Hidden features to enable on Kinemaster video editor for the best output result.

To most of us that are clueless, Kinemaster is the best Android video editor. It is not tricky to use, its subscriptions is really affordable by all means. You don’t need to be wealthy to use the app. My devotion about Kinemaster is that there transitions, templates, effects, stickers and other features are available for free. The only cost to pay if you wishes is for watermark removal and ads block. We advocates giving it a try if you are bewildered with video editor application for Android.

Okay, back to the main topic “Hidden features to enable on Kinemaster video editor for the best output result”

To enhance your device capability,

  • clink on settings, then
  • clink on “Device capability information”.
  • Then click on the vertical three dots on the screen and check “Run Analysis now”.
  • And Wait for the analysis to end. You are now getting the most from Kinemaster app.

Enhancing your device capability should be use at the same time with the 60fps that remains hidden unless activated.

To do this, open the Kinemaster app, click on setting, While on the setting’s screen, scroll down and click “Advanced settings” Then, scroll down and enable the option for allow export frame rate up to 60fps.

You can see many other advanced mode on the settings like “allow import rate up to 240fps”, toggle one if you prefer.

That’s all. Enjoy your video making day!

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