Tips on how to survive wild animal attacks

Hello friends, welcome back. In this tutorial, We’ll be exploring the basics though scientifical tips to survive wild animal attacks. There is a possibility to encounter wild animal attack at any time. That’s why we’d organized for you different wild lives survival tips.

Your responsibility is to stick around till the very end of this article for a better tips to survive if you do encounter a monster. We’ll be reviewing something very consequential in this blog. By the time you have scanned the article thoroughly, chances are – you won’t miss it! Okay here we go…

1. How to survive a lion attack

How to survive a lion attack?
How to survive a Lion attack?

Most lion flee even from people on foot, but an attack can happen anytime. Lion behaviors varies between regions. When I went to Zambia’s North Luangwa National park, there is no tourist there, so the lions weren’t habituated. They have been known to cause 22 people’s to lose their lives every year.

What To Do If You Were Attacked by a lion.

When you encounter a lion attack, hold your feet, maintain eye contact and don’t move your eyes away- this gives the predator the actual time to attack, don’t run or turn your back to this deadly animal. Clap and wave your arm while shouting with a loud voice to make yourself bigger. With this, the lion will get scared and won’t attack you.

2. How to survive a tiger attack.

Tips on how to survive a tiger attack?
How to survive a Tiger attack

You may think that you can survive a tiger attack by following the Lion’s survival tactics. But you are quite wrong, when you encounter a tiger, try to remain calm and don’t look at there eyes. Try to back away slowly while fighting the urge to turn your back and run whereas as for a lion, these is quite the opposite. Run with all your strengths and if you can turn yourself to an airplane, do that immediately for evacuation.

3. How to survive an alligator or a crocodile attack.

Tips on how to survive a Crocodile or Alligator attack?
How to survive a Crocodile attack

If you encounter this animal, try to run in a zigzag manner, but if it’s too late, then fight back by attacking there sensitive snout and gouge their eyes. Never try to play dead or trying to pry open its jaws when such attacks. In concept, you’re advised to stay out of their territory.

4. How to survive a shark attack.

Tips on how to survive a shark attack?
How to survive a shark attack?

Shark kills 6 peoples a year. You’re advised to stay calm, don’t make sudden movements in the water. Don’t turn your back on this predator while fighting the urge to swim away. You’re advised to prevent urine and blood from getting into the water as these triggers shark attack.

5. How to survive a kangaroo attack.

Tips on how to survive a Kangaroo attack?
How to survive a Kangaroo attack

Don’t stand up, cough! Kangaroo will regard this as a kind of disease and definitely won’t  attack you, crunch down as you move away. This way the kangaroo will regard you as not going to impose any threat to them. But if it’s too late, try to roll into a ball on the ground and cover your neck with your arm while calling for help. These animals are strong and fast. They’re capable of disembowelling a person with their hind claws as they do to other animals especially a dog.

6. How to survive an elephant attack.

Tips on how to survive an Elephant attack?
How to survive an Elephant attack

Elephants are quite friendly animals but they’re known to attack humans. Elephants kill more than 500 people every year. When their trunk is curled and their ears are pulled backward. This means that they are ready for attack. Throw a decoy object like your cap very far away from you to distract the elephant. Try to toss the decoy at least 10 feet away. This contributes greatly for the distraction of the elephant to attack such objects instead of you. You can also find something to be a barrier between you and the elephant such as a tree due to the fact that Elephants avoid trees intensively.

7. How to survive a rhinoceros attack.

Tips on how to survive a Rhinoceros attack - survival tactics
How to survive a Rhino attack

If Rhino do attacks, try to stay fairly still as they can’t see well. They can mistake you for a tree and keep grazing. You’re advised to hide behind a tree when it’s too late.

8. How to survive hippopotamus attack.

Tips on how to survive a Hippopotamus attack - survival tactics
How to survive a hippopotamus attack

If you’re in the water when such attacks, try to move in the opposite direction of the approaching hippos. But if you’re on land, try to seek cover.To get rid of the attacking hippos, you’re advised to climb a tree, steep hill or rock. Wait their until they move away.

9. How to survive a bull attack.

Tips on how to survive a Bull attack
How to survive a Bull attack

If you encounter a bull, stay straight and still. Use what you have their like your hat as a bait. When the animal approaches too closely, throw that thing very far away from you while fighting the urge to escape.

10. How to survive a snake attack.

Tips on how to survive a snake attack - survival skills and kits made possible
How to survive a snake attack

If you noticed that a snake is following you, stop your feet and stay still. The vibrations will confuse the animal to reckon your exact location. If you have been bitten, wash the bite with running water, apply a tourniquet and call an emergency.

11. How to survive a jellyfish attack.

Tips on how to survive a jellyfish attack
How to survive a jellyfish attack

The good news is that only 50 species of jellyfish on earth are fatal while the rest 4000 species causes pain and discomfort. Some people believed that urinating on the affected surface will help relieve the condition, but the result is the vice versa. When you pee on the affected surface, you’re helping generating more pain as usual. So you’re advised to pluck the tentacles with tweezers. Soak the affected area in hot water for about 20-45 minutes.

12. How to survive a leopard attack.

Tips on how to survive a Leopard attack - survival skills and kits made possible
How to survive a Leopard attack

Studies done by the Wildlife conservationists and NGO activities reveals that leopard are scared of humans and do avoid them. But an attack can happen anywhere at anytime. When you encounter a leopard, never approach too closely when you see their cubs alone or with their mother. If you encounter such attack, shout and clap while waving your arm in order to look bigger likewise of the Lion’s survival tactics.

13. How to survive a wolf attack.

Tips on how to survive a Wolf attack
How to survive a Wolf attack

If you encounter a wolf. Don’t run because wolves hunt a running prey. And typically they won’t attack you when you hold your feet. Don’t try to stare the animal down. Wolves will take this as a challenge. Then are you ready to fight with a wolf? if you are ready, then consider staring the animal down. But if you’re not ready yet don’t ever think of staring or even a sideglance. But refraining from looking at the animal don’t assure you to turn your back for this dangerous creature. The genius approach is to make yourself big and scary while fighting the urge to back away slowly. Be careful, don’t panic and the most significantly don’t run.

14. How to survive a bear attack.

Tips on how to survive a Bear attack
How to survive a Bear attack

Do you know what to do when you encounter a bear attack. Adhere to this tips to survive a brown bear attack;

– Always carry bear spray everywhere you go because you can meet them at any time.  – Don’t be a tease, don’t be stealthy and most importantly don’t run. Aim and spray

– Play dead or consider boxing their nose and eyes when it’s too late.

15. How to survive a Zebra attack.

Tips on how to survive a Zebra attack
How to survive a Zebra attack

Zebras are aggressive wild animals. They are known to kick each other to death in a fight.

There are many accounts of zebra killing a lion.

So R.I.P lion. LOL😆

Zebras will viciously bite any human that comes too close. These animals can reach speeds of 65KPH. It’s much more possible to ride a zebra but definitely not recommended. So you’re advised to stay far away from Zebra’s, don’t come too close!

16. How to survive a wild dog attack.

Tips on how to survive a Wild dog attack - survival skills and kits made possible
How to survive a Wild dog attack

This is one of the world’s most endangered mammals. Wild dogs are social animals, they gather on packs of around 10 individuals but some packs number are more than 40 individuals. if you encounter a dog attack, stay still and calm. Don’t stare at the dog. Face sideways. Don’t run away to avoid there aggressive attack. If you’re wondering that the dog will bite, try to put something between you and the dog such as your bag, When the dog charges, use stick or rocks as weapons.

If you have been bitten, use a towel to counteract bleeding. Keep the injured area elevated using soap, wash the bite carefully. Apply a sterile bandage to the wound and be sure to apply an antibiotic ointment to the injury everyday to prevent infection.

17. How to survive a gorilla attack.

Tips on how to survive a Gorilla attack - scientific tips to outsmart them
How to survive a Gorilla attack

If you do encounter a gorilla, try to make yourself small by crouching down. Avert your gaze from any nearby gorilla and look away. Never do these things if you encounter such attacks.

  • Don’t run if you do meet them          
  • Don’t show your teeth.                                     Never raise your hands in order to look bigger.                                                                    Don’t ever scream or shout.

18. How to survive bees attack.

Tips on how to survive a Bee attack
How to survive bees attack

You are advised to stay away from bees hives. Don’t move beside there hive. Bees can attack you even if you are just passing by. We advocates staying far away from bee’s hives to best decrease your chances of been stinged.

Don’t kill an attacking bee, but if you do, move away from that scene as quickly as possible. This is because a killed bee gives off an alarming scent that serves to call its hive-mates to the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, if you’re there when there arrival, you are in a deep soup. If bees are following you, try to run into an enclosed shelter or keep running until they stop following you.

To not attract bees, never wear black clothes beside their hives. This is because black clothes triggers there attack. Your tendency to be attacked by bees is drastically reduced when you are wearing white clothes rather than black clothes. Avoid bright areas during such attacks. Try to run into a dark place. Bees hate dark place as well, so they will leave you behind.

Lastly, Never jump into a body of water when bees are chasing you because if you do so, your name is SORRY. This animals are smart, so they gonna wait for you there to come up. Chances are, the bees will sting you randomly whilst getting above the water surface. To best protect yourself, don’t jump into bodies of water during such horrific attack.

19. How to survive a scorpion attack.

Tips on how to survive a Scorpion attack - surviving a scorpion's bite
How to survive a scorpion attack

Scorpions are quite deadly animals. They uses its claws to hold their preys while injecting their poisonous venom into them. If you have been bitten, clean the wound with mild soap and water. Press the affected area gently. This may help to reduce the pain.

If you’re finding it difficult swallowing, don’t consume any food and liquid. Contact your doctor immediately as possible.

Remind us if you thinks we have missed some survival tactics by leaving a poignant comment in the comments section.

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