Davidson country: FAA, NTBS will observe the cause of a deadly plane crash on 1-85

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation safety board is yet to survey the main cause of a small plane accident that happened onto I-85 in a close vicinity between Davidson County Airport Lexington.

Reportedly, the probe will begin on Thursday 18th February 2022.

A spokesman for the FAA had made it clear that the NTBS will be providing other information pertaining to the crash.

We’ve provided new details into the work done says Eric Weiss a spokesman for the NTSB.

Weiss insisted that the NTSB investigator will conduct the experiment altogether with the FAA representatives as well as the manufacturers of the Plane concerned.

Those who witnessed the crash said that the pilot kicked the bucket while a the tractor driver was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the plane smashed a nearby tractor during the incident. The pilot, a 43 year old Raymond has been confirmed dead.

In addition, the disaster also ruined a 2019 ford truck after which an explosion occurred due to the collision of the Plane and the Tractor.

Check out the live video here…


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