Confirmed cases of Zombiism from the real world plus tips on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

Have you ever think of what to do if you were surrounded by the walking dead. Do you know what to do if you were attacked by Zombies?

Well, this article is teaching you the various ways to survive the zombie Apocalypse. Conversely, your conscience maybe telling you that Zombies are mythological misconceptions but here are proofs of Zombiism in the world. Stay stunned as we explore various scientific tricks and ideas used to survive zombie Apocalypse!

Consider watching this video below where the conceptual hidden facts about Zombies are highlighted.

Zombies are monstrous creatures that depends on human brain for food. They are regarded as brainless monsters roaming around at nights for someone’s brain to eat. Zombie’s in their appearance, resembles like someone shooted at the heads and other parts of their body. They are illiterates, they don’t have a specific direction and what they need all is that of your brain. They don’t have feelings (they are numb) but some other versions of Zombie disagreed with this idea. In this version, they said that Zombie have strong emotions and can even feels better than humans.

The main difference between Zombie and Vampire is that Zombies are brainless creatures whereas Vampires are heartless creatures. Meanwhile, Zombie have brains but they don’t have hearts whereas Vampires have brains but they don’t have any hearts.

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Scientists have discovered many viruses, fungi and bacteria that can cause one to behave like Zombie. They also confirmed the existence of Zombiism in plants, animals and man respectively. They insisted that Zombie are caused by microbes. This microbes begins their first journey by altering the shape of their host and expanding instantaneously, thereby causing a serious case of Zombiism in their host.

When we talk of Zombie, bear it in mind that this is an illness. Some common disease that can even make you to behave like Zombie include Sleeping sickness, Rabies, Dysarthria and leprosy respectively. There are proofs of man becoming Zombie in Haiti.

– The first case was a young woman who died of sickness and revive as Zombie 3 years later.

– The second case was a young man who died at the age of 18 and revive 18 years later.

– The third and the last case study was a young woman who died at 18 and revive as the reanimated corpses 13 years later.

Okay back to the main topic, how can I survive Zombie Apocalypse.

Preparing to survive zombie Apocalypse will not hurt you, the walking dead may take the world population at any time. So here are list of Zombie survival tips.

1. Learn how to Run: Obviously, Zombies don’t even run, all they do is falling from one point to the other and back. So we advice you to learn how to run for a very long time without been exhausted. So recover your senses now, Learn how to outrun this ghastly creatures.

2. Heating: Heat burns Zombies very much and frightens them from attack. So grab your lighter, matches and anything that can generate heat. You can also use a convex lens to burn them, just focus the lens towards the direction of sun and reflect the rays back on their heads.

On doing this, you gonna here noises of their feet in the long run. So learn your lessons now, put a piece of matches, lens on your pocket while moving around at nights.

3. Use of boiled water: Zombies are vector of differents kinds of disease. We advice you to boil your water, poor them that hot water consistently and don’t come too close.

4. Climbing: When you are surrounded by thousands of Zombies, you have a few trick to save your life. Zombies don’t have the physical competence to climb so they gonna leave you behind. Pick one tree or steep hill to survive the zombie Apocalypse.

5. Sleepeth not: When you are surrounded by Zombies, don’t even think of closing one of your eyes because if you do this, you are a dead rat. So don’t ever try to sleep during Zombie Apocalypse, they may break your doors at nights to eat their favorite meal.

6. Be a good forager: When you know certain herbs in the forest that will expedite your life at 1%, then you won’t die of starvation. So go and Learn certain herbs in the forest that may sustain you during Zombie Apocalypse.

7. Map reading: You should learn how to read the map for a better route for evacuation. So learn your lessons today, go and acquire the knowledge on how to trace the map without your mobile phone.

8. Paragliding: Do you know that you are one of top survivors with your harness, your parachute and helmet. So learn how to ride the air today if you ever want to evade the Zombie Apocalypse. Thanks for reading, give us thumbs up for worrying about your wellbeing.

Answer this querry below in the comments section; If this world was to be ended with bullet shots against this ghastly creatures, who will you join? You have only two options here;

A. You gonna turn to Zombie to eat our brains

B. You gonna support your fellow humans by fighting with us.

Leave your own opinion below in the comment section.

See you soon!

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