Top 10 worst plane crashes in history (deadliest)

Air transportation is literally the prestigious mode of mass transportation in the world due to its stupendous safety.

They say that air transportation is the safest mode of transportation in the world. Your chances of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 11,000,000 and each Accidents happens in every 2 million flights.

Accidents are more common on lands and sea than on air. This could mean boarding a plane gonna wane your chances of encountering potential accidents than boarding a ship, a car and other alternative mode of transportation. So, your smart choice is the air transportation.

Regardless of its safety, people seldomly lose their lives if one occurs. These fatal accident is more common on clueless people that are evenly ignorant of certain plane crash survival tips.

Nevertheless, back to subject — Top 10 Worst Plane Crashes in the History of Aviation. There severity, and intensity increases down the list.

Top 10 Worst plane crashes in history

10. Iranian Air Force (275 dead)

On 19th February 2003, A mysterious Iranian Air force carrying revolutionary guards crashed at the altitude of 11,500 feet from the ground. It's documented that the incident happened in a poor whether condition near Kerman leaving no Survivor.

Pertaining to its severity, it's a sure contender among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history.

9. Iran Air Flight 655 (290 dead)

The Iran Air Flight 655 is certainly a partaker among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history. This is due to its severity as well as its huge death record.

This incident happened way too back in the 1988 due to disputes in communication between countries during the Iranq-Iran war.

The US Vincennes alleged shot down the Iran commercial aircraft going from Dubai to Tehran with a surface-to-air missile.

The United States did not apologize to the families of the deceased, though they atoned them by paying nearly $62 million for compensation.

8. Saudia Flight 163  (301 dead)

In 1980, Saudi's Lockheed L-1011 going towards Jeddah stuck at Riyadh. Around 7 minutes after take-off, the fire in the Cargo hold broke out.

Consequently, the pilots decided to land. They made an emergency landing to best protect themselves. But it is quite unfortunate to the passengers on board who suffered hypoxia and died in smoke inhalation before the firefighter's interference.

Reportedly, the fire started from a brutane stoves used by the Muslim pilgrims. Since then, stoves and it's alternative heat source has been banned on board but some people surreptitiously bring it on board to make tea.

7. Air India Express Flight 812 (158 dead)

The Air India Express Flight 812 is regarded as the 3rd worst plane crashes to occur in the India land.

The Airplane took off from Dubai and landed on the Mangalore Airport which is probably one of the worst airports in India.

The Mangalore Airport has a short runway owing to its hilly terrain with a sudden drop at one end. As a result of this, negotiating a landing is very tough as the pilots must have a proper sense of concentration and accuracy.

Unfortunately for the Air India Express Flight 812, the pilot had miscalculated the actual touchdown position and caused something very devastating! The incident claimed the lives of 158 passengers on board, leaving just 8 survivalist.

6. Air India Flight 182 (329 dead)

On the 23rd of June 1985, A plane (Boeing 747) flying from Montreal to London at 31,000 feet was bombarded. The plane fell in the Atlantic ocean just off the coast of Ireland.

It's recorded that it was the first bombing of a 747 jumbo jet and presumably, the worst mass murder in the Canadian history.

The devastated incident had earned it spot among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history.

5. Americans Airlines flight 191 (275 dead)

This incident is not only among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history but also the worst airline accident that has happened in the United States. The Airplane involved is the McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

The worst happens just few minutes after takeoff, as one of the plane's turbo engine had separated from the plane.

Consequently, the plane went into a roll, pulling over to one side and hence plummetting into the ground.

After rigorous probing, it was believed that the incident had been caused by a faulty maintenance procedures followed by the aircraft personnel.

273 people's on board as well as 2 individuals on ground was confirmed dead. This earned it a spot among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history.

4. Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (346 dead)

In 1974, the Turkish Airlines flight 981 flying from instanbul to London crashed off the coast of Paris leaving no survivor.

The cause of the incident was decompression which occurs because of a Moroccan baggage handler who was unable to read the proper latching instructions in English. The latch blew off in mid-flight and damaged control systems.

According to some sources, it still remains the fourth worst plane crashes in the history of Aviation.

3. Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision (349 dead)

This incident is caused by the collision of two aircrafts, Saudi Arabia's Boeing 747 and the Kazakhstan's Airlines IL-76. The catastrophic incident happened probably 60 kilometers from Delhi. The Kazakhs airline adjusted their initial altitude from 13,000 feet to 14,000 feet which resulted in the ramming of both aircrafts.

A survey has proven that the collision is caused by the Kazakhstan pilot's poor knowledge of English.

This incident will always remain among the Top 10 worst plane crashes in history. Ok speaking of which…

2. Japan Airlines Flight 123 (520 dead)

On August 12, 1985 , the Japanese Boeing 747 crashed due to an explosive decompression, just seven minutes after take-off between 100 kilometers from Tokyo, leaving only 4 survivors with 520 passengers demised.

After proper probing, the airliners investigated that the faulty repair performed by Boeing after a tailstrike incident during landing seven years earlier was the cause of the incident.

It's the deadliest single-aircraft accident ever recorded in history.

1. Tenerife Airport disaster (The worst plane crash in history)

As you can see – this is horrifying

This is the most disastrous Airplane crash in the Aviation history. The incident is caused by the collision of two large airliners during take off. The tragic incidents incorporates two Boeing 747s belonging to the Dutch KLM and the American Pan Am airline.

After a proper surveys, the airliners reported that it's caused by the KLM airliners as he refused to take proper clearance from the airlines before take-off. On the contrary, they discovered that he was totally sure that he had clearance to take-off. It's observed that the cause of the incident is disputes between the Airline Traffic controller, ATC and the flight crew.

In terms of  the passengers and the pilots killed in this collision, it's regarded as the most disastrous Aviation Accident ever recorded in history.

And that's wrapped it up for the topic – 10 worst plane crashes in the history of Aviation

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