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In this NordVPN Affiliate Program Review, we will cover all the vital offers that are available in the Nord security platform. We will explore their presence in all Affiliate Platforms. Get ready to ascertain which Affiliate Platform offers the longest cookie duration, the best commission rate as well and the best features overall.

We move right into it! Now for some of us who are clueless – NordVPN is virtually one of the big names in the VPN Industry. Their industry-leading solutions don't in any way disappoint. From authentic VPN service to Anti-malware protection to their great Password Manager and to their Secured Cloud storage spaces and beyond are what Nord security has got to offer!

Why trust this Review: A significant reason is that we have already partnered with almost all top-tier VPN Programs including NordVPN. As a result, all things emanating from us are all Facts — Yes they are tested, reviewed, and confirmed! So you're good to go!

Which Affiliate Platform is the NordVPN Affiliate Program hosted on?

NordVPN Affiliate Program Review on Hasoffers: at a glance
At a Glance

The Nord Security Affiliate Platform which we will be referencing throughout this post is the one on Tune. There are other ones on CJ Affiliate, Impact, and FlexOffers! But some of them have a paucity of products to promote i.e. they may contain only NordVPN or other Nord security products.

Consequently, the one which is accessible via the “NordVPN Affiliate Enrolment” Page is the best place to establish the Affiliation. This Affiliate Platform is called Tune aka hasoffers.

On Tunes itself, the Nord security Affiliate Program uncovers all of their Cybersecurity-based products and services. Which is why we will be focusing on it throughout this post.

Note: Their Presence in other Affiliate Platforms and their respective Affiliate agreements are as follows:

  • Software 1: Tunes [Recommended]
  • Commission rate for New sales: (100% for a month sub) (40% for other subs)
  • Commission rate for Recurring subs: (30% for all subs)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Acceptance rate: 90%
  • Payment methods/frequency: ACH transfer, PayPal | Net 40
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $100
  • Payout Frequency: Per Request using Tipalti
  • Hold Period: Net 40
  • Deep linking: Not available (tho all their landing pages are Affiliate-id attributed)
  • Our Rating: 70%

Where sub/subs = subscription

  • Software 2: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate for New sales: (100% for a month sub) (40% for other subs)
  • Commission rate for Recurring subs: ZERO
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Acceptance rate: 70%
  • Payment methods/frequency: Direct Deposit, Check or Payoneer | Monthly
  • Hold Period – Net 60 (according to CJ Affiliate)
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $50
  • Deep linking: Not Available

Where most of the Affiliate Agreements and methods of partnership are solely based on CJ Affiliate because it's an Affiliate Network.

  • Software 3: FlexOffers [Another nice option]
  • Commission rate for New sale: 32%
  • Commission rate for Recurring subs: ZERO
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Acceptance rate: 70%
  • Payment methods: Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal
  • Hold Period: Net 60
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $25 (according to FlexOffers)
  • Deep linking: Available

Where most of the Affiliate Agreements and methods of partnership are solely based on CJ Affiliate because it's an Affiliate Network.

Other Platforms… their rates and cookie lifetime

NordVPN Affiliate Program Review: Present features on Tune

As we have previously mentioned, the NordVPN Affiliate Program on Tune is the best one overall! It comes with a crystal clear Reporting dashboard, uncountable Landing Pages, an inbuilt short linking feature, and others.

Another notable feature is the support they have for the sub-affiliate group. That means you can refer other Affiliates to the program (if you wish) and also earn $$$!

Gladly speaking, the NordVPN Affiliate Program doesn't only contain NordVPN. It aggregates other Nord security offers such as

NordVPN Affiliate Program Review: All offers On Tunes

Ps. The offers in question can only be found on Tune. Which is why I recommend it as your go-to NordVPN Affiliate Platform.

In brevity, here are all the vital features to anticipate in the NordVPN Affiliate Program (see Tune).

  • Already made Assets such as Banners, Shortlinks, Images, Videos and Infographics
  • Frequent Promotional Discounts that facilitate more winnings
  • Loads of Optimized Landing Pages to choose from
  • A sub-affiliate group that offers a little yet significant helping hand in terms of the total commission
  • Plethora of Offers from the Nord Security Platform
  • Responsive customer support service

More Info: For Resellers and Video makers, the Nord security platform has separate departments for these units.

The one for content creators is primarily built for Influencers! Having joined the network, you have a personalized promo code to use anywhere at any point in time.

In the same vein, the NordVPN Reseller Program is obviously made for those who trade NordVPN in exchange for money. So if you fall under this category, use the link beneath.

NordVPN Affiliate Program Review: Alternatives, Best Choices and Competitors

After going through this NordVPN Affiliate Program Review – you should at least ask yourself this question or sth – is it worth it to become a NordVPN Affiliate? Are there any other alternative that pays better or better off?

You might have asked! But thankfully here are the best NordVPN Affiliate Program alternatives to put into consideration

The links above are just pointing to the respective Programs directly – if you would like a Review, use these

  1. Surfshark Affiliate Program Review: the best Program with the highest rate and Cookie lifetime?
  2. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review
  3. CyberGhost VPN Affiliate Program Review

Is the NordVPN Affiliate Program worth it? – Our Final Verdict

The fact is that any program that crosses the standard Affiliate terms is ultimately good to go with. As such, the NordVPN Affiliate Program is worth it, especially when you compare its generous affiliate terms with other competitors.

Also, the product in question is popular. So this translates to a high rate of making Conversions.

Rolling it up, the Program is indeed good. Geo-targeting is in place, Deep linking is also there as well as Landing Pages that convert 🙂

Let's make your Nord security Affiliate Account <===

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