Tips on how to survive an Earthquake

Are you a Californian, are you from an earthquake country. Have you experience quaking in your area before. In this article, we are going to explore various Earthquake survival tactics before, during and after this disaster.
An Earthquake is as a result of the movement of Earth plates beneath the earth surface.
It’s characterized with a sudden sinking of land mass into the ground.
An earthquake strikes anywhere at anytime even without any recognizable warning that it will occur.
But thanks to modern technologies by alerting people’s where the next big quake will strike.
Before a major earthquake strikes, you may get warnings between 10 to 15 seconds which is not enough for evacuation.
Scientist ascertain earthquake hazards for past decades and analyzed that people get 99% of their fatalities while trying to move from one shelter to the other during shake.
Your reactions before, during and after an earthquake plays a major role when it comes to your chances of survival.
Follow this guidelines below for a better chance of survival.

Preventive measures:

Home retrofitting: Home retrofit involves strengthening your house foundation for rigidity and more resistance to shaking.

Here’s a bonus point, the CEA insurance policy provides an ultimate discounts for homes and Mobile homes that have been properly retrofitted.
Go ahead to retrofit your home seismically to enjoy the discounts offered by this insurance agency. Retrofitting your home seismically is a crucial idea mainly for the deterrent of the aftermath of the disaster.
When you retrofit your home, it will be less vulnerable to Earthquake attack.
Don’t forget the quote that say ” A strong foundation builds a better future”.

Purchase flexible and affordable insurance policy; An earthquake is followed by an excessive loss of goods and investment at the blink of an eye.
Do you exactly know what it means by losing your investments in 10s.
This is so excruciating, but here is good news for you. The CEA has provide a chance to insure your investments from damages incured due to this disaster.
Buy peace of mind today with an insurance policy to best protect you and your family from this disaster.
The CEA insurance company provides deductibles for houses and Mobile homes that have been properly retrofitted.
Purchase affordable and flexible insurance policy to best protect you and your families from damages.

Identifiy and mend potential Earthquake hazards in your area using the CEA risk map; You should learn how to study your environment to fix any Earthquake hazards surrounding your home.

Use the CEA risk map to trace faults in your area and discover how to fix it.
Ascertain your home properly to find and fix any cracks on your house and environment respectively.

Get Earthquake survival kits

Purchase or make survival kit that is capable of sustaining you and your family in a rolling period of 3 days. To survive an earthquake, you want to prepare prior to the disaster.
Make out time to store foods in every rooms of your house to counteract starvation. Click the link below to purchase Earthquake survival kits at discount prices!

Earthquake survival kits

Purchase different Earthquake survival kit to best protect yourself.
Provide a better place to stay in case of Earthquake hazards.
Organize the chosen place with food stuffs, water and other life sustaining materials.

Download and sign up for the “MyShake App today”; For a better surviving experience, you want to be alerted at several minutes before the actual fault to best protect yourself.
You can find this app on App store and play store respectively. What you need to do is to install the application and sign up to gain the exquisite feature.
MyShake app” notifies its users several minutes before an earthquake occur. Make sure you install this application today if you are among the Earthquake countries.
The app has saved many lives in the world today, so make sure that you give them a five star ratings during installation.

What a wonderful app!


Acquire Earthquake education: Can you still survive if you are ignorant of what you are trying to survive? The simple answer is No in bold letters.
You need to study what you are trying to survive inorder to achieve success.
The article you are reading is among the Earthquake education. Don’t ignore this article at all if you ever want to be an Earthquake survivor.

The main thing to do when there is a quake is to stay prone, getting under the table and awaiting the shake to stop.
The three main survival tactics of an Earthquake are Drop, Cover and Hold on.

Drop; The first thing that you should put in consideration during an earthquake is to stay prone on the ground. Crouch down swiftly when you get sudden earthquake notification. Don’t stand upright, this is because there is little or no possibility of surviving in the first place.

Cover; After you have hunkered down on the floor, the next crucial thing to remember is to seek cover instantly. Get under your table, desk or any other thing that can serve similar purpose.
The significance of getting under your table is to prevent wreckages from falling on you.
Suggest that there were no table or desk for cover, then you could need to cover your face with both arms. Don’t ever try to change your shelter during this disaster.

Hold on; Hold on simply means waiting some couple of hours for the shaking to stop. Immediately you get sudden earthquake notification, your odds is to drop to the ground, seek cover immediately by getting under your table and Holding your feet until shaking stops.

Driving- But If it happens that you were driving during a shake, your odds is to pull over to an empty place with no power lines, trees and house respectively. Stay a while for the shake to calm before continuing your destined journey.

After an Aftershock

Tune in your radio and other communication gadgets for a better path for evacuation. Grab your radio to know when the authority gives their eminent advice for survival. Your odds is to listen to the emergency radio while lying under cover to best protect yourself.

Be consistent to file a report to the nearby authorities if you ever smell gas around your area. But remember to open your windows and doors widely before you dash for emergency.

Provide first aid treatment to the semiconscious ones immediately as possible. Please we humbly crave your indulgence to assist the injured ones by providing what you have. Don’t leave them all alone. Find routes to assist them, apply a sterile bandage to counteract bleeding and don’t falter to call 9-1-1 for the intense ones.

Don’t ever play the game of walking on chimneys because they are prone to buckle after an earthquake. Avoid beaches in case of tsunami. It’s recommended to stay away from beaches and chimneys after an earthquake for the best odds of survival.

Don’t ever drive after after an earthquake inorder to desist unnecessary collision between you and the emergency vehicles. Be sure to stay clear from roads to make it efficient for emergency vehicle easy negotiation.

And the culminating return is to expect another Aftershock. Utilize the three gimmick strategies of earthquake to flourish like a Survivor. Don’t ever assume that’s over after an earthquake, because the worst strike has a tendency of occurrence afterwards. Practice Drop, Cover and Holding on earthquake survival techniques to survive the strike.

Now that you have the intuition based on Earthquake survival tactics, it would be circuitous to leave the blog without any notable engagements like that of your nice thumbs up and the articulated thoughts in the comments section!

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See you in the next tutorial, but do remember to “Start the journey to flourish as a SURVIVOR”.


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