10 Foods that increase Penis size naturally

If you're dead set on increasing your penile strength, here are avid options to make it pan out. From our everyday Onions to the chummy Bananas are the top secrets of getting your dick to that desired end.

With these foods, one can easily tweak their manhood size from a 5 to over 7.5 inches. Just scroll along in stupefaction!

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1. Foods that increase Penis size – Onions

Foods that increase Penis size - Onions

Onions aren't meant for flavors alone. They do have impacts in our sexual life especially when consumed naturally. If you're allergic to mouth odours, this is that appointed time to pause, hallucinate and turnaround.

Thankfully, one can easily increase their girths as well as their penile sizes by just developing a daily habit of Onions consumption.

Food stuffs including Onions have the propensity of losing half and even all of its strength when cooked, so you won't get results faster if used in this case. Live eating is recommended and should be done on a daily basis.

Onions as one of those blood flowing accelerators also helps in blood clotting. Not only that, it battles erectile dysfunction issues which in turns increase blood flow to the penis.

2. Foods that increase Penis size – Salmon

 Foods that increase Penis size - Salmon

Eating Salmons is another quicker methods to get things going. But it's probably a non-vegetarian food!

Outside of this, it's ones weight in Gold. The fish is mostly common in the western regions. It serves several purpose including its ability to treat Osteoarthritis and joint condition.

One thing that distinguishes this fish from other fishes is its mercury-free nature which is probably a safe haven. Meanwhile, you can consume this fish as many as you can without worrying of your healthy lifestyle.

3. Foods that increase Penis size – Honey

Foods that increase Penis size - Honey

Puzzled about your dick size? Just ascribe these problems to our well-known and trusted energy boosting eatables. One of which Honey is a sure partaker — helps in boosting energy, strengthening the immune system, prevention of heart attacks and many more.

Packed with lots of healing powers, this product is arguably a sure contender among the top 10 foods that increase Penis size naturally.

4. Foods that increase Penis size – Chicken

Foods that increase Penis size - Chicken

Chicken is a vital food when its comes to gaining weight or fats. It's also known for its ability to increase Penis sizes and its erection power. One interesting thing is that it provides effects that are durable.

Though it's a food only for those who have no problem in Non-veg, we had to include it in this list owing to its durable effects on the sexual organ.

5. Foods that increase Penis size – Eggs

Foods that increase Penis size - Egg
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Eating an Egg is like chopping a full chicken, the same thing applies to all the nutrients you could get from it. The leading part is its yolk, which counteracts erectile dysfunction.

It's Enriched in Protein and vitamins which helps boosting testosterone levels. So for the next roster – ensure to put eggs in your food menu.

6. Fruits that enlarge manhood – Mango

Believe it or not, mango is my best fruit and I'm proud of its role in this sexual lifestyle. Basically, mangos are been utilized in sexual medicines. And this should be a sure rationale to prove its strength.

It's also at the topnotch; Doctors and sexologist do recommend them for a better sex life. You can now increase your dick size by consuming it regularly.

7. Fruits that enlarge manhood – Watermelon

Fruits that enlarge manhood - Watermelon

This is a better alternative other than a Mango, but they're all seasonal.

Watermelon contains a substance called Citrulline which coverts into Arginine (a well known amino acids which increases the size and girth of the Penis) after reaching the body. Adding to the points… Arginine is also used in penis enlargement medicines due to its sudden impact.

8. Foods that increase Penis size – Spinach

Foods that increase Penis size - Spinach

It might be hard to believe that Spinach is a helping factor when it comes to an awesome sex life. Virtually, it helps in increasing the penis sizes as well as its girths.

If you're one of those million people's that barely eats spinach or even not at all – then you deffo need to change things upside-down to achieve your goals.

Spinach contains a high percentage of Zinc and a good amount of Niacin which are required in building up the Penis muscles and blood flow to the Penis. Niacin is also utilized in penis enlargement medicines

9. Fruits that enlarge manhood – Banana

Fruits that enlarge manhood - Banana

Banana is a versatile fruit that helps in digestion, weight gain and even Prick stimulator. By Prick stimulator, I mean it provides the best sex experience by increasing your dick size to that desired end.

Several studies has also proven its ability. It packs a considerable amount of nutrients such as the Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin A, and so many more.

It's also good in regulating high blood pressure, cholesterol, and the penis muscles. Helps in efficient blood flow, and also gives energy to the Penis. That's great

The botomline — Experts recommends taking two of them every morning to rip the benefit.

10. Fruits that enlarge manhood – Nuts and Seeds

Fruits that enlarge manhood - Nuts and Seeds

Fortunately, this one is a Vegetarian Food unlike Salmon aforementioned above. Nuts such as Almond and Peanuts, and Seeds like Pumpkin seeds are generally helpful in sexual lifestyle.

They ensures an efficient flow of blood around the penis muscles. Packed with numerous nutrients, this food is certainly a Partaker among the Best foods that increase Penis size naturally.

Ironically, there are no guarantee to see a swift change in your manhood size overnight, though you can combine this exercises to get results faster.

And that's wraps it up for the topic – Fruits that enlarge manhood size!

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