Weirdest Animals in the World: 10 Great picks!

The world we live in is probably turning into something extraordinary with varieties of strange places to weird looking people's and beyond. In today's article, we'll walk you through the kingdom of weirdest animals in the World and some possible route to meet them face-to-face.

These animals are ridiculous and some possess amazing features, from the glass frog which is translucent to the strange-looking fish omniously known as “Ocean walking” and vast majorities of them are kingdom of weird looking animals.

Scientists have discovered more than 1 million species of strange looking animals and it's very tricky to extract 10 out of a million creatures. Besides, we brought to you the top 10 cool oddities from around the world to take inspirations from.

Counting from 10 – 1. (there strangeness increases down the list i.e the more you look, the more you see).

10. Weird Animals: Sea pen

Weird Animals: Sea pen
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Fluffy, creepy, and color-changing, this animal is said to be a Partaker among the world's weirdest animals. It got its name from the ancient quill pen which is presumably alike to it.

They exist in 3 different colors such as dark orange, white and yellow. They also tends to grow in a bright-greenish light when stimulated!

The intriguing fact is that Each Sea Pen is a colony of polyps that works together to survive the whole.

A typical Sea Pen ranges from 40 – 48cm in height but others can grow up to 60cm. Pondering with the idea of meeting this weird creature? — They are found in the tropical and temperate water worldwide!

9. Weirdest Animals: Komondor Dog

Weirdest Animals: Komondor Dog
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Komondor Dog alias Hungarian sheepman is a white Hungarian breed of livestock guard that appears outlandish. Its skin looks like the outer coat of a yam or even a dreadlock. Too soft and feathery to the extent of disgusting people's, this weird animal is really a beneficiary among the world's weirdest animals.

8. Strange Animals: Shoebill Pelican

Strange Animals: Shoebill Pelican
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Virtually, a blow from this animal sounds like an atomic bomb. Not only that, it can easily munch on small crocodilians.

Being found in the swamps of Africa, this weirdest creature uses it beak to intimidate his predators whilst also using it to attract fellow mates. While counting those leading birds that resembles a dinosaur, this animal is probably on the first count.

It derives its name from its enormous shoe-shaped beak. Measuring an average height of 5ft, this animal is said to be a partaker among the world's tallest birds. Shoebills have yellow eyes, white bellies, gray feathers & a small feathered crest on the back of their heads.

7. Weirdest Animals: Glass Frog

Weirdest Animals: Glass Frog
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Grass frogs have 60 different species in Southern Mexico, Central and South America. These species belongs to the family of Centrolenide, a residing place for all translucent animals.

Also called “see-through”, the heart of this animal can be seen thoroughly even with an eye disorder. These animals inhabits the tropical rain forest especially at the canopy (treetops).

They are bright-green or orange-green in color and has their belly covered with a translucent skin.

Regarding their respective sizes, this animal may vary depending on a number of factors such as its environment and the species concerned. However, the smaller species are often 0.78 inches long whilst the biggest species measures 3 inches of length. You can spot this weird looking frog in the city of Panama and Costa Rica as well.

6. Unusual Animals: Armallido Lizard

Unusual Animals: Armallido Lizard
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Found in the Rocky plains of south Africa, the Armallido Lizard, one of the world's weirdest animals is also one of the world's real life dragons. This is made possible… thanks to it coats like armor which protects it from intense violence.

There shells are utterly adaptive, but mind you, it can't withstand the piercing force, accompanied with a bullet shot, although it still offers a bit of protection — by ricocheting any weapon that bounces on it.

The animal curls into a ball, presenting its spiky shell when disturbed. Their preferred social habit is colonialism which has also added an extra amount of security.

5. Weirdest Animals: Blobfish

Weirdest Animals: Blobfish
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The Blobfish is one of the world's ugliest aquatic animals owing to its disgruntled face as well as its weird physique. It is pinkish-white in color and has no swim bladder (found in most species of fish).

Also called the fat head, this animal is extracted from the depth of about 3900 feet in the sea. To not exaggerate, Blobfishes are pretty cool under the water, but when extracted, it becomes the face of a disgruntled old man — that's kinda funny:)

4. Weirdest Animals: Echidna

Weirdest Animals: Echidna
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The Echidna also known as spiny anteaters is an Australian based animal under the order of monotreme mammals which means that it doesn't give birth to live animals but lays eggs.

Engulfed in spines, this weird creature has a very low body temperature which is the second lowest out of all mammals. It also possess a long snout, lined with electroreceptors, a rare feature found in Echidnas and Platypuses.

3. Weirdest Animals: Tardigrade

Weirdest Animals: Tardigrade
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Tardigrades aka moss piglets, animalcule and water bears are a phylum of 8-legged segmented micro-animal that can withstand extreme conditions which can easily harm humans.

This animal is susceptible of going without food for a period of 30 years or more, and can even endure decades of dehydration. Infinitesimal in shape, this animal is almost indestructible. It can tolerate radiations and abnormal pressures that can even destroy humans.

Ironically, it can swift through temperatures lower than absolute zero and as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit which is farther away from the boiling point of water. Its primary source of food comprises smaller invertebrates (which are smaller than it) and plant materials just to name a few.

Tardigrade are almost everywhere! Found in Artactic and in bodies of water, also in rainforest, desert and most especially in mud volcanoes.

2. Weirdest Animals: Lyrebird

Weird Animals: Lyrebirds
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Lyrebirds are unusual creatures known for their ability to mimic sounds waves including the sound of an alarm, a camera shutter, a crying baby, a car alarm, chainsaws and even human speech.

Although, the Albert's Lyrebirds share some correlation with this particular one — still, they don't have a long or elaborated tail when compared with this one. This specie has a grey & brown plumage with a slight blue hue on tail and head feathers.

1. Weirdest Animals: Pangolin

Weirdest Animals: Pangolin
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Pangolins, one of the world's weirdest animals is also one of the most trafficked mammals in the world today. It was dubbed scaly anteater just after its weird physique which seems like an armor.

Pangolins, are also a suspicion for the COVID-19 virus which have been ravaging the biosphere today. It's a nocturnal animal that feed on Termites, ants and other small creatures.

Their skins are covered in scales which helps them to deploy, and roll into a ball when threatened. Now, In spite of their self-defense armor, they still experience pouching and habitual destruction. Meaning that people's are desperate to get them to their zoo.

Zoo's such as the Taipei Zoo, the Brookfield Zoo, and the Smithsonian conservation Biology institute has them in abundance.

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