Tips On How To Extend Your Battery life By Tenfold (refer your phone settings)!

For most of us, our smartphone is part of our life. Your website, accounts, projects and other useful files seamlessly contributes to this intimacy. You had lose your car keys than your mobile phone instead. The most important thing to consider about your phone is there battery life. The battery powers every components on your smartphone. It builds the engineering marvel behind your smartphone into existence. Huh! what a desire for a long battery life.

Before making your choice on affordable smartphones, you should estimate the amount of time you spent while using a phone with respect to it’s battery capacity. The higher the battery capacity, the more the time spent using the device. Before you squander a huge amount of time reading this article, let deep dive into our main caption “Tips on how to increase your battery life by Tenfold”.


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Your phone settings plays a major role when it comes to your battery lifespan. You can use various techniques to prolong the time spent using your device such as by using the battery saving mode. Many manufactures has assigned several methods to prolong there products lifespan. Here we will be sharing ten ways to improve your battery lifespan.

1. Use battery saving mode:

You can run your device on three modes which comprises the “High performance mode”, the “Normal mode” the “Power saving mode” and the “Ultra power” mode. Your phone will work efficiently in any mode, but there are some drawbacks.

For the “High performance mode”, your central processing unit “CPU” and the Graphics processing unit “GPU” are optimised in high performance mode. In comparison with the three other modes, this option tends to consume more power and are prone to the generation of additional heat under heavy load conditions.

For the “Normal mode” your phone is equiped with smart CPU-frequency calibration and auto brightness adjustment.

For the “Power saving mode” Your device is optimised by restricting  functions such as vibration, background traffic and location service. Caution; Email and chat apps that require syncing may only receive data when opened explicitly.

For the “utra power mode” system performance is optimize to conserve battery life. System and installed apps are restricted to function. Only few requisite features like calls, messaging and clocks are allowed. This is the ideal option when you are not making use of your phone to prolong battery life.

2. Uninstall the Facebook app

Apparently, Facebook is among the battery draining application ever discovered. According to Uswitch, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google are bad juice suckers. They are able to drain your battery tremendously within couples of hours. Other applications such as Snapchat, Netflix, YouTube, messenger, Google news, Flipboard, BBC news, TikTok, battery boosting apps are contributors too. It’s better to uninstall any application you don’t use 24/7 inorder to conserve battery life.

3. Use dark modes if available

Nowadays, phone manufacturers had utilize different ways to save the battery life nearly tenfold. Of which the “dark mode” is among. In dark mode, the display turns off and the screen appearance suits the screen. This is one of the crucial trick to grab for a long battery life.

Looking at this scenario, you will anticipate a longer battery life when you stick with dark mode, adaptive brightness, optimized volume and deactivating action, gestures and vibrator!

Kinda doubling your battery capacity!

4. Deactivate action and gestures

Sometimes, you wake your screen by double tapping or you drag two fingers to take a screenshot. But, it’s kind of insane to understand that this features are prone to drink your battery juice by 0.2 hours. It may seem so little to you, but after you merge all this itty-bitty minutes together, then you’ll develop the enthusiasm to further actions.

5. Enable adaptive brightness

I don’t discover any reason that the “A” symbol in the dimmer switch plays a role when it comes to long battery life. The adapter brightness is a sensor that measures and equate the environment intensity with the display contrast. Imagine moving from dim room to bright room with no need to adjust the brightness to suit proper vision. With this battery saving feature, your battery life is extended to 0.4 hours. You should do it now, swipe down the bar and activate adaptive brightness now!

6. Optimize volume and disable vibrator

Optimizing phone volume is one of the tangible ways to extend battery life. You could disable vibrating calls to prolong battery usage time. Okay to annoy you, unoptimized volume eats 0.5 hours of battery life whereas the vibrator drains it by 0.2 hours. This means that optimization of volume saves more power than it’s counterparts.

Here’s an analogy, here you gonna see that your battery will drain so fast than the previous visualization.


7. Delete unused account

Unused account should be eradicated to save battery life. The most account that plays the worst role is Google account. Many of us has several Google account but rely measly on 1 account. The fact that accounts or specifically Google account can drain battery juice is totally contrary to the normal sense. I remembered when i was in high school, our master always remind us that physics gonna prove you wrong when you are 100% certain. It’s quite better to delete unnecessary Google account to save battery life.

8. Reduce screen brightness and keep your screen duration short

This one deserves to be at the top. But if it happens to be there, consequently you may ignore this article. The screen brightness should be reduced along with the activation of Adaptive brightness to conserve more power plus opting short screen time.

9. Keep your charge within a standard limit

The fact that, the more your battery juice up the more the battery depreciate and vice versa. To be concise, the more your phone die, the more your battery depreciates. Don’t leave your phone to 0% before the next charge or don’t keep it between 0% to 100%. Well understanding the basics is as simple as ABC but the nuance is much more complicated. Okay let’s dive in, in lithium battery there’s a phenomenon that’s called SEI layer which represent “solid electrolyte interface”. This SEI eats up lithium ion per specific charge time. The more the lithium battery dies, the worser your battery life. Conversely, when you discharge the battery completely, lithium oxide and cobalt (ii) oxide are formed at the anode which contributes greatly to lost in battery capacity!

10. Battery optimization

Battery optimization is another method used to extend the battery life. The main thing to recall is to turn all apps to optimize battery use. To do this

  • Click on settings
  • Battery
  • Battery optimization
  • Switch to “Not optimized” and turn “optimize battery use” on.

We hope this article gives you a wonderful insight by enlighten you with ten battery saving hacks that worths it. If you think that we have missing some crucial facts, stay clear to drop it in the comments section below! Remember to develop the curiosity to flourish as a Survivor!

Enjoy your long lasting battery life!

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