Top ten worst natural disasters in history

Some people usually ask “What are the Top ten worst natural disasters in history”, States with worst natural disasters, World’s worst natural disasters video and uncountable more… If your curiosity stream happen to fall under them, That means – You’re definitely at the right place!

Natural disasters ranges in size and magnitude which can be above-normal, normal, and below-normal. Both the above-normal, optimum or normal and below-normal holocaust causes drastic property loss and fatalities around the scene of the strike.

Precisely, Natural disasters has bereaved so many people lives to the extent whereby security of the world as a whole are no longer guaranteed.

States with worst natural disasters

Luckily, it looks like some country’s are literally free from all natural disasters. Even common flood and droughts are less likely to occur in such places such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Barbados, Grenada, Singapore, Bahrain and many others. The countries referenced above, are the top-level countries in terms of safety and its freedom.

Conversely, some unfortunate countries encounters the worst in history, Countries like Phillipines, China, Japan and Bangladesh has the most intense natural disasters. California and Alaska are at the top-notch of the most quaking countries.

Despite this facts – there’s still an existential of major natural disasters occurring in some regions regarded as disaster-free.

Before further Ado – let’s just dive right in – Top ten worst natural disasters in history

World’s worst natural disasters in history

1. Haiti Earthquake of 2010

Top ten worst natural disasters in history

The Haiti Earthquake of 2010 is one of the most recent deadliest natural disasters that necessitated many people’s homeless and extremely wretched.

The Haiti Earthquake of 2010 had a magnitude of 7.0, making it one of the worst natural disasters of all times. The storm struck on Tuesday, January 12, 2020, leaving intense Aftershocks that were felt by many.

A thorough probe shows that – they had over 20,000 fatalities and millions was victimized and left homeless. This memory is worthy to be counted as one of the world’s worst natural disasters.

2. Hurricane Katrina of 2005, USA

States with worst natural disasters

It’s not only that it was ruinous – but it was recorded as the 6th most strongest Earthquake in US history.

It’s the world’s worst natural disaster that hit the gulf coast of the united state, resulting in over $81 billion cost of damages, fatalities and casualties. It’s obvious that this worst natural disaster left inextricable devastating effects.

Excuse me, are you puzzled about the “Katrina” added? The World’s meteorological organization is responsible for renaming natural disasters in accordance with their respective severity. This could demonstrate how intense it was… Speaking of which

3. Hurricane Andrew of 1992, USA

world's worst natural disasters

The Hurricane Andrew of 1993 occured on the 16th of August 1992 ravaging Southern Florida, the Bahamas and South-central Louisiana of the united states. It was considered as the 5th worst hurricane incidence, just right above the Hurricane Katrina of 2005.

The incident results in excessive property destructions and lives of people’s were claimed.

4. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan

States with worst natural disasters

This one is an aggregate of Earthquake and its brother Tsunami. A massive Earthquake of magnitude 9.0 that hit Japan in 2011, resulting in a rigorous devastating effects, of which thousands of people were missened and left deceased.

It don’t just culminate that way, to not exaggerate – it triggered a Tsunami of high magnitude of 77feet (23.6m) which devastating everything on its way. This event would still be listed among the Top ten worst natural disasters in the foreseeable future.

5. Tsunami of 2011

Worst natural disasters in the last 10 years

A gigantic Earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck the coast of Sumatra on the 26th of December 2004, generating an Aftershock which triggers a powerful tsunami of wave 40m (130f.) that swept down dozens of countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and among others.

It was recorded that the holocaust was highest in severity between countries such as Indonesia, followed by Sri Lanka and others.

The return of the disaster was massive destructions of both human lives, aquatic lives and some terrestrial animals. It’s said to be among the World’s worst natural disasters pertaining to it’s severity.

6. Tangshan Earthquake, China

Which natural disaster is the worst

An immemorial Earthquake that can never be forgotten, measuring nearly 8.3 on the Ritcher scale, struck an industrial city with approximately one million inhabitants of Tangshan China, claiming deluge of lives and properties.

It all happened on the 28th of July 1976 with no warning signs. Allegedly, 255,000 lives were confirmed dead.

7. Cyclone/Hurricane Nargis

What was the worst natural disaster in history

Cyclone is the same as a Hurricane and Typhoon but they are regionally used. However, they still remain the same, but this one that happened in Myanmar on may 2008 is drastically uncanny.

The disaster caused deaths of around 140,000 people and washed up the Irrawaddy River delta in Myanmar. The price of damages were estimated to cost around $10 billion. It was the second worst cyclone disaster after the Typhoon Nina in 1975.

8. 2008 China Earthquake

What was the worst natural disaster in history

The China Earthquake 2008, aka 2008 China Earthquake struck on the 12th of May, 2008. It has a magnitude of 8.0 resulting in nearly 70k fatalities.

It was believed to have hit a mountainous region in South-central China, shaking, ravaging and toppling down buildings. There was a massive landslides around the cities too.

It made millions of people’s homeless. Thousands of them were burried under wreckages, creating a strenuous duty for the rescue teams in charge.

9. 2003 Iran Earthquake

States with worst natural disasters

According to the United States Geological Survey, this massive Earthquake had a magnitude of 6.6 (on the Ritcher scale). This incident caused devastation in the city of Bam as well as the surrounding Kerman Province in Southeastern Iran. Nearly 26,000 people lost their lives in the abyss and 30k of them was severely injured.

10. 2005 Kashmir/Pakistan Earthquake

Worst natural disasters in the last 10 years

The 2005 Pakistan Earthquake took place on October 8, 2005. The disaster is reported to have a magnitude of size 7.6. It caused 80,000 people to lost their life at the blink of an eye.

The Earthquake was also experienced in the nearby countries of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Western china and also at Kashmir where 1400 people also died. Retrospectively, this incident is worthy to be counted among the Top ten worst natural disasters in history.

And that’s wraps it up for the topic – Top 10 worst natural disasters in history

It won’t cost or hurt you to get to know how to survive all natural disasters. This can increase your survival level for the next storm ahead!

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