Best Car Rental Affiliate Programs [High Paying]

As an Affiliate, one of the crucial things to consider before joining a network is their “Commission structure”. Whether it's a good fit for your online business or not.

Another mileage is the rate at which sales are being conducted (see also Conversion rate) whether it's good, poor or even horrendous.

When all these terms are examined properly, there will be little to no chances of being in frustration. You read that right… Yep, an Affiliate can be frustrated after long stays without conversion.

Consequently, we had compiled this list pertaining to the “Best Car rental Affiliate Program (High Paying)!

Let's get right into it!

1. DiscoverCars Affiliate Program

DiscoverCars Car Rental Affiliate Program
At a glance
  • Affiliate Software 1: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Commission rate: 70% of Car Rental Profit + 30% of Full Coverage
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • Affiliate Software 2: ShareAsale
  • Commission rate: 40% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • Affiliate Software 3: Travel Payouts
  • Commission rate: 54%
  • Cookie duration: 365 days

The first program we've got here is called DiscoverCars, a Car Rental Aggregator that let's you save 70% of the initial rental revenue.

The platform has over 10000+ locations worldwide with a considerable number of suppliers. You just don't need to care about the preferred location.

DiscoverCars have got you rolling. Customers can scan, filter and save the best car rental deals within their locality. It's just a matter of a button.

Now, pertaining to their commission structure, the platform offers you almost all their net profit. They gives out 70% liberally from their rental profit alongside a hefty 30% revenue share from the Full coverage income. That's really insane. Don't it?

To sum it up, the platform makes it nigh impossible to miss out on future Conversions with their generous 365 days of cookie duration. This time-frame is the same on ShareAsale and that of PostAffiliatePro (recommended) where their Affiliate Program(s) are hosted.

This is why we advocate using PostAffiliatePro for the promotion rather than the award-winning ShareAsale network.

Reasons why you should promote DiscoverCars via PostAffiliatePro

Unlike in regular Affiliate Programs where commissions are being diverted from the first-time informer to the last-referrer, the firt-time informer here doesn't miss out entirely from the commission. He receives a small portion of the commission.

In addition, by using PostAffiliatePro, one can also join the sub-affiliate network, a Program that pays to recruit more Affiliates just like you.

If that's sounds nice to you. Why not sign up using the form below.

Ps. Fill in your details using the embeddable form beneath and smash the “sign up” button once done. DiscoverCars is open for acceptance. Sign up now.

Personal Information
Additional Information

Alternatively, you can sign up for the DiscoverCars Affiliate Program by following the link here…

Best of all. Speaking of which…

2. RentalCars Affiliate Program

RentalCars, an online enterprise for car rental reservations!
RentalCars homepage
  • Affiliate Software 1:
  • Commission rate: 40% cut from RentalCars's earnings
  • Cookie duration: 0 days
  • Affiliate Software 2: Commission junction
  • Commission rate: 6% of sale overall
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Software 3: Travel Payouts (Recommended)
  • Commission rate: 6% of sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Likewise DiscoverCars, the platform in question is also a car rental aggregator. Providing easy access for customers to scan, compare and find the very best dealership pertaining to their demand.

Customer's can filter prices, models as well as differences in location. In all, the Prices are perhaps than when booking from the Provider directly.

Now, regarding their Affiliate Program. They have made it almost accessible from anywhere you're promoting from.

You can find them on Commission junction, Travel Payouts and several other Affiliate networks out there. Also, they have got their very own Affiliate Program incase you need it for any reason.

3. Welcome Pickups Car Rental Affiliate Program

Welcome Pickups Car Rental Affiliate Program
A Preview
  • Affiliate Software 1: TapAffiliate
  • Commission rate: €5 per successful transfers and then 10% on sight-seeing tours
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

The Welcome Pickups Car Rental Affiliate Program will suffice especially if you're promoting world heritage sites. They've got plethora of wonderful locations to get your audience amazing.

They are specialized in Airport transfers, sight-seeing ride and as well in-city tours.

Welcome Pickups like it name suggest is an award-winning platform that is there in advance. Whether you're just getting out of a shuttle or running stranded, you can easily get in touch via their mobile/web app.

Back to business – is the so-called Welcome Pickups worthy of being promoted as a car rental service? Most definitely, though they are overly specialized on Airport transfer.

4. Outdoorsy Car Rental Affiliate Program

Outdoorsy Car Rental Affiliate Program
What the homepage looks like
  • Affiliate Software 1: AvantLink (Recommended)
  • Commission rate: starts from $60
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Software 2: Tune (HasOffers)
  • Commission rate: starts from $60
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Software 3: FlexOffers
  • Commission rate: starts from $60
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: USA and Canada

The Outdoorsy Car Rental Affiliate Program is arguably a partaker among the world's best Car Rental Affiliate Programs to promote for more cashing outs.

Based particularly on RVs, Camper vans and travel trailers, this program is literally the go-to solution center for gallivanters.

User's can book directly from the web stress-free. And the most amazing thing is that you get what you ordered for at no additional cost.

Regarding their Affiliate Program, they have got 3 branches to get you cranking. You can either promote it using Tune (also known as hasoffers), AvantLink or FlexOffers.

Hyping it up is worth it because they give out $60 on average per successful booking.

5. RVShare Car Rental Affiliate Program

RVShare Car Rental Affiliate Program
A sneak preview
  • Affiliate Software 1: Commission junction
  • Commission rate: 5% commission of the total booking value for every RV rental & $7 commission for every new RV listing.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Software 2: FlexOffers
  • Commission rate: 5% commission of the total booking value for every RV rental & $7 commission for every new RV listing.
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

When we were sussing out this list regarding the “best Car Rental Affiliate Programs to promote by travel bloggers”, one of our Priorities is the Recreational Vehicles, RVs in short. They adds a substantial amount of travel humor and ecstasy.

Your own Recreational vehicle is ultimately responsible in carrying you too and fro your favorite location. There's no additional cost for hotel or space accommodation!

Now, regarding the RVShare marketplace – potential clients can scan, compare and find the best matchable RV in respect to their needs.

They have got 4 groups of RVs…. so that end-users would be served correctly. We have: the Pet Friendly RVs (best for Dog lovers), the Deliverable RVs, the Towable RVs and my fave – the Drivable Rvs.

Let's get back to business. How much can you expect whilst hyping up the program in question. Although their average order is $699 which equates to $34.95 as an average commission. It's still better than not gaining anything at all.

Our Suggestion: You can use the program where Outdoorsy (at $60 commission) doesn't cover in location.

6. Economy Bookings: Best Car Rental Affiliate Program?

Economy Bookings Affiliate Program, Car Rental Aggregator
  • Affiliate Software 1: Travel Payouts
  • Commission rate: 60% of the advertiser’s revenue from each booking
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Software 2: FlexOffers
  • Commission rate:
  • Cookie Duration:

Just like DiscoverCars and RentalCars afore-enumerated above, ‘Economy Bookings' is an online Car Rental Reservation Enterprise used to compare Dealerships around Charges.

Customer's can book directly through the website to save a hefty 50% off. Not only that, an extra 5% off is awarded just by signing up to their Newsletter.

Outstanding right? Yep, this gonna supercharge the rate of Conversion. Just think of it: referred user's would be convinced to come into an agreement with incessant emails which inturn converts them. Take note, you have a long-lasting cookie duration to claim each conversion. I love that!!!

Let's sum it up!

All the programs referenced above is worth the hustle. Give them a try and thank us later.

For the ease of management: I would recommend using the Car Rental Affiliate Network called “Travel Payouts” to manage all things. They have got DiscoverCars, RentalCars and Economy Bookings's Affiliate Program.

It won't take as much as 10 mins to complete the sign-up process. And bravo, you'll have hundreds if not thousands of car rental affiliate programs to promote.

Also, as a travel blogger who wants to be earning the best as possible from car rental affiliate programs. I would recommend you try extended softwares that facilitates the promotion.

Those softwares are called Car Rental WordPress Plugins. They spikes up the overall earned-revenue like magic!

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