White pretty Vs Black pretty, which is best?

Historically, the 2 first humans on earth have different colors – Adam was white while his wife Eve was black. This throws an alarming question? Why do this color mixed awkwardly by having both Black men and white men and vice versa.

For, the context of this post – we’ll just be showcasing a list of pretty pictures of Black’s and White’s mainly women – you’ll be making the selection by yourself! Which is best? Photos here aren’t the best in any way so it may impair your selection!

Make this selection a better one – just say White or Black in the comments section, then the majority will take the vote. For me I choose Black that’s B:W = 1:0

Black woman

White woman
Black woman
White woman
Black woman
White woman

Please share this post to anyone possible, abeg! And don’t hesitate to follow-up to be the first to see our next article. Drop your vote in the comments section below by either saying Black or white. We are going to see who’ll win this race!


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5 thoughts on “White pretty Vs Black pretty, which is best?

  • January 4, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    I choose black, am black also. We are magnificent, unique and curvaceous… We would be the best tomorrow and also in the foreseeable future to come!


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