Top ten worst natural disasters in history

Top ten worst natural disasters in history:

1. Haiti Earthquake of 2010
2. Hurricane Katrina of 2005
3. Hurricane Andrew of 1993
4. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
5.Tsunami of 2011
6. Tangshan Earthquake
7. Cyclone Nargis
8. 2008 China Earthquake
9. 2003 Iran Earthquake
10. 2005 Kashmir Earthquake…

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Survive a Tsunami, an Avalanche & other Natural disaster

Here, you’ll learn how to survive a Tsunami, an Avalanche, a Hurricane, a Tornado, a Hail, an Earthquake, a Tsunami, a Flood and a Wildfire.

The overall guide to survive a storm is making sure that the wall is attached firmly to the roof and the underlying foundation holds the wall impeccably!

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