10 Weirdest looking people – Freaky looking people

Many people ask about the weirdest looking people, bizarre looking people, strange looking people, or in comics – freaky looking people! If you're one of them, then look no further!

Just quite before, I thought I have seen it all untill I met these weirdest looking people, they're are weird, bizarre, strange, and uncanny creatures.

This world is made up of so many tribes, cultures and nations with their respective pretty faces. Ranging from the tallest tongue to the longest eyeball and beyond are the kingdom of weirdest looking people in history.

So, without further Ado – Let's check out these strange looking people that could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon!

Why do you need to trust us: It's obvious that bizarre looking people emerge everyday and while the unpopular ones are often underrated – We strive to inline our article to fit the Guinness World Record pertaining to the Top 10 most weird looking people in history!

1. Gary Turner – the world's Stretchiest skin

Gary turner is one of those funny looking people

Gary Turner currently holds the Guinness world record for the most stretchiest skin ever. As can be inferred from the image, his skin is bizarrely elastic to the extent that it can be stretched to a distended length of 15.8cm (6.25 in).

His uncanny skin was caused by a rare medical condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a disease which alters skin elasticity over time. On the 29th of October 1999, in Los Angeles, he stretched his abdominal skin to a total length of 6.25 inches, counting him among the Top 10 freaky looking people.

2. Jyoti Amge shoe size

Strange looking people - Jyoti Amge shoe size
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Jyoti is an Indian famous actress known as the world's shortest lady due to her estimated height of 62.8 centimeters. Her growth was impaired by a genetic disorder called primordial dwarfism which ceases the growth of her body cells.

She got her first limelight when she was featured in a 2009 documentary, titled Body shock : Two foot Tall Teen. Her weird nature is qualified to be listed among the Top 10 weird looking people in history.

3. Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Pictures of weird looking people

They are the most weirdest conjoined twins from America; sharing everything else despite having their own separate heart, stomach, spinal cord, pair of lungs and individual spines. The most interesting part is that each twins controls one arm and one leg.

They can always do things simultaneously like writing with their individual hands but the handicap is still there. And what's the liability – they can't do without one another. That means, all their actions should be coordinate and a state of cooperation must be applied.

4. Sajab Ghari – weirdest looking people

Sajab Ghari - strange looking people

Sajab Ghari omniously known as Persian Hulk, derived it's name from his weird physique. He's an Iranian bodybuilder who's passionate about defending his country of origin with his fathomable power. He's currently in professional wrestling and his performance is actually outstanding. Anyway, his enormous muscles weighs a bulky 386 pounds, this is generally insane.

And he has all the required qualities to rank among the Top 10 weirdest looking people!

5. Francisco Domingo Joaquin – longest mouth ever

Weirdest mouth ever - The man with the biggest mouth in the world

Francisco has made a history that can't be forgotten by measuring around 6.69 inches pertaining to the size of his mouth. His mouth is so wide and deep that it can almost fit anything, ranging from small cups and not excluding his favorite Soda cans and wallets. His exceptional feature of expanding and retracting his mouth is worthy enough to be counted among the weirdest looking people.

6. Nicholas James Vujicic

Nic Vujicic - weirdest looking people

Nick Vujicic is an Evangelist and motivational speaker in Australia/America who has been born with a rare condition called Tetra-melia syndrome, a disease characterized with the absence of both forelimbs and hindlimbs.

In spite of having no arms and legs, he still decide to minister the word of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Personal saviour. My best wishes for him is to have that ample grace to dwell in the kingdom of the Lord at his very last breathe.

7. Tom Staniford with MDP syndrome

Tom Staniford - Bizarre looking people

Tom Staniford is a graduate of law who's among the only eight people in the world to suffer from MDP syndrome, an extremely rare condition characterized with the inability of the body to store fats.

According to reports, he was born with a quite normal metabolism, but at age of 12, his system transforms into a deadly fat absorber which ate up nearly all fats in his body.

Unfortunately, his condition escalated to another sickness called type 2 diabetes, a condition that's normally associated with obesity.

Despites all this challenges, he still met his soulmate, his ultimate anchor and a wife material obviously. You can spot his darling at the image above.

8. Kim Goodman – longest eyeball

Kim Goodman - Freaky looking people

Kim Goodman is a woman whose gender can be easily interchanged due to her confusing name “Goodman”. This woman here has topped the Guinness World Record for the highest eyeball protrusion. Meaning, she can easily pop her eyeballs out of her eye sockets by 0.47 inches (12mm).

She discovered her weird eyeballs after which she had an accident over the head. Consequently, she finds herself popping her eyes in unusual manner especially when she yawns.

Goodman got her first limelight when she appeared on the late show with David letterman. She was announced by the Guinness Record keeper in 2004 during their 50th anniversary list of top 10 weirdest looking people. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois in the united states of America.

9. Gerkary Bracho Blequent

Weirdest looking people - Gerkary Bracho Blequent
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Gerkary Bracho Blequent is one of those bizarre looking people with above-average tongue size. Her long licker measures around 4.6 Inch long, this is ridiculous. She can extend her licker towards her elbow, her earlobe and can even leak her eyes if she felt so. The 26 year old Bracho from Ocala Florida has mesmerized her audience with her tongue twisting tricks.

She's a fast growing Panjandrum who have gotten her limelight through her uniqueness from other humans. She's scraping a pass to overtop the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue size throughout the World.

10. Muhibija Buljubasic – magnetto man

Weird looking people | Muhibija Buljubasic - bizarre looking people

Muhibija characteristics can be ridiculous and skeptical to believe in it because it's not normal for someone to develop into a magnet in a single day.

Buljubasic who claims to be a magneto, i.e having the magnetic force to attract metal objects, remote controls, bottles and others has proved his unique powers to attract of anything.

This is weird and slightly helpful when considered with a positive sense. But, at least there's no room of misplacing his keys anymore.

The power, source or what triggered this exceptional feature is yet to be known.

Now, if you're among those people that ask about the weirdest looking people, bizarre looking people, strange looking people or in comics – freaky looking people! This mystery has been totally demystified here. Don't hesitate to tag your colleagues about this uncanny creatures by using the share button underneath…

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