The intentionally controlled plane crash with no survivor

Now this may not be as tremendous as Lockerbie, Tenerife or even 9/11. But this crash gives me chills every time I come across it.

The flight was a routine scheduled flight from LA to SFO. The equipment used was a British Aerospace 146–200A four engine jet. Technically this wasn’t an accident, but an intentional mass murder.

This calamity happened way too back in the 1987, when the airport securities are not what they are today. A man called David Burke had been sacked from his aeronautic job by his supraordinate manger, – Raymond Thomson due to theft issues. Burke allegedly beseeched Raymond to be reinstated to his normal position but all of a sudden Raymond hadn’t comply with his entreaty. He kept the raved Burke fired like that.

The agitated Burke literally boarded a flight in which he knew that Ray will be flying. He sneaked impertinently into the plane concealing a gun meant to destroy Ray.

He shotted Ray and possibly some crew members. Then he stalked into the pilots apartment and killed the aviatry pilots. He pulled the yoke of the plane down with both engines at the maximum thrust. Kinda considering how the whole fuselage had diged a massive hole!

This is horrible!

The reason I referenced this one to be the most deadliest plane crash was that it was planned. Burke had killed anyone attempting to thwart his evil deed but who knows, are there anybody that could forespeak this unfortunate event? Imagining the whole plane landing with its nose pointing downwards with both turbofans engines at the highest thrust.

It was reported that the plane crashed at a speed little higher than the speed of sound in air. The remains of the deceased weren’t identified. The aircraft had disintegrated into multiple small pieces while also leaving a crater on the rocky hillside it crashed. Apparently, the plane experienced a deceleration of 5,000 times the force of gravity. Kind of a mass burial?

It’s also documented that Burke had written a letter to Raymond Thomson to utter his last prayer. Here is the frustrating letter…        

“Hey Ray. I think it’s sort of ironical that we end up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family. Remember? Well, I got none and you’ll get none”


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