Survive a Tsunami, an Avalanche & other Natural disaster

Here, you’ll learn how to survive a Tsunami, an Avalanche, a Hurricane, a Tornado, a Hail, an Earthquake, a Tsunami, a Flood and a Wildfire.

The overall guide to survive a storm is making sure that the wall is attached firmly to the roof and the underlying foundation holds the wall impeccably!

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Confirmed cases of Zombiism from the real world plus tips on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

There are proofs of man becoming Zombie in Haiti.
– The first case was a young woman who died of sickness and revive as Zombie 3 years later.
– The second case was a young man who died at the age of 18 and revive 18 years later.
– The third and the last case study was a young woman who died at 18 and revive as the reanimated corpses 13 years later.

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