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Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer: The best Automatic Linking Tool?

Link Whisper and Internal Link Juicer are two separate plugins for WordPress that have few common features. While Internal Link Juicer is the oldest plugin for internal linking, it doesn't report the states of internal links. It's only there for the automatic connection of internal pages.

To compare these plugins, we need to focus on certain areas. The only common features of the plugins are Automatic Linking and Anchor Texts Analysis.

The Link Juicer is an internal link plugin that focuses on automating the hyperlinking process.

As you write on WordPress, Link Juicer gives you its box which you can use to automate the process of creating hyperlinks.

Internal Link Juicer Keyword Editor - Primary
Keyword Editor

This box is called the Keyword Editor. It allows you to set focus keywords to individual pages which the plugin will later use to connect them.

You can enter target keywords for the page, and then click done. Link Juicer will then do the conversion for you.

The keyword editor comes with endless flexibility. You can use the Autolinks filters to control the application of automatic links. The main point of the internal link Juicer is to connect internal pages together.

Aside from the Keyword Editor, Link Juicer also offers another feature called “Custom Links”.

Internal Link Juicer Custom Links

Custom Links is used to convert URLs that aren't internal (think External Links and Affiliate Links).

Automatic Linking in the Plugin is controlled by what is called Filters. You can set up controls like Post blacklist and whitelist for the Auto-linking job. You can prioritize one automatic link over the other and more.

The Link Whisper WordPress Plugin is a better tool for automatic hyperlinking than the internal link Juicer.

Link Whisper offers internal link suggestions which is a better approach for automatic linking. The internal link suggestions by Link Whisper uncover hidden Anchor opportunities in your pages so that you can take advantage of them.

Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer - Internal link suggestions
Link Whisper's Inbound Internal link opportunity tool

Unlike the Automatic Linking in Link Juicer, you get internal linking possibilities. It's now left for you to apply the suggestions that you want.

You don't have to link keywords randomly. Instead, you're provided with internal linking opportunities which you can evaluate and add to your content.

As opposed to Internal Link Juicer, Link Whisper reveals hidden opportunities for internal links on your content. When possibilities are fetched from existing pages, Anchor Texts diversification is real.

Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer - outbound Internal link suggestions
Link Whisper's Outbound Internal link opportunity tool

So the Link Whisper WordPress Plugin is a better Plugin when it comes to diversifying the Anchor Texts.

The Link Whisper Plugin also has a place where you can specify keywords alongside links for hyperlink automation. You can input keywords with respect to links, then click convert to make every appearance a live URL.

Between Link Whisper and Link Juicer? Decision-making!

We can't help it but we will never recommend internal link juicer over Link Whisper.

The tool is an old Plugin with just the ability to convert Keywords to Links.

Link Whisper is more than that.

LW detects Anchors opportunities for internal linking from your site. It can serve as a Global toggle switch for Linked-To Domains' Attribute/Behavior, etc.

You can read our Link Whisper Review to learn more.

You can also read our Internal Link Juicer Review to clearly understand the Plugin.

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