The IMO Accountant General’s Brother Shot Dead As Kidnappers Invade Orlu Catholic Church

Recently kidnappers invaded sent Johns catholic Church Okporo orlu L.G.A and attempted to kidnap Chief Valentino Ibenye Ugbala, an illustrious son of the community for ransom.

Chief Valentino Ibenye Ugbala went to sent Joseph catholic Church on 5 different invitations from the parish priest, Reverend father Kenneth for church harvest, for child dedication, memorial service of his friend’s late father, special thanksgiving of a family friend and the 15th wedding and anniversary of Chief Linus Igwe.

Chief Valentino Ibenye Ugbala

The internal base business Mongol said he was at Sent Joseph for the 6:30 mass and joined the 3 above mentioned groups for thanksgiving and was waiting for the 5th person to give the church his donation for the harvest before leaving. Later, the 5th person he was waiting for, Chief Linus Igwe called him and pleaded that he should wait for his own church service scheduled for 9:30.

Hence, he went to sent Teresa catholic Church for other invitations. After which he rushed back to Sent Joseph for Chief Igwe 15th wedding and anniversary mass and harvest donation. As he droves inside the church premises with his sister’s daughter in search of a parking place. He noticed some boys on a motorcycle enters the car park. Suddenly, four other motorcycles also came into the car park instead of the place meant for motorcycles to park. All the motorcycles had no plate identification numbers. One of them jumped down and pointed a gun at him and ordered him to follow them quickly or they will shoot him.

It was then he realized that they were kidnappers. He insisted that he tries to attract the attention of people but nobody responds. When he refused to follow them, they beated him and collected his two phones, wrist watch, necklace and an amount of $850. After much beatings, he managed to enter inside the church auditorium, and they followed him inside the church for more than an hour. When the church called the police, they ran away before their arrival, leaving one of their motorcycles behind.

He said it was the Amanato vigilante group and special squads from the police who rescued him and took him to the hospital where he receives treatment.  He thanked God that he is alive and can identify some of the kidnappers while some parishioners also identify others.

The kidnappers on the same day, shots Mr Obieze, an indigen of Akata in Orlu East to death and stole his vehicle.

The hoodlums were also said to have been terrorising the entire area including Okporo, Akata and Omumma.

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