Surfshark Affiliate Program Review: Earn up to 100% on all sales

In this Surfshark Affiliate Program Review, we will explore the VPN program ultimately and with the mind of directing you to the best place for the offer. So get ready to ascertain the best platform for the biggest Commission rate, Cookie duration and as well — a shorter hold duration!

We move right into it. Now, for those of us that are clueless, Surfshark is one of the tiger heads in the VPN industry. Despite having been incepted in 2018, the Provider is now top notch.

With Products such as an Antivirus, Incognito and more coming up, the VPN service is said to be ever-booming. Also, to your importance as an Affiliate, you can promote these services alongside the native VPN app at a highly generous residual fee.

Let's get to see the best

Surfshark Affiliate Earnings

Why trust this Review: a significant reason is that we have already partnered with almost all top-tier VPN Programs including Surfshark. As a result, all things emanating from us are all Facts — Yes they are tested, reviewed and confirmed! So you’re good to go!

What Affiliate Platform is the Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program hosted on?

  • Platform 1: Tune [Recommended]
  • Commission rate for New sales: (100% for a month sub) (40% for other subs)
  • Commission rate for Recurring subs: (30% for all subs)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Acceptance rate: 90%
  • Payment methods/frequency: Wire transfer, PayPal | Limitless
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $100
  • Payout Frequency: Per Request from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Hold Period: Net 30
  • Deep linking: Not available
  • Reason to join: The Surfshark team at Tune sometimes increases the commission rate. They spiked mine up to 100%, and in that month, I hit the jackpot. They are more generous than any other VPN Affiliate Program.
  • Our Rating: 70%
  • Platform 2: CJ Affiliate

  • Commission rate for New sales: (100% for a month sub) (40% for other subs)
  • Commission rate for Recurring subs: (30% for all subs)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Acceptance rate: 70%
  • Payment methods/frequency: Direct Deposit, Check or Payoneer | Monthly
  • Hold Period – Net 60 (according to CJ Affiliate)
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $50 (according to CJ Affiliate)
  • Deep linking: Available

Other Platforms: Impact Radius, AvantLink, VigLink, MyLead

Key takeaway: The best place to promote Surfshark offers from is via their in-house Affiliate Program which is Tune, also known as hasoffers. As referenced in the Affiliate Platforms section, the Surfshark team at Tune occasionally increase the commission for their Affiliate. Glad to hear, I have been a partaker, one with 100% commission and the most recent with 80% rate. This is a clever opportunity to hit the jackpot.

Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program Review: Present features on Tunes

As can be inferred, Surfshark team activated 80% and 100% generous campaign in May and March respectively . You earn massively here.

If you honor our idea and go with Tune, you will be exposed to promote the following offers from Surfshark

Still on Tune, here are the features and functionalities worth expecting

  • Crystal Clear, Filterable and Questionable Reporting Dashboard
  • Optimized Landing Pages
  • Highly converting banner images
  • Ad groups
  • Affiliate API feature for technical users'
  • Inbuilt shortlink
  • Dedicated and Responsive Account Manager
  • “Sub-Affiliate” for those interested in referring other Affiliates for more wins

Surfshark Affiliate Program Alternatives and Competitors

Pairing the promotion with Surfshark Affiliate Program Alternatives is also a good idea. Here are the best ones we have come across

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Is the Surfshark Affiliate Program worth the hype? – Our final Verdict

The Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program is more than worth the promotion considering you get 100% Commission rate at times.

You also get 30 day Cookie on top. Therefore it doesn't matter whether the Referred engaged instantaneously or not. The revenue will still flow even after several weeks from when the lead is captured.

It's a spotlight – the Program is the highest paying one thanks to its 100% rate for the Monthly subscription and 40% Recurring for other plans.

No other VPN program can beat it in their generous offerings. Also, in terms of conversion rate, we have noticed the top-notch position with the Surfshark Affiliate Program.

I couldn't convince you any more!

Join the Program and Earn Lifetime commission

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