Link Whisper Affiliate Program: Earn 30% recurring commission

The Link Whisper WordPress Plugin has an inbuilt Affiliate Program in the Link building and Auditing field of Search Engine optimization. The Plugin's primary feature is scoring you with an elevated rankings on search engines by the use of strategic and data-driven internal linking approach.

With the Plugin up and running on your site, you get smart internal link suggestion as you write on WordPress. Moreover, the Plugin takes out the huge time and effort required in maintaining a good internal linking profile.

That said, the Link Whisper Plugin offers award-winning features such as:

  • Nigh-Perfect Internal Link suggestion
  • Link Profile Reporting
  • URL Changer Feature
  • Auto-keyword hyperlinker
  • Target Keywords collector
  • And much more

Looking to learn more about this native Plugin? Check out our Link Whisper Review.

In brevity, the Link Whisper Plugin is for taking proper structure of your Link profiles and leveraging the power of internal linking to populate on SERPs. You can recommend this Plugin to a bunch of bloggers preferably those with huge contents to better manage and simplify their internal linking needs.

Let's get deeper into this Link Whisper Affiliate Program Review, we'll cover all the requisite details and whether the Plugin really lives up for the Push or not.

Which Affiliate Platform is the Link Whisper Affiliate Program hosted on?

The Link Whisper Affiliate Program is not in any Affiliate Platform or network. It's a Host of itself. Meanwhile, it has its Affiliate software built right into it.

Affiliation-minded people can join via this link beneath. The program is really lucrative!

The Acceptance Vs the Declination rate of the Link Whisper Affiliate Program

There's no pain greater than applying for enrolment into an Affiliate Program all to get rejected because of unintelligent reasons such as irrelevant site contents, poor traffic and bad site design.

This is actually not a case for the Link Whisper Affiliate Program, because there's no Review team available (as of the time of updating this Review). So the Acceptance is automatic though it might take on average 24 hours to hear from them, do not be the misleaded. This is a scheduled action and Applying Affiliates get enrolled when the setup-time reaches.

Link Whisper Affiliate Program Commission rate, Cookie Duration and Commission type?

Regarding Link Whisper Affiliate Program Commission rate, they offer a hefty 30% commission for one-time and recurring subscription. So their commission type is residual and their rate is a generous 30% cut of the plan bought or renewed

Thankfully, their Cookie Duration is above the standards and it's impeccably matched with what they are offering in Commission. Just think of it – getting recurring 30% commission with a cookie duration of 60 days. That's really good and every action to promote the Plugin will be fully rewarded.

Link Whisper Affiliate Program Payment Methods and Frequency?

As of the time of updating this Review, the Link Whisper Affiliate Program is integrated into the Software directly and they only offer one payment method which is PayPal of course. For those of you that PayPal ain't working in their country. This isn't for you unfortunately.

My thought for those who want to join the Affiliate Program

If this Affiliate Program is right up your alley, I would recommend testing the plugin out yourself before jumping into the promotion. The clever reason for this is that – you'll have the basic knowledge required and some standing points that would enable you come up with convincing stories.

Use the button below to get the Plugin. 30 day money-back guarantee is in place 🙂

OR read Link Whisper Review Tutorial

Is the Link Whisper Affiliate Program worth it – Our final verdict?

Most definitely, the Link Whisper Affiliate Program is more than worth it. From the perspective of recurring commission and a good cut rate, the program in question is said to be highly lucrative.

Now rather than promoting other SEO Affiliate Programs that doesn't offer residual commission, you can just pigeonhole the promotion to only Link Whisper. This way, you make sure you get the most out of the promotion.

Link Whisper Affiliate Program Alternatives

Does the Link Whisper Affiliate Program has an alternative that one could consider before deciding? The short answer is “Yes”. Here are some of the best Link Whisper Affiliate Program Alternatives that are worth the hype:

The above links in the list are merely pointing to the Affiliate Program[s] directly, if you're more of a Review person. Take these links either

  • Linkilo Affiliate Program Review: Earn 35% residual commission
  • Internal link juicer Affiliate Program Full Review: Earn unlimited Affiliate commission
  • ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Program Review: Diversify your Affiliate revenue sources
  • Pretty Links Affiliate Program Review: Promote and earn amazing incentives

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Until then, keep smashing conversions!!!

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