WP Rocket Affiliate Program Review: Refer and Earn!

WP Rocket is by far the best Caching and Web Performance Plugin for WordPress.

Before now, we doubted its capability hence our Review of Caching WordPress Plugins.

After this Review, WP Rocket aced all the checkpoints and edged out the competition.

Just like some mighty performance Plugins, WP Rocket does have a lucrative Affiliate Program, which you can avail of while recommending the best Caching WordPress Plugin.

In this review of the WP Rocket Affiliate Program, we'll go over its commission rate, cookie duration as well as the Hold Period (this is the time between when commission is earned and when it's available for payment). We'll also compare the offer with alternative Caching Plugins.

Finally, we'll come up with a conclusion. It's all gonna be fun 🙂

WP Rocket Affiliate Program Details

WP Rocket as an Offer On ShareaAsale

The WP Rocket Affiliate Program is hosted on ShareAsale and the rate of commission is 20% flat.

The Cookie duration (i.e. the time your Affiliate tracking data can last) is 30 days, which is average on the market.

Here are the details

  1. Commission rate – 20%
  2. Affiliate Platform – ShareAsale
  3. Cookie Duration – 30 days
  4. Hold Period – 90 days (according to ShareAsale Terms)

Typically, the Hold Period is decided globally (which means it applies to every offer hosted) by the Affiliate Platform concerned. Here we have ShareAsale for the WP Rocket offer, and hence the regular hold time of 90 days.

When you examine the Hold Period, it seems long. But because WP Rocket is not a host of its Affiliate Program (we're talking about an Affiliate Network here), you won’t wait to hit a certain referral threshold.

Let me come again, WP Rocket's Offer being hosted on ShareAsale has an advantage despite having a long Hold Period of 90 days. The advantage is that publishers will no longer wait to reach a certain amount of referrals before they can withdraw their commission.

A single sale is enough!

Just bring together the commission you have made for other ShareAsale offers and you will hit the $50 in-app withdrawal threshold.

WP Rocket Affiliate Program Alternatives – Similar offers

Here are the similar offers we found that you can promote alongside WP Rocket.

Here are them;

  1. Perfmatters Affiliate Program: 20% commission rate
  2. WP-Optimize Affiliate Program: A worthy alternative
  3. RocketCDN Affiliate Program: WP Rocket's proprietary CDN Offer

Is WP Rocket worth the push?

WP Rocket is worth the push.

But you don't overly push the product without providing value.

WP Rocket is the best overall Caching Plugin. With that alone, it should be easy to promote.

So if you're talking about Caching Plugins, try to insert WP Rocket's Offer at any opportunity.

You can register for the WP Rocket Affiliate Program here.

Here are the reasons we think this Program is great amid Caching Plugins Affiliate schemes.

Reasons why you should join WP Rocket's lucrative Affiliate Program

1. Hosted on ShareAsale

I despise offers hosted by the company directly; it's several times harder to reach the threshold than the ones hosted by Affiliate Networks like ShareAsale, Flexoffers, and Rakuten.

Thankfully, WP Rocket is not the host of its Affiliate Program. The task is handled by ShareAsale, a dedicated platform for Affiliate Marketing.

Had it been that WP Rocket installed Affiliate software on their website, monitoring and precision tracking wouldn't be a guarantee, and it would be harder to withdraw what you have earned.

2. Easy Sales

Due to the high popularity of the Plugin, you no longer need to invest more productivity for sales.

The average blogger already knows about a caching Plugin. When you introduce WP Rocket to them, the conversion won't take that long steps – It will jump levels.

3. Strict Affiliate Policy

WP Rocket Strict Affiliate Policy

One of the good things I like about the WP Rocket Affiliate Program is its strict Affiliate Policy.

Affiliate Publishers aren't allowed to use “Discount”, “Coupon” or similar terms on Search Engine. This means that – Rewards are given to the legitimate publisher.

The WP Rocket Affiliate Program will favor legitimate promoters and not spammers or coupon sites.

Ensure you check their Affiliate Policy before starting to hype the product.

4. Consistent Affiliate Contests and Giveaways

Joining a good Affiliate Program can open your chances to win prizes beyond commissions.

And WP Rocket doesn't lack it.

Now and then, they throw in contests and giveaways.

As of this time of publishing, they are on a special promotion entitled the “Spring Raffle Promotion” which will share a bounty of $500 between winners.

WP Rocket Spring Promo

As someone longing to become a part of the Program, you may consider grabbing your own license right away.

Check WP Rocket for latest deals.

WP Rocket Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

Our review of WP Rocket's Affiliate Program ends here!

— it's the best Caching Plugin overall and promoting it means easy sales.

You can join the Program on ShareAsale to start earning amazing rewards while you recommend the best Caching Plugin.

If you are already an Affiliate, we would like to hear what you think about the Program.

Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments form below.

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