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How to intelligently create Automatic Links on WordPress

Relying on manual Link building alone will cause frustration. Which is why it's critically important for every website owner to automate parts of the work.

Placing hyperlinks on WordPress is both stressful and time consuming. You will need to select the text, identify the link which will go for it, and then toggle the options for Link Attributes and Behaviors.

The process is hectic, but thankfully there are now a range of ways to automate the hyperlinking process. Whether you need it for Affiliate Links, Internal and External Links, it's doable for all Link types.

By the end of this Reading, you won't only learn how to build automatic links but also how to control the application as you would do to Manual Links.

Creating Automatic Links on WordPress

Automatic Links on WordPress
Automatic Links on WordPress

There are a number of ways to build links automatically on WordPress. The king in the list is by Using Internal Linking Tools.

Using Internal Linking Tools

Internal Linking WordPress Plugins are built to take over the time-consuming and stressful part out. You'll find them invaluable when building links automatically and discovering opportunities for internal links.

As the name suggests, these tools are there to simplify internal linking.

Whether you want to build intelligent automatic links, or discover hidden keyword opportunities for internal linking, it's their nature to serve you rightly.

You can detect and fix Orphaned Content (Pages with no internal links pointing to them), Broken links and Errors in your internal linking structure.

Internal link building tools crawls the links you have on your site, and analyzes the Linking structure, exposing the things that aren't right and potential places for improvements.

The interesting fact about these Tools when it comes to Automatic Link creation is that, they have come up with settings and filters which will ensure the placements of links in relevant areas.

You won't only get the function to build intelligent Automatic links, but these functions also: Search and Replace Existing Links, Anchor Texts Replacement and so much more.

Honestly speaking, if you're on the market for a tool that will help convert texts to links using Artificial Intelligence, then Internal Linking Tools is the Answer.

We highly recommend these Plugins for that.

These two makes the greatest ones in our list of Internal Linking WordPress Plugins.

Below, you will find how to use the Plugins to nearly automate the whole process

1. Using Link Whisper to build intelligent Automatic Links

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Link Whisper makes a dedicated tool for Automatic Link creation. It's an Internal Linking Tool by name, and it careth for everything Link Automation.

The Plugin has a dedicated function called Autolinking which you can use to convert texts to links in seconds.

Autolinking Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

You just have to specify the Link alongside the Keyword of your choice, then define some filters and see Link Whisper AI automate the process for you.

The best of the best, Link Whisper comes with topnotch Automatic Link settings and filters. Unlike most socalled tools that have options for Automatic Linking, Link Whisper provides you with Advanced controls and Preview ability, ensuring you're always building links wisely.

The Preview ability called Select Links before inserting lets you review the Keywords the Plugin is trying to convert to links in advance, making sure you're not building links in areas that are off-point or out of context.

Currently, the Plugin is a few of them that has the Preview ability.

Reviewing Automatic links before they are finally created is the only way to achieve a perfect Autolinking action.

The Advanced filters and settings will only deliver a generalized control of automatic links.

Link Whisper of course houses Advance filters and settings for the work. Controls such as the Autolinks Limit (which stops the building of links when a set number is reached), Autolinks Priority (which values one automatic link over another), Autolinks Blacklist (which hinders the application of Automatic Links in specific places) are surely what you need to pilot the action purposely and intelligently.

When these Advanced Automatic Links controls are combined with the Preview ability, one can achieve the same result as he would with manually created links.

Link Whisper further Use Cases

If you have ever thought about automating link building on WordPress, you'll also find automated Link Replacement useful.

In combination with the Autolinking function, Link Whisper offers several other features that will ease your link building work.

You can check our review of Link Whisper to get to know all of its features and its practical application on Internal Linking.

2. Using Internal Link Juicer to build Intelligent Automatic Links

Link Whisper Alternative - Internal Link Juicer

Another Plugin we use to create automatic links on WordPress is the Internal Link Juicer.

The tool makes a good Product for intelligent Automatic Hyperlinking.

Just like Link Whisper, the Plugin lets you convert Keywords to Links on Autopilot.

Internal Link Juicer Custom Link Feature

The output is also high quality, thanks to its Advanced Link control abilities.

The Plugin has all the controls you need, therefore you'll always arrive to a nifty Automatic Link output.

While you write on WordPress, the Keyword Editor (Primary feature) of the plugin lets you configure targeted keywords which will be used to connect internal pages automatically in the future. You can set up Keyword Gaps right from the Editor to cover up variations of the seed phrases.

The Keyword Editor is made to Interlink (internal) Pages, therefore it doesn't allow External or Affiliate Link. But don't fret, the Plugin has a dedicated function that covers them (more on it later in the post).

Back to the Keyword Editor, you can set up focus keywords as you edit your Pages. The focus Keywords will be respected and will be converted to links anytime they appear on your content board.

The Advanced Control filters will only let you build links that are on point and relevant to the surrounding element.

The Keyword Gap option which we talked about previously will help you diversify the focus Phrases.

internal link juicer keyword editor functionality

It works this way; Assuming you have a focused keyword for a Post as Internal Link Juicer Review, the Link Juicer will only approach the Autolinking using the Keyword as it appears in its database.

To hyperlink long keywords such as Lasso WordPress Plugin Review, Review of Lasso, we can use the Keyword Gap option to make it happen.

For External Links and Affiliate Links Automation, there's a dedicated feature called Custom Links in the Plugin. It constitutes the necessary Control abilities, ensuring the Application of Automatic Links happen at the right place.

The Internal Link Juicer is our second recommendation for a good Plugin to automate keyword-to-link conversion, it has been around for several years now and we are using it on one of our sites.

It's crucial to check our Review of Internal Link Juicer to explore more of its ability.

What Are the Best Tools for Creating Automatic Links on WordPress?

When it comes to optimizing your website's SEO, internal linking automation tools are essential for creating a seamless user experience and improving your site's rankings. Some of the best tools for implementing automatic internal linking on WordPress include Link Whisper, Yoast SEO, and Interlinks Manager.


Is there any tool I can use to take over the process of Link building on WordPress?

Internal Linking Tools are typically built to address the process of Link building on WordPress.

Just as per our recommendation, Link Whisper (the best overall) and Link Juicer are top options for Link building Automation.

If you're having hard time deciding to go with any of the tool, you can check out our Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer comparison.

Overall, Link Whisper stands out and it offers more capabilities that just keyword-to-link automation. You have the ability to search for the occurrence of Links on your board and replace them with new ones, you can set Global Attributes and Behavior for Domains so you don't repeat them in your content, and more importantly; you have Internal links opportunity suggestions, which diversifies the Anchor Texts.

If you're looking for how to create links automatically in WordPress, Link Whisper is more of it. It will help you address several pain points associated with Hyperlinking.

As compared with Link Juicer, Link Whisper does more than Intelligent Keyword-to-link conversion. Unfortunately, the Link Juicer only allows you to build automatic links; it doesn't provide further Capabilities that will help the link-building process.

So I think that answers your question – Link Whisper all the way!

You can always use our link beneath together with Creator Coupon ZEALOFF to grab $15 of Link Whisper!

Is Automatic created links the same in form as manually built ones?

Most definitely, if you're using Link Whisper or Internal Link Juicer, the automatic links they generate are exactly the same in form as manually built ones.

There's no additional HTML tag or crazy elements which they put in.

Can I control the automatic link placement on my site?

You can control Automatic Link execution on your site using Advanced filters provided by Link Whisper or Link Juicer.

The Controls lets you nearly replicate the feeling of manually done links.

Are Search Engine crawlers against automatically generated Links?

Nope, since Automatic links are the same in form with manually created ones, Search Engine crawlers don't have an issue with them.

Can I bulk control the Link attributes and settings for automatic links?

You can set up the Link Attribute and Behavior as you configure your Link on Internal Link Juicer.

With Link Whisper, you can do more. From the Domain settings section, you can set up global attributes and behaviors that will be applied to Domains.

Can I review the automatic links before they are inserted?

Absolutely! But not with all Internal Linking Building Tools.

Unfortunately, the Internal Link Juicer doesn't offer a feature that will let you review automatic links before deciding to apply them to the public environment.

Although it has Powerful filters that controls Link placements on general basis, it's still not a thing as as good as Manually done Links.

The two Plugins that are offering this life-saving option is Link Whisper (which we highly recommend) and Linksy, the best Link Whisper Alternative.

You can always visit our list of Automatic linking tools.

What's the best Automatic Link building Plugin?

Link whisper is by far the best Automatic linking tool. After we have reviewed almost all of them, we came to a conclusion that Link Whisper is the best overall.

Link Whisper as an Internal Internal Linking Tool is the most-used. In fact, if you're thinking about link-building automation, you have super likely come across the Plugin at first.

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