Breaking: Indian cricketer test positive in England

Allegedly, one of the 23 Indian cricketers travelling to Durham in the ongoing tour of England has been tested positive for covid19 during the 20 days break – consequently the victim of the pandemic will not travel with the team on Thursday.

The discover was due to the BCCI secretary Jay Shay aversion to covid19. In advance before further arrangement for the said sport, Jay sent an email to the India contingent in the United Kingdom cautioning them about the rising rates of covid cases in the area. This exclusive warning paved the way for the great Covid19 security mainly in India.

Discovered covid19 victim in the ongoing tour of England

Obviously, the suspected team will stay in quarantine and will not be traveling to Durham for the next sport – though he’s currently free from all covid19 symptoms as reported by the BCCI source.

Jay Shay in his letter, enlightened the cricketers to stay away from hoards of crowd to best prevent themselves from any futuristic covid19 cases.

Indian cricketer test positive for Covid19 recently

Infact, Jay Shay has been a Godsent to the sport program by ingeniously securing the rest of the chain from the Pandemic.

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Here’s a proof from the Indian cricket team, click here

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