How to use oxygen mask on airplane correctly

Hey you folks, welcome to the home of survivors. In this tutorial or step-by-step blog, you’ll be learning the need on how to use oxygen mask on an airplane correctly. Okay let’s dive in – How to use oxygen mask on airplane correctly.

To put on your oxygen mask impeccably, follow these steps below

  • Draw the mask towards you
  • Place it over your nose and mouth
  • Secure the elastic strap behind your head firmly.

N.B. Put on your oxygen mask before helping your lovely kid to prevent been semi-conscious.

How to use oxygen mask on airplane correctly - How to survive a plane crash
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At the event of a depressurized cabin – A paucity of passengers used their oxygen mask accurately where the mainstream placed it just over their mouth and some others don’t even secure the elastic bands behind their heads.

Securing the oxygen mask merely over the mouth can be detrimental to health as reported by the health maintenance agency. The mouth can block oxygen completely from reaching the lungs. Here’s an analogy

After sport, you’ll be hyperventilating in usual cases. Then to lower and stop the heavy breathing – It’s recommended to take a deep breath through your nose, not from the mouth. This is ideal for a crucial reason. Use it wisely.

The oxygen mask are automatically deployed when sensors discern a state of oxygen deprivation. At high altitude, there exist little or no oxygen sufficient for the normal body activities. Your whole body all-encompassing. Bet me, the part of the body that depends only in oxygen is the cornea. It can stop working in a state of oxygen deprivation. And remember, it’s not only the cornea but the whole body as a whole. One can feel unconscious and other body malfunctions at high altitude. That’s why it’s super recommended to wear the oxygen mask immediately it drops. N.B. It get lowered above the head compartment.

So the widespread misconception behind wearing the oxygen mask is that one could survive for nearly an hour without putting on their oxygen mask after it get deployed. This is an unfounded lie – don’t be driven by fallacious misapprehension. It just a few seconds and eventually the person might cease to exist.

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And that wraps it up on “how to use oxygen mask on airplane correctly”.


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