Tips on how to optimize your YouTube channel on search engines!

Before choosing your brand name on YouTube, you are ought to be wise especially when it comes to search engine indexing your site. Today we are going to solve this problem right away. Your duty is to bear with us throughout the whole content. Okay let’s start.

Method 1 of 3: Use the proper Google Account: Google is the by far the largest search engine world wide. The platform gives you a huge opportunity to open as many accounts you desire. There are basically two types of Google account which are;

  • Personal account usually named by “account created for myself and
  • Business account- Account created for my business

Over the past few decades I joined the YouTube community, I discovered something intriguing. I started my YouTube channel at scratch without the wit of YouTube algorithms. New YouTube channels suffer several kinds of problem owing to lack of essential knowledge for the YouTube community. When I started my channel on YouTube, I use another account other than the main account which is referenced above as “personal account”. Everything was really going well until one day I discovered that I was lacking behind. On that auspicious day, I searched my channel by its name on YouTube. Unfortunately I found nothing, I scrolled miles from the results and I found nothing. I was desperate about YP at that time. I thought whether they don’t want to show my poor channel on there platform. Consequently, I quited uploading videos on the platform. Months later, I opt for a second try. I decide to create another account but I was appalled when I discovered the two Google accounts option ( personal and business account respectively). I criticized myself randomly for being too ignorant of the right account. Nevertheless, I created my business account and opened a brand new YouTube channel. I hopefully search my YouTube channel on YouTube and it may sound so ridiculous, I mean my channel appeared first, despite to the fact that I had no video. Then I created this website to divulge this secrecy which I was unable to find by curiosity.

In conclusion, you should use the right Google account for your YouTube channel inorder to grow efficiently. Go and create a business account for your new channel in the foreseeable future.

Note; if your YouTube channel was created using the wrong Google account plus you just started, your odds is to go back and create the right Google account for YouTube. But if you have gained reputation, just ignore the message.

Bear it in mind that we don’t mean that “YouTube channel created with the personal account” will not appear on search because YouTube have updated there website with channel filter recently. Meanwhile your channel will be visible if and only if the viewer select the channel filter. But it’s better for your whole channel to appear without using any search filters!

Got it?

2. Choose a unique channel name: As a new creator, you should consider and ascertain the kind of name you choose for your channel on YouTube. Stay away from name’s that are too competitive. Make your channel different from other content creators. Don’t grab a trending channel name to boost your channel ranking. This is impersonation. Here’s the downside; when your audience discover this, they flew away briskly. This is the main cause of losing one hundred subs in one day. This is so excruciating right? Better avoid this for your own good.

Be sure to choose a name that someone else don’t bear to best improve your ranking on search and to deter competition from associated counterparts. We recommends surfing the internet before grabbing one kind of eloquent brand name like that. Oh! Let’s demystify for better understanding. We mean that you should search your channel name on Google to clarify whether the name has been taken by another person or people.

Remember, choose a simple channel name. Your channel name should be precise, crammable and search related. Stay away from strange name, avoid letters, symbols and words that are not search-friendly.

3. Upload many videos simultaneously: Sometimes search engines will find it difficult to index a site that is slightly competitive. If your brand name is similar to a channel or thousandths time used for YouTube video’s title. This can impair your brand visibility on search engine especially when you don’t have any content. To fix this bug, you need to consider uploading many videos at the same time on your channel to enhance SEO. Try uploading up to 10 critical video on that mysterious account before any other actionable steps.

It seems that we have reached the end of the article. With this tips your channel will be automatically optimized in search engine. Have a nice day!

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