ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review – where to earn more?

It's vital to take a look at a full ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review like this very one now. The thing is that, you will know the best place that will give you the most for the promotion.

Think of the best place that offers the biggest rate, cookie duration and most importantly the shortest hold-period. These terms are so critical as they determine the outcome of everything.

Let's get right into it…

Of course, ExpressVPN is one of the top-tier VPNs and has been once dubbed “the fastest Virtual Private Network”. The company offers groundbreaking security solutions from their primary VPN application to their Password tools and so on.

Why trust this Review: a significant reason is that we have already partnered with almost all top-tier VPN Programs including ExpressVPN. As a result, all things emanating from us are all Facts — Yes they are tested, reviewed and confirmed! So you're good to go!

Which Affiliate Platform is the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program hosted on?

The ExpressVPN Affiliate Program thankfully, is available in several Affiliate Platforms, therefore you can do the promotion from anywhere you prefer. The pivotal thing is to compare their rates and other terms in-between.

ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review
  • Platform 1: FlexOffers [Recommended]
  • Commission rate (fixed): $73.60
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Hold Period: Net 60
  • Acceptance rate: 90%
  • Payment methods: Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $25 (according to FlexOffers)
  • Deep linking: Available
  • Platform 1: Impact
  • Commission rate (Recurring): $13 for the monthly plan, $22 for 6 months and $36 for 12 months
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Acceptance rate: 70%
  • Payment methods/frequency: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer (EFT)
    | Net 30
  • Withdrawal Threshold: Customizable, $10 minimum (according to Impact Radius)
  • Payout Frequency: Unknown
  • Hold Period: Net 30
  • Deep linking: Unknown

  • Platform 2: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate (Recurring): $13 for the monthly plan, $22 for 6 months and $36 for 12 months
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Acceptance rate: 80%
  • Payment methods/frequency: Direct Deposit, Check or Payoneer | Monthly
  • Hold Period – Net 60 (according to CJ Affiliate)
  • Withdrawal Threshold: $50
  • Deep linking: Available

Where most of the Affiliate Agreements and methods of partnership are solely based on the Affiliate Networks.

Other Platforms where you can find the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program – Their respective Commission rate and Cookie lifetime

  • Rakuten [$18.20 for 1 Month, $30.80 for 6 Months & $50 for 12 months] | 90-day Cookie window
  • Skimlinks [$19.50 – $54 range] | Not known
  • Post Affiliate Pro [Up to $36] 30 days

ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review: Alternatives, Best Choices and Competitors

After going through this ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Review – you should at least ask yourself this question or sth – is it worth it to become an ExpressVPN Affiliate? Is there any other alternative that pays better than it?

You might have asked! But thankfully here are the best ExpressVPN Affiliate Program Alternatives to put into consideration

The links above are just pointing to the respective Programs directly. If you're more of a Review person, check out these link before taking the leap

  1. Surfshark Affiliate Program Review: the best Program with the highest rate and Cookie lifetime?
  2. NordVPN Affiliate Program Review: where do I get best rate and Cookie duration?
  3. ProtonVPN Affiliate Program Review: do they pay from Free to Premium usage?
  4. Cyberghost VPN Affiliate Program Review
  5. IPVanish Affiliate Program Review
  6. Private Internet Access Affiliate Program Review

Is the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program worth it? – Our Final Verdict

The ExpressVPN Affiliate Program is a win-win partnership model. The more you win customers who accomplish their business goal, the more win for yourself.

Comparing the Program with all the VPN Affiliate Programs in our list, we can candidly say that it didn't come out last. Thankfully, they offer a generous standard fee for their different kind of commitment. Also, the Customer you hardly get is tied to you FOREVER… given that the Referral remains active in Subscription.

That said, the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program is worth it. By giving you the chance to choose from any Platform you prefer, you're rest assured that you'll be getting results (like statistics and reports) that are your faves.

For us, the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program which is hosted on FlexOffers will remain our go-to! Whether you're an experienced folk in Cybersecurity matters or not, there is a guarantee of instant approval.

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