than uncovering potential possibilities, it's based on internal linking (just everything about it).

Linksy is the reason why a sound Internal Linking structure is achieved easily by SEOs.

You can learn more in our trusted Review of Linksy AI-powered Internal Link Builder.


What's the best tool for Internal Link opportunity suggestions?

Link Whisper is by far the best tool for Internal Link suggestions in our list. It gives you both Outbound and Inbound Link suggestions.

Outbound is common among Internal link tools, and the links built through this means are Outbound internal links.

The Inbound in the same vein, is one that builds incoming internal links from existing opportunities in old content.

The flexibility that comes with Link Whisper's Link suggestion tool makes it the best in the industry. You can edit the Keyword opportunity and Targeted Page to fit your liking, there's still more to do with Link Whisper.

You can check the 2024 Review of Link Whisper.

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