How to survive the Vampire Apocalypse (History)

Vampire are ghostish mythological creature that degrades humanity livelihood. They are dependent on human blood for food. They suck human blood using there sharp fangs, killing them and turning them to vampires.


Vampires mainly suck their blood from human necks. They are very sensitive to light, they experience light as kind of been in the bottomless pit of hell. They avoid scorching heats more than you do to your avoidance.

This is because they burn them way too serious than they could bear. Anything alternative to heat, sunlight,e.t.c burns them earnestly. Based on intuition, we would say that they are in a great covenant with “heat”.

Allegedly, this effectuate them to be night creatures. They attack human mainly in the night since they are refered as night creatures. They rarely attack human in the day time due to sun burns. They feel more agitated when they skip a while without feeding on human blood.

They have the tendency of turning into bats and werewolf respectively. They are even wiser and tends to be smarter than humans. The nature of there intelligence makes it quite complicated for humans to outrun them.

They are more gorgeous than humans. Infact, the world will find it tricky to differentiate them from humans if they pop into existence. Their skin are very hard to the extent that there sharp fangs and werewolf couldn’t penetrate.
They are heartless creature with human brain unlike the brainless zombie with heart. Zombie and vampire are ghastly creatures that attacks human. But they have there specific characteristics.

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They tends to be stronger at nights than day times. They exhibit super strength and often have a hypnotic effect on there prey.
The most scary characteristics of a vampire is that they don’t have shadows and cannot see there own image in a mirror.

History of vampires

The history of vampire can be traced to ancient Medveda Serbia on January 1732 when the carpathian mountains loomed ghastly to the east in an ominously manner. According to my research, they exhumed 40 villagers that morning and 13 been identified as vampires. Fresh blood seeped from there mouth. The surveys reported that they exhibits extravascular blood in there stomachs. They found that there bloods have not even coagulated despite to there lifetime in the grave and after pry opening there rib cage, they also documented that there lungs, liver and spleen was as fresh as a new born baby. They examined whether these vampires have been drinking bloods from cattles and humans respectively. They concluded with a proof when one of the vampires attacks humans. The vampires exceeded there population by injecting vampirism to cows and other suspected animals. Within a few months, this disease overwhelmed the whole area along with the closer towns.

How to survive the vampire Apocalypse

1. Stay indoors at night

To deter the vampire attack, you must stay indoor at nights. Vampires are very terrifying night creatures that hunt at night hours. So you need to refrain from been outside at nights to best protect yourself.

2. Use your mirror

As you know, vampires don’t cast any image and can never see thereself in a mirror. Despite to this fact, they avoid mirror very much. Remember to put your small mirror in your pocket if you decide to play them at night.

3. Make use of your Religious materials

Human being are never homosapiens after they have been initiated to the vampire kingdom. They are real ghost that roams in search of souls to win. The use of your crucifix, the holy water is a better chance of survival during the vampire Apocalypse. But you need to believe in your cross before this ghastly creatures could perceive you as something dangerous. So learn your lesson now by believing in your cross to increase your odds.

4. Abstain from eye contact

Vampires gonna charm you instantly with a direct eye contact. Never sideglance this ghastly creatures if you don’t want to join them. You may stare them on their body parts but don’t go farther to the eye to best protect yourself.

5. Vines between the teeth

You should put a stone in your pocket while going to parties at nights. When you encounter this creature, put the stone or vine between your teeth to frighten and burn them from attacking you.
The stone mentioned here won’t kill a vampire but it gonna be too terrifying for them. They will ignore you instantly when you adhere to this survival tactic.

6. Use of Garlic flavors

Yeah! it comes again, if you want vampires to evade your home, try to put Garlic flavors in your meal. Garlic flavors emits scents that are like flame of fires to vampires. Vampires are susceptible to Garlic burns. Prevent this creature to invade your premises by adding garlic flavors in almost 99% of food you consume everyday.

7. Butcher them with a stake

Vampires, pertaining to it’s definition are ghostish in nature. In essence, a ghost has there own outstanding norms like the way they are killed. We recommend wooden stakes because vampires won’t bow for you if you use a metal stake. But, a metal stake is 100% sharper than a wooden stake. Well you need to follow this for your own good. On attack, impale this stake towards there heart.
Wait, do you remember that vampires has no heart, stay calm. We mean that you should drive the stake within the position of hearts in humans.

8. Decapitate and burn

Well, you’ve killed the vampire, right? Here is bad news for you. A vampire is a spirit being and will come for revenge on what you have cost them. The only way to outrun this problem is by sticking to “Decapitation and Burning”. The vampire gonna hunt you during night dream and perhaps in the real world if and only if you leave their corpse on the roadside.
For protection, you need to cut off their heads and set there corpse ablaze.
So learn your lesson now on how to kill them permanently to best protect yourself.

With this skills you are heading to top Vampire survivor’s. Kindly share this article with your colleagues. Give us thumbs up for worrying about your well-being.


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