Surfshark Review: Buy a VPN, get an Antivirus Package for free

Surfshark is a new and hot player in the VPN industry. With unique features such as fast server speed, numerous extra privacy features, and the possibility of a user to use a single account on an unlimited number of devices. This VPN is utterly exceptional from other VPN providers across the country.

Surfshark is a fast and reliable Virtual Private Network, which seems a gold mine to use. It’s blatantly obvious that Speed and Reliability is at high value when opting for the right Virtual Private Network. So the Surfshark VPN offers the best here.

Shurfshark puts their customer in priority, so their customer care service is open and interactive 24/7. Therefore, you’ve that guarantee that your message won’t go abyss.

In terms of the cost, Surfshark don’t use the standard rate ($10 per month) rather the price is currently $12 in a month. But, you can always save 78% by subscribing for 2 years.

Now, listen – it’s worth signing up on Surfshark if you’re a fan of streaming services or you want to access the American version of Netflix. Thankfully, you can use this VPN to access the Netflix library in more than 15 different countries.

Surfshark puts the privacy of their customers in priority. Precisely, they claims that they don’t collect users information such as the IP address, browsing history, bandwidths, e.t.c. One kink Surfshark VPN suffers is that their Privacy policy is low in details, which they’re striving to improve asap.

Unlike other VPN providers, Surfshark offers unique features that are rarely seen on other VPN. Such features includes;

  • The Surfshark Whitelister – A split-tunneling tool that enables users to access site that otherwise can be blocked from VPN.
  • Multihop which allows users to surf in an even more secure ways. Generally speaking, this tool creates a VPN connection to a server and then bounces your traffic to a second VPN server thereby creating a more rigid space for security.

Not sure whether Surfshark will satiate you? Try it out coz they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So they’ll always reimburse you if you discontinue the service beforehand! I recommend downloading the Surfshark’s application on your smartphone to claim a week-long trial period (for free).

But for now, let’s sign up first!


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