Natural ways to increase Penis size and strength

Dead set on having a better sex life?

Here are the Natural ways to increase your Penis size and its strength!

In our last session, we talked about certain foods that increase Penis size naturally and we also advised to check this very post out for a better result.

Today, we've successfully compiled a hefty workouts that's worth implementing inorder to increase the size and girth of the Penis. To be frank, women aren't the only ones that worries about their sizes — men also do sometimes. This is peculiar to those men with a smaller sized penis.

Time to screw the tenacity of been called a kid, wake up – implement these strategies to get your penile size at that recommended unit. Trust me – your spouse will cherish you even more.

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For the sake of brevity, let's just dive in.

This workout is classified into two sections, viz

  • External factors and
  • Internal factors

External factors

External factors refers to those superficial agents that determines the size of the penis. It's all about those environmental things that could alter the size, shape and the nature of the penis overtime.

From warming up to meditation and to Penis Pump are those external factors that regulates the size of the penis. These external factors are articulated underneath

1. Increase Penis size: Exercise regularly

Natural ways to increase Penis size and strength

Mind you, doing exercise isn't only for weight loss or for muscular gain. It can has a drastic effect on the size and girth of the Penis overtime. Exercise helps to free blood arteries thereby increasing blood flow to the body organs, the same thing applies to the Penis.

2. Enlarge manhood size: Utilize Penis Pump

Natural ways to increase Penis size and strength

Penis pump

A penis pump is a kind of vacuum or pump that strengthens the penis by the use of creams, pills, and gels. It accomplishes this by drawing enough blood to the penis, thereby increasing the size and growing its girth.

Caveat: scientist recommend using them intermittently to prevent possible damage to the blood vessel

3. Increase blood in the penis: Jelq-off

Natural ways to increase Penis size and strength

Masturbation isn't only made for ladies alone. Men can also do it for a larger penis size. Precisely, when you jelq the private organ — it stands, deploy and enlarge to a vigorous extent. Doing this regularly can help you see results faster

4. Increase Penis size: Avoid negative moods

Increase Penis size: Avoid negative moods

The wide known fact is that anxiety and other negative emotions would tend to drive blood away from the Private organs and most especially the Penis. So, you would want to maintain an optimum state of mind and not been furious at all times.

In case you're beserk at the moment, here's a post that'll gather joy in your heart ( it's more hysterical than a nitrous oxide) — Animals stuck in the weirdest places.

5. Enlarge manhood size: Relax and meditate

Increase Penis size: Avoid negative moods

And while exercise improves the health of the Penis, relaxation tends to do it more better. You can try doing some sorts of Yoga or just Meditate. It's really helpful

6. Increase Penis sensitivity: Warm up

Enlarge manhood size: Relax and meditate

Now, this might sound so gibberish but it's intuitive. If you are still skeptical – then observe your dick as well as its scrotum after a shower. They tend to shrink and dwindle tremendously. This little change can contribute greatly to a little sized Prick.

Opting for a warm bath can be another walkaround. So, from today henceforth — develop that enthusiasm to stay warm and hot!

Internal factors

Internal factors would mean all those changes that happens inside of the body. Changes made by foods, or those ones as a result of habitual life and all encompassing are precisely the leading factors here.

1. Increase Penis sensitivity: Quit smoking

Increase Penis sensitivity: Quit smoking

If you prefer a larger penis size — then, you must quit smoking to see it in action. Ironically, minutes particles from cigarettes tends to block the artery walls thereby slowing down blood circulation, the same thing applies to the way bloods are transmitted to the Penis.

2. Avoid foods rich in Calories

Foods rich in Fats and calories have an awkward impact on the health of the penis. This is mostly common when coupled with sedentary lifestyles. In this case, the byproducts is often cardiovascular diseases and small size of the Penis.

Also, cholesterol gets build up in the arteries after long days of no exercise. This reduces the flow of blood to the penis

3. Increase the intake of Vegetables and fruits

If you are not a fan of vegetables, this is that appointed time to morph things around. Because with vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidant, one can easily increase the size of their penis in a matter of weeks.

These foods helps fight free radicals in the arteries and strengthens it for a better orgasm. Therefore in your next food roster, don't hesitate to include “foods rich in antioxidants”

Go get it — Top 10 foods that increase Penis size naturally

4. Increase Penis size: Loss Belly fat

Increase Penis size: Loss Belly fat

Belly fats aren't that good for a better sex life. Instead, they sucks all the fats and bloods from the penis thereby making it thinner and thinner. You can consult your doctor for assistance. Typically, he would prescribe some meds for it. Engaging in exercise will also help in loosing Belly fat.

And that's wraps it up for the topic — Natural ways to increase Penis size and strength.

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