Plane crashes into a house in Monterey: ‘Went right into the living room’ few moments ago!

Recently a small plane accidentally crashed in a native home along the Monterey Regional Airport on Tuesday morning, starting a fire outbreak that engulfed the whole plane and succumbed the home as well as the environmental scene on which it fell on.

The crash was radically reported at around 10:45 a.m. near Highway 68 in the Monterey Ranch subdivision. Urgent probing has been implemented which specifies the exact owner of the plane and the possible problem that caused the crash.

“KION reported family members confirmed Mary Ellen Carlin of Pacific Grove was the owner of the Cessna 421 that crashed and that she was piloting the plane at the time of the crash. She was unaccounted for as of 5 p.m. Tuesday”.

They say that the federal Aviation ministry did not yet have the necessary information pertaining to the number of people’s on board nor reports of an ounce of injured members on board.

Monterey County Regional Fire District Deputy Fire Marshal Dorothy Priollo said additional engines were requested as the house fire extended into the brush and the fire was contained to less than an acre. No other homes were affected in the crash, Priolo said.

The family who owns the demolished home was fortunate enough to be totally absence during the terrible incident. “My wife and kids weren’t there,” said Goulart – the man of the house. “I feel bad for the poor people on the plane. But they lost a lot more than we did, for sure.”

One of them that experienced the scene narrates that “he saw the airplane flying at low altitude before it hitted a nearby house”.

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plane crashed in Monterey

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