How to access the restricted Twitter efficiently in Nigeria for free

The restriction of Twitter in Nigeria has caused mysterious controversies. People’s are deprived of their previledges and rights to share there cheerful tweets with there colleagues. Majority of people’s are raved on how they lost accessibility to their respective tweeter’s accounts.

I woke up one unfaithful day and recognized that I can’t access Twitter again. I can’t tweet, retweet or view other tweets. My homepage just stucked with old tweets even if i refreshed the tweet several times. The most infuriating issue is that you have tweeted with the prospects that your content will be sent in the foreseeable future but unfortunately you’ll spend years waiting for your buffering tweets to publish. Consequently I struggled to find out ways to surpass the restriction! And today I came up with an ingenious idea.

To access Twitter efficiently in Nigeria you had to use a VPN to switch out from your restricted hometown. The term VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” for those of you that are clueless. The term implies that you are surfing the internet privately with a whole new IP address. There are countless Proxy servers online to perform the task. However we opted for the free ones for best user experience. Today is literally fortunate to those of you that defrays dollars in VPN. Refrain from spending alot for VPN by considering the free ones.

We recommend using Thunder VPN, because it’s absolutely free. It’s not tricky to set up! Just install it from Google play store and sign up to use the Virtual private network. You can also upgrade to a paid plan to have unlimited access to countries all over the world! With your network connected to Thunder VPN, you can browse Twitter without any form of restriction at all. Be sure to install the free entitled “Thunder VPN” on the app store or play store respectively to surf Twitter the way you browse in the past free of charge.

Additional, the Thunder VPN should be the smart choice to access any restricted application in your country! Conversely, this article ought to be entitled “How to use a restricted application in your country”. But it’s so to attract more audience. In all, we should collaborate together to revoke the Twitter’s restriction.

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Enjoy your tweeting day! #installThunderVpn

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